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Does your house have a cookie jar?

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@hugo.4705 said:Because I don't have house in game, I'm a hobo.

All my human noble-birth characters have a house, and servants and all. I don't know where it is, and not one of them has ever been there since leaving to see Shaemoor, but they do have one.

The rest of my characters, of whatever race and background, are just bums hanging around on street corners.

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  • ArenaNet Staff

Hey folks,

I saw this just as it was posted and thought it would be worth an experiment to see if a completely OT thread was something the members wanted to see.

Judging from the number of reports... it's definitely not. :)

No surprise, really, because after all, this forum is about the game Guild Wars 2. So please, let's keep on the topic of the game and use another medium -- any other medium you choose ;) -- for these completely irrelevant threads.


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