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Possible paths for the 3rd extension


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After the arrival of gliders with HoT and the discovery of mounts with PoF, Imo we have three future improvments possible for the 3rd one, let me detail these ideas:

1/Continuity of map exploration gameplay, increasing the mobility underwater or climbing.Main idea: Allow you to climb as you want cliffsides with your hands and feet, pretty much like in Zelda BOTW.

2/World exploration mastery: BoatsSummon your boat and drive it through the seas and oceans of the map with in option: a cannon to shoot enemies floating on the water, treasures, ability to land on islets and beaches with special events happening like fogs, storms or ghost ships where everyone have to cooperate.

3/Resting, customization with Housing. Personnal empty house that you can upgrade to gain access to an additionnal floor, ceiling, cave, balcony or garden, that you can decorate with a simplified and upgraded version of Scribe.

Here are suggestions I found very cool and maybe possible, for me they all three worth their bags of gold.

But if you have some better ideas/suggestions don't hesitate to publish there, mine are focused on movements and are surely more "part of an extension" than a whole one.

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I don't like either of your ideas. Climbing is a big no no, due to how the maps are designed around having lots of "walls" around them. Unless of course this climbing is only used in the new expansion area, which would make it a very bad feature. Further, we have Springer which makes climbing obsolete as a concept.

Boats are boring, I'd rather go under the water, than above it. Further, there are already some boats around, like the one in Labyrinthine Cliffs, a player controlled boat like that is not an major expansion/mastery feature.

Housing is not a major feature either, it's like saying that Guild Halls were the major feature of Heart of Thorns, but truth is it wasn't. If they add some form of housing it should be a small side activity, not the focus of an expansion.

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Yup but so, I don't see what can be the focus of the next extension sadly, they already added infusions for swimming speed, no masteries about swimming. Of course the main theme can be water with underwater maps through. Dunno about housing, yeah could be a side quest where you can unlock furniture within extension maps.For me boat can be great instead of simply passing through a portal or TP you, you could experience a new way to travel aound, since we can swim underwater, why not that? I'm surely alone, but I like swimming but after a moment it become boring and want to move faster at the surface. But, we already have skimmers so dunno. Sincerely I have no Idea what else than these three can become an extension... Ability to dig and access underground areas?

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@"orion.8457" said:I'd prefer a new mastery "under water" and a new mount which travel only under the seas ;)

I see that more as something for a LS chapter and not an expansion. Not enough you can do really with under water mounts so one mount is probably all that's needed for that.

It also depends a lot on the setting. If it is indeed Cantha, I would see parkour to move through tight cities where mounts might not be welcome due to their size as a good option. I mean, if they wanted to go underwater then they'd have to make some pretty big underwater content. Multiple cities and cave systems and who knows what and then the question is, whether masteries should be mounts again. I mean HoT had all kinds of things that PoF doesn't have and PoF has mounts which HoT doesn't have.

So that's why I see an underwater mount as a good option for the next LS chapter as we're still in PoF. But whatever they do with the next expansion, I don't think it makes sense to do mounts again. Parkour in Cantha is an option but what's trickier there is making it relevant for the rest of the world as well. Gliding and Mounts can be used pretty much everywhere (except near a lot of JPs of course). HoT did mostly have stuff though that was for HoT maps though but gliding is just so terribly useful everywhere.

So a next expansion would need to offer something in the way of masteries that at least in part is something very useful for the rest of the game I would feel. I suppose underwater stuff could do that fairly easily. I mean it's possible for an underwater setting but I think any underwater mount should come from the PoF masteries since mounts is a PoF thing.

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Considering how they have been constantly evolving from an RPG to a platformer, I'd love it if they did a second pass on movement to get closer to the precision required for that sort of gameplay.

They could add masteries to unlock more advanced stuff like parkour or double jumps or wall running or whatever. Some extra tools to help other people in JPs without being a Mesmer would be nice, so long as they weren't required.

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Feature 1 works more with living world content, I think. Kind of more like the roller beetle as it should just be a single mount. Require climbing to use stamina.

Instead of boats, how about we get our own ship complete with submersible mode. Actually, if they made this like SWtOR's on-rails space combat, I'd be so happy(though I imagine most people wouldn't bother with it). Give it modular parts that change how it works to let people feel like they have a choice. Part of underwater combat's problem is that it severely limits your options. I like options Anet! Heck, make the ship have a "below deck" area to serve as a mobile home instance. I'd probably buy this feature(but only just barely).

Player housing on its own would make me skip the expansion until it receives a sizable drop in price. Include player housing with features that affect a larger portion of the community.

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@"TexZero.7910" said:Space: the final frontier.These are the voyages of the Expansion Pack 3. Its Two-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new gods, to boldly go where no Tyrian has gone before.

While I feel that could be pretty awesome, I'm expecting a (hypothetical, but likely) 3rd expansion to take us within Tyria (continent or planet) rather than without.

With the scale of the environments that they have been developing to be larger and more expansive, far underground would open up cavernous areas as large as they are able to make with plenty of gliding, mount and [3rd expansion addition] modes of getting around the caverns, and tons of jumping puzzles (we know they love putting platformer stuff in the game).

Off the top of my head, here is one concept:

  • The 'Unending Ocean' is suddenly disappearing, seeming to be draining into the interior of Tyria like a plug pulled from a bath. [bubbles] is believed to be the cause. Tyria unites, blah blah. - We go underground.

What do we find? Expansive caverns and new hazards that can be overcome with any of the movement additions added by other expensions!

  • Gliding (if you own HoT) - Water draining into the depths of Tyria encounter channels of magma in areas that generate thermal air currents or jets or whatever to navigate the area. Follow the rushing water and flowing magma of the underground world to find where they intersect and use the steam to navigate the environment.
  • Mounts (if you own PoF) - Cavern walls to blast through with your beetle mount to access areas not seen in millennia; step to the cliffs overlooking vast chasms to launch your griffon, crevasses to leap across with your raptor, overcome rock faces with your bunny, utilize the sand seeping into the depths with the ocean water as portals with your jackal; surf safely above the heated lakes of water filling the caverns on your skimmer. Also enjoy traversing the areas hottest areas with the new magma leviathan mount (a snake thing than can be used in surface map areas of Tyria to slither fast across dry or wet surfaces or swim in lakes).
  • Sling-Grapple (new in 3rd expansion) - I haven't really thought about what could be offered in the 3rd expansion, so this is probably pretty unlikely. - Use a rocket-propelled grappling hook to ascend areas too high to use the bunny (like getting yourself out of sub-surface gorges you've fallen into), or to cross gaps too far for a raptor.

Meh, just making it up as I'm typing. The 3rd expansion movement feature probably wouldn't be interesting or fun, and the mount would be absurd, so that stuff is unlikely. I think I would like an underground expansion as ruins of extinct species never known to Tyria can be discovered; lost/suppressed history of Asura and Dwarves can come to light; new weapons forged and a giant meteor found intact deep below the surface raises questions; etc. Tons of possibilities.

However, I'd probably prefer to go into the snowy North (or bitter cold of space or to Tyria's "Moon") if I had a choice.

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With the more recent updates to underwater combat, I think they're planning or at least contemplating an expac with some underwater content. If this is the case, whatever it is they have planned, I hope it's more interesting and novel than just an expac with content that can be enjoyed underwater. A new mastery/vehicle/ability that allows us to experience UW content unlike we have before is a must!

As far as aesthetics/themes go, a map with some very strange water physics, like floating bodies of water that involve ample in water as well as on-land combat would be cool.

Just imagine: a meta event that while it takes place on land, involves escorting an npc that walks on land but has a 3D bubble of water around them (that you can enter to utilize your underwater weapon-set).

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I'd like to see them find a way to make the world continuous without overly limiting people per area. They could possibly do it by giving each player a traveling overlay map local to their system that picks up map data as the player moves across the world. We already have a copy of the maps on our systems.

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@derd.6413 said:

@TexZero.7910 said:Space: the final frontier.These are the voyages of the Expansion Pack 3. Its Two-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new gods, to boldly go where no Tyrian has gone before.

We don't need to go to space for that. We've only seen around 1/3 of the planet

Well aren't you a bundle of fun.

We're obviously gearing up for Cantha given the expansion history. If it's anything other than that i'll be shocked hence why they may as well go full on and take us to space.

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If player housing is interesting and not the major focus of an expansion, okay, that's fine, but I still don't see the fun in it. Anyone remember the movie Big, with Tom Hanks? The robot that turns into a building? Yeah, that's my attitude towards housing.

Boats? Sure, like above, if it is a part of something bigger, okay. That would lead to fishing, and in a video game... robot-building-not-fun.

Climb walls? Remember these things work everywhere, so I can't see that happening.

I just hope the next expansion introduces something fun. Doesn't have to be movement related.

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Underwater exploration.Not just boring dull blue scenery with stationary fights. Something that haves you to be interacting with the target.It would also give me a reason to be happy about my underwater legendaries.

  • Surfing mini game would be fun for masteries.
  • fishing! actual fishing.
  • New mount type that allows ease for underwater movement
  • More interactions based on your race/class.

Templates for builds and armor.

Housingonly if it's NOT the focus of the expansion AND if it's similar to the housing system in Wildstar or Black Desert. Because if it's literally just like the already dull af home instance that you can't actually personalize to fit your personality or style? Then no housing is needed.

Maps with Meta events + rewards and currency like in the HoT maps that ensure map longevity.

Trolling with this bit - but slightly serious

  • Marriages- I want my Norn to marry Braham with a small ceremony instance with Norn from her raven lodge + Taimi, ghost of Tybalt (the only two that matter)
  • More Racial armors. Higher tier armors- T4 T5 T6 with increased prices each tier. *
  • New weapon types for all: Introducing something like a whip, a great axe, crossbow, scythe (not just a skin), throwing spears, boomarangs etc.New Cosmetics:
    1. Racial specific hairs.
    2. long hair that doesn't clip- basically making it thick enough or placing it in a way that doesn't clip too bad against armor like over the shoulder or in a decent NORMAL looking ponytail that actually moves ( I personally don't mind clipping as a player of blade and soul. Ff it's done well enough it doesn't matter)
    3. New beards, Racial specific tattoos, scars, more body types for all races.

New PvP modesdeath match with no downstateno weapons or gladiator mode3v3Ranked 1v1 for season rewards and titles.

More dungeons! That you can't stack, or break the boss into the wall.

  1. Specific dungeon armor and weapons as rewards to work towards.
    • New Guild halls
    • New pets that actually are useful- or give old pets better skills making more useful.
    • New training for rangers that allows Juvenile pets to be upgraded into Dire similar to how GW1 allowed Juve to turn into Dire pets after specific requirements.

New mount skins

  • Wyvern skin for griffon.
  • dragonfly like skin for skimmer
  • Choya skin for beetle
  • no more sandy skins for jackal maybe something like a panther thing or actual wolf
  • cobra raptor skin
  • toad/frog like skin for springer

mini dungeons.3 players team up to solve puzzles and defeat enemies to get to the prize at the end

Legendary trinkets for those who want them- that you don't have to get ugly back pieces or trinkets that you don't want (looking at you druid stone) or waste loads of karma on to get.

New emotes!/Kiss (shows player's character move in for a kiss)/blow kiss/play instruments - air guitar, drum or violin for example. /guitar, /violinbetter dances/dance 1, /dance 2/play deadthe options are huge

Also my biggest want- and it wouldn't have to come with a new expac-more emphasis on Norn spirits and lore. Oh my bubbles - I was so pumped when Norn was announced for GW2 since they were soooo awesome in EotN. They are not awesome in GW2 mostly due to how little the reasoning behind spirit choice, and upbringing of your character are.But this goes for all the races back story.I'd like more backstory and reasoning with impactful decisions.Human noble? Then you have the option to be a pompous ass basically. Why would you be good and such a great citizen? I wouldn't! I'd be mad that I was taken away from my tea and crumpets served on the finest porcelain embroidered plate.No not changes to Vanilla Story- but updates for future story content.There was an instance in LS where you hunted down Caudecus in the dusty dungeon Caudecus manner, where if you were a specific class you had a special option- Ranger could tame the enemy pets and turn them against their master. - I want more stuff like that!Asura treading into this zone to the NPCS never seeing an Asura are shocked to see something so small. Charr are feared, Norn are lusted after or something - bad ideas I know but these are just examples.

More importantly I'd prefer Better Balancing of current classes and specs over new specs altogether

  • no more unneeded nerfs. more bug fixes of skills that have no synergy towards weapons. Better elites!

New specializationsWhat I'd really like to see isVoodoo or spectral/soul eater based spec for Necromancer that allows them to summon spirits of the dead that work similar to minions but with specific purposes that don't just attack and die or until you trigger death (allows them to actually duel and 1v1 decently) Hammer or something else (hammer working faster and similar to revenant and guardian mix but spookier)

As for other professions I draw a blank.

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Considering there should be an unknown water dragon if im not mistaken.

Deep abyss style expansion

All players go onboard big submarine that goes down every 30min or so and can freely walk around and watch as the light above disappear and only the dark abyss is below, as we descent further down we end up seeing the light of a huge dome beneath.

Vehicle would be a deepsea suit used to move between domes / buildings, mastery could be mobilty, diving further down, more air etc.

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