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[Suggestion] Have Females Ride Side-Saddle


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@Llethander.3972 said:

@Tasida.4085 said:
and btw sidesaddle was actually very cruel....it ruined horses backs

Haha, no. As long as a properly fitted saddle is used riding side saddle won't be any different for a horse than riding normally.

Haha, yes. Actually yes, back in the 1800's and pre when that was the only way women rode, many horses were ruined because of the technique. Side saddle was for modesty and style not comfort. The animals paid for it....

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@Lancaeron.1524 said:Title of this thread says it all! Who's all for this?

Absolutely not! I was so happy that female characters would ride normally, like their male counterparts. So, so, so, so, so happy!

There is enough silly "femme stuff" already that is the reason why I almost exclusively play males. No adventurer should ever look or move like a barbie-doll-lookalike super model or a princess. Have you ever watched equestrian sports the last half century? Have you ever seen a female contestant sitting on one of those antiquated saddles? No? There is a reason why.

And now you want to make those poor women get severe orthopaedic problems (while looking like Empress Elisabeth of Austria, commonly known as Sisi) by adding such a torture machine to the game? As much as I prefer "old fashion" in fantasy games, this would be just silly (especially since that type of saddle was only "fashionable" for a certain period of time in our history, and before that no woman ever used to ride like that either).

@Shaaba.5672 said:One of the reasons I didn't get into Guild Wars 1 was a silly reason. I didn't like how the females were animated. They posed and ran super girly and it turned me way, way off.

That is actually still the case in GW2, you know? ;) I am not a fan of how unrealistic they sit on the ground (which is especially embarrassing for heavy armor professions), how they "jog" rather than run, how frail their shoulders look, their idle posture, etc.

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No thank you, I'm content with riding a mount the proper way. I've rode with both a saddle and bareback on a horse, both were fun and I made sure the horse was okay by watching it carefully. Point being, if they were to implement it, they'd have to change a LOT of things, including the way the clothes moved when mounted. As for how the ladies in Guild Wars 2 walk/run/sit, I think it's antiquated but a bit cute. Then again, I'm weird. XD

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