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What's so good about the Engineer?

Game of Bones.8975

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It is the quadzillion possibilities you have, infused with some roleplaying Fantasy.....

and yes, some Slapstick :D I have to Point out here the unique Bomb-folding-technique of Asura, where they can draw out a Big Old Bomb, double their size out of their pocket.Badass-Flamethrower-Killing-Machine!Or the Feeling of letting Thors rage fall down via hammer #5

Just three out of the 10^19 possible ways to blow out the lights of the bad guys.

Prefer healing? Pick stats end medkitPrefer condi? Go for pistolsJunkie? Go for tasty elixirsTower defense! -> Self explanatory1500 range spike: go full bersi with rocket turret Toolbelt + mortar Kit + mortar toolbeltTake 8 hard CC skills: Rifle 4, Holo 5, Throw mine (x2), Battering Ram (x2), Big Old Bomb, Holo Elite

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There are plenty of things that are good about the engineer.

It has pretty much everything that a profession needs such as blocks, invulns, stealth, projectile reflects, CC, team support, kiting, mobility etc. It's the purest example of a jack of all trades, master or none profession. It may not be great at one thing, but it is good at most things and that's why I am an engineer main.

It's not an easy profession to get into, that is if you're playing core engineer or scrapper, but if you practice enough, you'll learn how to play the most difficult, yet most rewarding profession in the game.

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as an old TF2 player:I could play

on engie, till grenades and mines stat to be bad.I could play
with rocket boots and rifle 5 (no market gardener sadly but plenty of finishers)I could play
with turretsAt the end of the day I can play M1
with Flamethrowerand the the Yolosmith was introduced:)
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Flamethrower, nugh said.

All things considered, not every profession is for everybody. There is nothing wrong with not liking a profession or a profession's playstyle and mechanics not matching how you prefer to play. Engineer is one of the best professions in the game as far as I'm concerned due to its flexibility, thematic options, challenging playstyle, and adaptability for most situations. Admittedly it's not for everyone but it is highlights the best that GW 2 has to offer.

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Conceptually we're the best profession out there. In truth there's not not much to recommend us. Unless you slog through enough content to unlock Holosmith. Then you get to be uber, but at the cost of not being much of an Engineer at all anymore(not that this bothers newer players simply chasing metas.) But that seems to be Anet's approach in general for the last two expansions. Something overblown that's nerfed or vastly superseded later on. Hasn't happened much yet to Holo but we haven't heard anything about a new expansion even coming out yet.

Engineer(particularly core and scrapper) is sort of that Christmass present given to you by your trollish, perpetually drunken uncle. You'd pushed him into the pool at the last family reunion, soaked his wallet through, and now it's time for payback. Come Christmass morning you rip off the wrapping paper, see all sorts of cool features listed on the box with a lot of awesome illustrations to go with them -it even transforms! COOL!- and for a moment you feel extra guilty for what you'd done. Moments later you find, once you've gotten it out of the box, that it's a toy requiring batteries. What's more, neither the company that made it or your trollish, perpetually drunken uncle bothered to include any. Oh, and there's lots of parts missing, changed, and no longer matching the colours on the outside of the box.

Still, it's sort of the coolest toy ever made and would be even cooler if it worked as advertised and without the added complications. It's definitely worthy of a prominent place on your shelf amongst the other totally-awesome, far-eastern knock offs of the toys you'd wanted but were never actually given which you'd picked up once or twice and then never played with again.

Well played, trollish, perpetually drunken uncle. Well played.

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Engineer is the class, where people don't understand what you are doing, even if you are sending them a video of your play. ^^There are viable builds with 5 blast finishers 6 hard CC skills, pulling pushing, launching, stunning people...All skill trees have nice things to play around with interesting effects and synergy to them.

Heal-scrappers are still very nice in WvW a constant heal output between 6k and 9k hps while cleansing averaged 4 conditions per second from 5 allies. In addition to hard-CC, being tanky and a nice group super-speed uptime

I still play conversion holosmith sometimes and a well-placed laser still brings me to the top of the dps table. Barely any heal, but a ton of AoE hard CC and averaged 6 condition cleanses per second on 5 people.

For roaming you can be one of those tanky quickness scrappers, getting a quickness uptime of 95%... or you go the thief-route and become a static discharge holo, overlaying 7 Attacks on a 1200 range.

Farming meta-events, Halloween, edge of the mist? Flamethrower-HGH builds are easiest to play, permanently applying 2 stacks stabilty each 3s and constantly 16 stacks of might and swiftness to you. 5 cleave attacks per second should be enough to hit everything.

I also like unique abilities like the AoE 6s-reveal of 5 enemies with a radius of 1200 and a 20s CD.Or A.E.D. which heals you by 50% of HP, removes all serious conditions and gives shocking aura, but only, if you go down within 8s after triggering it. It is some really interesting play.

There are also tons of builds out there, that are nice to try out and still often work well. And if not, mixing builds are still working well on the engineer. Most of my play time is on engineer during the last 5 years and it never felt boring to me. ;)

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The thing that was good about engy was it could have a lot of variety or versatility in one build, problem is that has been indirectly reduced over the course of the game by the powercreep of elite specs that have given every class a greater ability to do the same thing. Which besides taking what was the engy's USP (and to an extent ele's) has also left a lot of engy stuff looking badly out of date in PvP/WvW (most of the kits for example).

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