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What do you expect for Guild Wars 2 this year?

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I expect about 4 episodes of Living World, maybe 5. I think 4 is guaranteed to happen. Anet have been talking about how they feel Living World is expansion level content. Between the mounts and how excellent the story missions have been I'm inclined to almost agree. But the real ultimate fulfillment of that promise would be generation 3 Elite Specializations. Elite Specializations are always my favorite part of any expansion by far. Experimenting, new builds, new effective uses for unusual stat combos, new metas. If there's a LWS5 release, either the opening or finale, that has Generation 3 Elite Specializations LW will truly be on par with expansions so I hope you guys have got those cooking by now.

In terms of holding out hope for something special I'm hoping for some World 3 Super Adventure Box. The team reinstated Queen's Jubilee and 4 Winds for the first time in years and I loved it and with cool updates to both as well. Halloween had cool updates, Winter's Day had a mini raid. I'm holding out a bit of hope we might get World 3 SAB this year.

I'm wondering if we'll see Generation 3 Legendary Weapons, too.

More nice boat rides in maps.

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After LW4, I expect LW5. I can't see a new expansion this year. I'm hoping for an announcement and then the expansion next year. I don't know what said expansion might cover though.

I expect Swiss style tournaments to be introduced in PvP and the continued trend of nerfing passive traits. Don't expect much other than that for PvP.

I'd like WvW restructuring and alliance system to be introduced but if I'm fully honest with myself, I don't expect it this year. In fact I can't see much changing in WvW at all this year.

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Mostly to regain some enjoyment. A combination of burnout and a disinterest in a story which I've found lacking has dropped my interest severely since Kourna (altho Jahai map was a belter!)

Hoping for something to spark with season 5, but I can't put my finger on specifically what it could be.

I'm possibly holding out for going away from traditional gw areas. I've found mostly that when they try to capture the old maps, it hasn't really worked for me, but when something like Bloodstone Fen, Sandswept Isles and other more original maps come along, their imagination runs free and the content reflects that.

Ok so rambling aside, less gw1 throwbacks is my wish

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What I expect is not about what I wish. Those are two very different things. What I expect is what I think will happen, not what I hope that will happen.

So I expect LS5 chapters with more of the same and regular gemstore updates and "sales". Revenue is up for the game, so that means the gemstore is doing well and generally that means that companies are satisfied with how things are going. So I expect more of the same since it seems to be working.

I mean I'd wish for the next expansion and a rework of the skill system but with a LS5 coming first, I think we can safely assume that the expansion won't come till next year and the skill rework probably won't happen at all.

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  • 4 living world episodes
  • 2 fractals
  • 1 raid

What I hope for:

  • more than 4 living world episodes
  • more than 2 fractals and 1 raid
  • build templates
  • more legendary trinkets/gear
  • love for WvW
  • an expansion announcement for 2020
  • more casual group content which people can participate in while chatting
  • better tools for players for both grouping (revised lfg tool) and practice (say game own damage meter)

I bolded the two I find most important from my personal wish list.

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New hairstyles and faces for all the races

Being able to hide shoulders from the outfits

Being able to use a head piece armor while wearing an outfit (for example using an outfit plus kitty ears at the same time)

Build templates

Old Lion's Arch VIP pass

(New) Lion's Arch getting destroyed again (and getting something similar like the old one was)

No more instabilities in fractals and a different rework of the fractal system

Remove the events that lock dungeon entrances (CoF and CoE)

Fix dungeon bugs, better gold reward, add exclusive (very rare loot) dungeon rewards, make the mobs/bosses stronger (more health, dmg, etc)

Use the new instances of the living story episodes and turn them into dungeons. So on every new epidose we would get a new dungeon entrance on the new maps. For example use the Kralkatorrik fight instance as a dungeon and make explorable path 1, p2, etc.

More WvW updates /content

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More story and more zones I assume. There will eventually be an expansion, I am sure. Though how it will be released, no idea. Maybe they will split new expansions into different parts like the story is released now but each part is bigger and have more impact. For example an expansion is made into 5 parts and released with 2-3 months between each part.

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Without an expansion incoming, they have resources for other things I guess.


  • continue of the balancing process, which will result in a lot of tears, curses and insults against the developers. The changes are inevitable.
  • feature/QOL updates. The UI needs a rework, some of the options do not really fit into the current game and we could use some more customizations for the client and UI anyway. We also do not have a "favorites" tab on the crafting-disciplines yet.
  • WvWvW rework, as it was announced a few times


  • SAB world 3
  • Fishing minigame
  • extended mail storage


  • spectators-mode for: fractals, raids, dungeons and certain story-missions. Party can decide if they want to allow spectators or not at the beginning and if they want their chat to be visible for the spectators. Spectators and players cannot whisper eachother.
  • mission-report for: fractals, raids, dungeons and certain story-missions. After completing, every party-member & spectator gets a full report about all the facts and figures of the mission. In addition, the entire run is recorded. A player can replay the record in his homeinstance and review the stats in real-time or as a summary - BUT ONLY AFTER THE MISSION (sorry for the caps). Maximum records saved per player: 5. Option for slow-motion in replay mode.
  • black & white mode
  • a real frame-limiter that allows us to set a frame-rate of our choice (even if it looks horrible)
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Expectations4-5 LW episodes.more pvp balances that will make players wonder what the pvp devs are doing.1 new raid1 or 2 new fractalsnew shinies in the gem store

WishlistDaily side quests - different npcs in the various cities offer small story quest lines (3-4 small instanced chapters ) daily to complete for rewards.dungeons reworked so they can be done solo with lesser rewardsbuild/armor templatesShatterer miniClockwork mount skinsPersonal housingMore emotes

Most wanted wishlist that everyone else will find annoyingCeara to make her return as an ally to Dragons Watch sans dragon corruptionClockwork pvp map with Scarlet Briar as the announcerScarlet Briar finisher

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Expectations:More gem store items.Some LS stuff that's hit or miss.One balance patch in the entire year, that manages to completely ignore all the existing problems while creating new ones.A lot of unjustified hype and ra-ra-ra stuff backed up by mediocre content.At least one exploitative monetization scheme (probably involving a gambling mechanic like loot boxes or mount licenses) that we have to smack down. Again.

Wish List:A true balance patch. Several of them. As many as need to get the job done.A UI overhaul including full customization of windows and filters of graphics effects.

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