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I Wish We Can Have A Necromancer Minion Overhaul or Texture Update At Some Point


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@Hafgrim.7026 said:I wish a new minions in the next DLC.

But then good minions. That have an active playstyle.

But I would prefer less minions. That passive, not having to do anything -playstyle is super boring.

I'd rather have some good dmg utilities than this poop we got already. (Minions being the highest dmg utilities. LoL)

It would for example be super interesting, if bone minions gave a dmg buff, when you detonate them, instead of doing that little dmg and giving lifeforce due to their death

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I would love to see an overhaul that allows a more active playstyle of minions. Sacrifice life force or health to give your minions different buffs and use life force to control them. Unfortunately, making minions fun to use would require much more than an overhaul. The core mechanics of the necro would probably have to change.

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I just want a killswitch for my minions so they won't keep me in combat all the time just because they think "Hey, let's attack that dude over there" or "Hey, let's get hit by all these shiny energy balls". Playing Reaper is just extremely annoying during Dragonfalls meta event.

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Coming from GW1, I've been pretty disappointed about the minions in GW2 since day one, or rather the first beta weekend, be it thematically, visually and mechanically.They were outdated and bad 7 years ago, and they are so today.

Blood F®iend is probably the only minion I wasn't disappointed by in terms of looks and functionality.

Minions and Deathmagic altogether need a major overhaul. But after 7 years I'm less than hopeful.

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