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I did it!!!! I got my Skyscale!!!!!! I did it!!!!!

Congrats to the other people I saw hovering over rifts!!! I hope they were as giddy as I was.

The day the fancy Skyscale skin was to be taken down, I bought it.

Once I got my Skyscale, she was wearing it with no inputs from me!

So now I need to work on my Masteries!

Chasing this Skyscale taught me a lot of things.

If it were not for the Skyscale, I would not have attempted Jumping Puzzles again. Thank you so much Anet for the safety net of the Extra Pungent treats.

The Ball game taught me not to give up, to not be afraid of failure, and find patterns, learn the rules...much as I have done in real life, and forgotten for a bit.

The Hide and Go seek game without a timer, and knowing the parameters of the hide and go seek game, made it actually fun...CTR-T came in handy too :)

I met some really nice people in my Journey. People who wanted to help.

Thank you, everyone.

Big, warm, Texas-sized hugs to everyone reading this.

And I will see you in the skies :)


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Congrats! The first and third masteries are kind of important to getting full use from the mount. I hope you saved some mastery points. I was within a day of getting wall bash for my Roller Beetle when I heard about the Skyscale coming out and I saved every mastery point after that for the dragoncopter.

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@Vavume.8065 said:Gratz on your Skyfail, I would probably be more excited about mine if it didn't randomly drop back down to earth for no real reason.

Hi @Vavume.8065 Just watch to see if the blue bar one you skyscale is empty. Can happen if to high or you used the climbing option to often. If the blue bar is empty you will drop to land unless you can land somewhere high to recharge it.

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