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How would you rate the balance patch?


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Am I missing something or you calling this a balance patch?

Profession SkillsEngineerA.E.D.: Fixed a bug that prevented the Gadgeteer traited version of this skill from triggering the Speed of Synergy trait.NecromancerLich Form: Updated skill description and tooltip to include attribute increases granted while transformed.Well of Blood: Fixed a bug that caused the tooltip to display inaccurate healing values.RevenantSoulcleave's Summit: Fixed a bug that caused the life stealing effect to trigger on some invisible attacks.

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They did not nerf Elementalist so they would die instantly upon targeting without needing to hit it. What is this behavior anet? Why does mirage still have 1 dodge? It should have 0 dodges! Plus where is the buff for rune of trapper to give +20 might stacks in addition to the stealth and superspeed??? The classes that use this rune definitely need the +20 might stacks in addition to the 3 secs of superspeed they get every time they want to kite while having ranged leaps. 0/10 for the balance patch. SMH disgusting.

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@DoomNexus.5324 said:

@KurtLittleJesus.8139 said:Am I missing something or you calling this a balance patch?

You are missing the joke. A lot of people expected a balance patch and Anet just told you the punch line.

I don't think we will get one before Chapter 3 of IBS (there's another joke hidden, can you find it?).

they usually don't release balance patches along LS or event releases, it happened before, but it's not standard

maybe 2 weeks from now

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@"FrownyClown.8402" said:How is creating elite specs so time consuming that they cant even put any attention into pvp?

Who knows, the optimist in me is thinking that they are doing some kind of balance overhaul.

I got the impression from the last major balance patches (way back when) that they were unsatisfied with the performance of quite a few professions/specs - and wanted to do a few revamps.

Maybe after doing a couple at a time (IIRC they did Chronomancer and maybe one other) - maybe they realized it was better to do them all at once instead of doing them one at a time and causing one tear-storm after another ("waaah, X class came become Y class, the meta for Y class is so much better" - that kind of thing idk).

And what better time to hit them all at once than while designing elite specs - so the new elite specs fit in with their vision for what the professions/specs will do.

That side of me is thinking/hoping that it'll come with the new expansion.

That'd be a reasonable approach IMO - if that is what they are thinking.

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