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That character should stay dead



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    @miraude.2107 said:

    As for those that think Kralk is just gonna go home? Are you serious? No. We pinned his head into a cavern, shot the kitten out of him and took his eye out. HE IS NOT GONNA TAKE THAT LIGHTLY. Zhatain attacked us at our home base (Vigil, Whispers, Priory). He's definitely gonna take that page (if they are smart with the story telling) and retaliate (Divinity's Reach or one the other cities could use a face lift, kitten, I'd love it if all the cities were attacked and decimated for our screw-up). It's just seeing what he will do.

    Maybe this is finally how we get rid of theme park Lion's Arch.

    How many times we gotta tell you GRIND IS NOT CONTENT there ANet?

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  • the current story is full of lazy writing and cliches. i bet they will pull up some Melisandre bs and resurrect this character

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    For the record, the title of this thread IS NOT A SPOILER FREE TITLE. Spent the whole story knowing that someone was going to die, and it kind of ruined it for me. The Lore section would be a better place for a thread like this.

    Do better next time, I'm disappointed.

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    @Blocki.4931 said:
    Game mechanics are NOT lore. Death in lore is final and honestly it upsets me that people pretend like it's nothing anymore just because our player character has died now. We are the only case of a character coming back from the dead and it was a huge deal. It doesn't mean that everybody can just return at will, nor has that ever been a plotpoint anywhere else.

    I couldn't agree more. :+1:

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    @Ashantara.8731 said:

    @Taygus.4571 said:

    @Ashantara.8731 said:

    @Kylden Ar.3724 said:
    Our "character" the Commander needs to suffer for being a dumb fool who charges before thinking.

    I believe we were very much manipulated into taking the actions we took when we took them.

    I believe it was never Glint who sent Eir to tell us that it was time for Aurene to take over Kralkatorrik's place; Glint has the gift of prophecy, plus Aurene was her only surviving offspring. She would definitely have known that her baby dragon was in no position to take on an Elder Dragon at this point in time. She would not have sent her only child into certain death and put the world in overwhelmingly huge peril like that.

    I also don't believe it was Glint who spoke to us during the "trials" in this episode, because of the nonsense she talked about Kralkatorrik and, again, the aforementioned reasons. I believe it was Kralkatorrik all along, manipulating us to charge prematurely into battle and, naturally, lose.

    As for the OP's sentiment: I believe that character is very much dead, and should they turn out to come back somehow, that would be incredibly bad writing.

    I don't think Anet is capable of writing this level of intrigue.

    LOL! I hope they are. Because the alternative would be that Glint forsaw her scion's death and that was the plan all along, so the two of them could reunite in the Mists and bring Kralkatorrik down from there (as his powers might alter in the non-physical realm). And that would be just bleh.

    Which sounds alot more like Anet. They're not that good at writing. Especially when it comes to complex plots. They've all been pretty straight forward.

    I disagree. The writing has shown huge progress throughout this season, so I have faith that ANet can indeed come up with something awesome there. Whether they will remains to be seen.

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    @cyndelaq.7148 said:
    So, this is purely speculation. Based off of what someone else in the comments has already stated, I believe that Aurene's death was inevitable and actually necessary.

    During the trials, Glint splits the Commander and Aurene apart, saying this to Aurene:

    "Scion, my beloved child, there are things about Ascension that can only be expressed between dragons."

    Aurene and the Commander briefly go their separate ways and receive a different gift of understanding from Glint. I believe that Aurene has, or will, Ascend. If this is the case, it might be that Aurene's death was inevitable and, in fact, necessary for her to Ascend and become a viable candidate for all that Kralky Juice. I believe this to be the case for 2 reasons:

    A ) I love Aurene and don't want her to truly be dead;
    B ) Kralkatorrik now presides in the Mists. It might be that the only way for Aurene to absorb his power is to do so in the Mists.

    It might honestly be that Aurene has to absorb Glint's power just to be on an even playing field as Kralkatorrik, and that the only way for her to do so was to die so she could truly exist in the Mists.

    In any case, I knew this plan wasn't going to work. Kralkatorrik is the granddaddy of the elder dragons; he's the most powerful of them all. For us just to kill him so easily would've actually pissed me off.

    So, I'm glad that it didn't work. But, while I do agree that the Commander needed to learn a hard lesson, as his ego (killing Zhaitan, Mordremoth, Blathazaar, and technically Joko) was starting to become an issue from a narrative perspective, I do hope that said lesson didn't actually come at the cost of Aurene's life.

    I think in lore primordus is the oldest atleast so the term grandaddy should fall on him

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    @perilisk.1874 said:

    @Harper.4173 said:
    Like I said - I'd prefer the story to keep her dead, and for her death to give the races of Tyria a lesson - a lesson that you need to be smart about the fight and not just "hopeful".

    They'll really treasure that lesson for the few days remaining until reality is eaten or the planet explodes.

    Except there are ways to survive and overcome that don't rely on silly "fix it all" characters.
    In case you did not know the Elder Dragon cycle has happened in the past, and the planet did not explode. Intelligent races managed to mitigate the situation. It would certainly make for a better story.

  • @notebene.3190 said:
    Caithe has Aurene's Katra.

    Not really then she died her blessing went away caithe was aurenes voice nothing else really aurene is dead and we failed tyria

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    I’m feeling it’s likely we’re going to be going to the mists, it keeps being hinted that something is up with the mists and how the dragon is in the mists causing trouble. And now there is ghosts popping up all over the place and rift zones happening. We even had some dialogue this episode from the messenger that the land of the departed is under attack and spirits are being disturbed there.

    It would be interesting to see an actual zone set in the mists that you can explore in.

    I also don’t see them upgrading Caithe like this just for All or Nothing, I feel she has a big role to play in the future story.

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    @zealex.9410 said:

    @Talindra.4958 said:
    She WILL stay dead.
    I mentioned in my other post. It IS a short cut solution in exchange for peace and end of this LS. Lazy and boring way to end.. I have no emotion as a story reading or player as look guys.. all you gave been play up to now.. it's nothing... We bring you the end. Our solution for you for peace.. is nothing.
    We will move on now that elder dragon is back to his place .. he won't cause anymore chaos because he is no longer feeling a threat anymore.

    Thats a naive way to look at it. First anet will most likely bring the character back because they dont have it in them to find a better way to handle this and them being able to ressurect has been setup since ep 3, but also its naive to think that the dragons destroy and feed only because they feel threatened. It was stated tha he has begun devouring the mists and if he grows too powerful he can devour reality. Its not something they do out of spite or anything, its simply something they do.

    But i agree with the op, im scared how said character would impact the story and future big moment if they can come back and help us finish the job. I feel like after that mosts danger will be nothing compaired to our power. Then again if the character comes back im not gonna compain that its an asspull because it was setup.

    Tho ill complain because throught this season death has to some extent been reduce (tho not much since dead characters stay dead and are mostly left alone)

    She's been our best weapon so far because she's been destined to become an Elder Dragon. She hasn't just been tagging along this entire time as a pet, she's following the path we've been walking because we've been guided by the same intertwined destiny. We're BOTH part of the prophecy that led us to this point. Once that prophecy is completed, why is there any reason to believe that she will still be a weapon for us and not her own individual? With her own motives? She will have fulfilled her destiny and be living her "best life" as an elder dragon without the need form her mortal commander caretaker. It's not like she'll just swoop in and kill "evil Asuran inquest leader #323" because she will have better kitten to do.... If she is brought back and fulfills this destiny she could have practically no impact on the story moving forward and it would make perfect sense. It wouldn't be compared to "our power" because "our power" wouldn't exist. She would have her power in her new role, and we would have our own.

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    My worthless theory: When dragons have died in the past Kralk has absorbed the powers of their aspect. Similarly, he will absorb Aurene - and thus become 'infected' by her. The victory over Kralk won't be killing him, it'll be about transformation. Thus we get a world without Kralk as fortold, and also the fear Aurene has had about becoming branded coming true - but with the result of a more benevolent Kralk who will return to sleep.

  • @RubberDougie.2750 said:
    That character that just died was getting to be a huge Mary Sue and counter-productive to good writing. That character was pretty much going to be the solution to all our problems it seems, and it is best it just stays dead.

    Good points! I was expecting the character to go through some kind of magical apotheosis and fix this whole dragon/magic conundrum. But it would have been too easy.

    I wonder what's here.

  • Regarding Caithe and Aurene

    Does anyone feel cheated after Aurene bonded with Caithe instead of the Commander? Especially after Caithe stole the egg from us AND we weren't even given the choice not to forgive her...