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Plea about new reaper changes



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    @Astralporing.1957 said:

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    As far as epi, I stand by this skill being the single highest damage skill in this game if utilized properly.

    Except unlike the other high damage skills, that one does exactly zero damage on its own. It is a damage multiplier, not damage creator - it requires other skills to work. You cannot spread condis if there are no condis, and epi doesn't apply any condis on its own. Which is why comparing it to other damage skills is very misleading.

    True, but that is not really of significance because the net result matters.

    The result is that 1 utility skill applies up to 25 stacks, burning, poison, confusion, torment and bleeding as well as all the control conditions on to up to 5 targets. That is still insane even at reduced duration.

    Except again, it does not. It requires source of those conditions first. Because Epi doesn't create condis when there are none to copy.

    The setup for this is also not that difficult. It requires 1 additional target to bounce off and condition builds. Given how most condition builds reach 20-25 stacks of their main conditions, even that limitation is easily surpassed in todays class landscape.

    "that skill does extremely high damage, and all it requires is at least two players to use it, and several condi builds to create the damage you are going to bounce first"
    That damage is not a result of one skill. It is a result of a tight coordination of several players working as a team. A single condition build with single epi doesn't come anywhere close to what you describe. A non-condition build with epi and no other condi builds around deals even less.
    No, it's not a single skill. It is a whole multi-player, multi-skill well-coordinated dps combo. Trying to attribute all that effort to single skill is disingenious.

    Again, semantics since unless limited by not being able to bounce, the setup is very easy. There is no skill similar to epidemic in this game. Period. The fact it is a damage multiplier makes no difference when having to balance a class around it. Especially when the skill multiplies off itsself.

    My argument has been so far: necromancer balance might be stiffled due to this skill. I don't see how this statement becomes untrue if the skill is considered a multiplier or strait up damage skill.

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    @Cyninja.2954 said:
    You are correct though, it is misleading to compare it to basically anything in this game, because there is nothing like this skill.

    Technically, Wall of Reflection/Feedback in right situation can deal way more damage than any Epi.

    Theoretically yes, practically no. At least not in PvE. Not consistently and with way less control on side of the player.

  • @Cyninja.2954 said:
    My argument has been so far: necromancer balance might be stiffled due to this skill.

    I completely agree, although it might be because of the wrong reasons, I still agree, that that's probably the primary reason for ANet to hold back on the Necro's condi dmg potential in PvE.

    So because of that, I would actually not care at all if they would completely delete the skill from the game. I had fun with it, enjoyed it, but I also like exciting new things. Give the Necro an exciting new skill in return, go wild ANet :-) (not too wild though, before you have to nerf it again), and pump up those condi dmg numbers for the (core) Necro while you're at it!