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If you were a WvW developer for a year, in what order would you solve problems?

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If you were a WvW developer for a year, in what order would you solve problems?

Imagine that you were apart of a small team assigned to work on WvW or to work on "competetive" (PvP in general). How would you prioritize your workload knowing that you have somehwat limited resources? Here is mine (the ideas are old but now it considers order, timeframe and resources):

1. I would make EBG maps and rotate them in
I would make small alterations to the existing map. I would follow the reactions of the playerbase and be ready to follow up and iterate on my changes in a timely fashion in line with the relink/restructure cadence of 8 weeks or so (2-3 months). The first "new" map I would introduce is a version of EBG where SM is replaced by an open space with a camp. That's all I would do and then look at how the players adapt. The second map I would rotate in would be a version of EBG with one feature of EotM and DBL that was implemented poorly on those maps. I would keep the large open space in the middle that is easily captured by anything but I would make walls with lines of defense around each "home" cut of the map. The first layer would be a wall with camps behind. The second layer would be a line of interconnected towers. The keep would be the third layer. I would leave a large open space in the middle accessible to everyone for equal fights and roaming. The middle space would have the middle camp but could also have additional camps. If the players like a map I continue to test iterations of it, if the players dislike a map I may roll back to a better-liked map for a cycle to manage expectations.

Another iteration of that could have one open tower each before other walls have to be breached so the middle would consist of one camp and three towers. With a longer perspective I would look to update textures so the maps can be reskinned with different climates. Perhaps even allowing seasonal reskinning and holiday skins. So you can have summer in the summer, winter in the winter and a holiday version of the winter textures over christmas for example to tie WvW into the seasonal themes of the game at large. This is also a long-term monetization scheme because if you make maps with models that can be reskinned with different textures you can also sell skins with different textures in the gemstore. That is how you can sell different guild-themed objectives for example or how players/guilds can purchase textures to combine to customize the look of objectives that they claim. That could be a long-term goal on which to involve excess 2D artists and the monetization team.

2. I would replace the queue system with the overflow system
This is a big change but I am listing it as #2 to mark the start of work on it. The idea is to have a long term project that can be linked with #1. While I make low-effort changes to the EBG map every few months to follow player reactions and build up a battery of good maps (and a reserve of less appreciated maps) I would also begin working on a system that does not have homeborders, it only has overflows of the different EBG maps that are populated as maps fill up. It doesn't matter if this takes a year to complete, or two years like Alliances, as I will be producing bi-monthly "content" that I can later re-use when the larger underlying system is finished. The players will see the system come in piece by piece with a sense of getting continous development or attention and I can follow the feedback as the project progresses.

3. I would make a proper GvG map
Since we have a competetive team now that oversees both sPvP and WvW now and since we have limited time and resource I would probably opt to co-opt sPvP and WvW for GvG. While WvW players may prefer a map that uses WvW itemization, physics and balance I would probably look to save time by making the swiss tournament system appealing to GvG players in WvW. This would create a long-term perspective on balance being split between PvP and PvE rather than what now seems to be a split between "General", sPvP and WvW. I would balance things for PvP but keep scalability in mind. That makes things a bit more difficult but still only involves two PvP modes. It should not be impossible to balance well. I would then introduce support and maps for 5v5, 10v10, 15v15, 25v25 and 50v50 to the 2v2 swiss tournament system and the custom maps system.

This system could both be rewarded and monetized by character skins that can be used in all modes later on. You could sell team shirts for participating teams in a tournament in order to have an optional participation fee (ie., participation is free but a shirt that shows off that you / your team competed in a given tournament can be sold for a nominal fee in gems) and reward skins can then be given to various winners. People take pride in their guilds and the guild's participation so a simple shirt that says Guild A, Tournament B can easily be monetized as memorabilia and participation trophy without stopping people from participating in tournaments.

4. I would solve population balance by balancing scoring to my overflow system with the outnumbered buff
Once the larger #2 project is finished and I can rotate maps (that I have already made) into EBG, remove the borders and have an overflow system in place so people don't have to wait in queues to get onto maps. I would then use a more sensitive version of the outnumbered buff to dictate score and value on the maps. For example: If one of the three sides falls more than 25% under the population of any other side the buff will appear but the map will also not generate score for the "servers". It will continue to generate personal rewards and continue to play as usual but as long as the buff is up for any side the map will not tally score to the weekly ladder system. That's how you create a ladder with some meaning, a ladder that only considers score that is being scored under relative population balance (a 25% margin). Everything else will just continue to play on as usual. People will get personal progression and rewards, they can form alliances, move and stack however they want but in terms of population and coverage score will only count when numbers are relatively balanced. It doesn't matter if maps are full or empty, score will count when they are relatively balanced (the buff). This will encourage stacking quality and spreading quantity out and it will balance out timezone coverage without punishing players outside primetime. I can do iterative work on refining the calculations for the outnumbered buff later on.

Again, if the population is balanced and the ladder is actually meaningful then it is easy to both reward and monetize the everyday gameplay system as well. You can have nice skins as rewards for climbing the ladder and you can monetize skins for guilds, alliances or even "servers" when people start taking pride in their guilds, alliances and accomplishments during a stretch of time again. You could even have temporarily accessible skins and even if you should be cautious with monetization of skins that show off achievement it is not impossible to monetize sidegrades and variation of even re-unlockable skins (ie., having a #1 on the ladder skin and being able to purchase access to more #1 on the ladder skins with gems as long as they don't devalue the achievement of the initial skin). The primary things that can be monetized though are skins with guild and alliance theme. The secondary things that could be monetized are memorabilia stuff of the different guilds and alliances that achieved certain things (ie., a wall segment ordained by shields with guild/alliance emblems/names/tags of whoever made up the alliance+guild cluster when it was purchased). There is so much that could be monetized.
  • All of this is achievable within a year and can produce positive feedback while in production
  • It only uses tech that already exists or projects that have already been worked on for two years or more
  • I did not include Swiss, Alliances or a major balance overhaul as those are already in production and should be finished soonTM

Now, what would you do?



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    1. tournaments a go
    2. server kickout instead of relinking so ppl can choose where to stack
    3. allow race change and class change
    4. no 1 hit ever. if hit hits life at max is 90% then 5s invul. if player cant survive after, he deserves to die.
    5. no upgrade on gates walls.
    6. sieges can be placed at certain areas only
    7. guild ranking
    8. commander tonic
    9. gvg a dev team events
    10. devs are required atleast 8 hours of game time per week.

    Not Even Coverage is the Only broken thing in WVW.

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    Assuming that I'd start in January, and Alliances have already been released;

    Short term (by March):

    • Legendary neckpiece; add extra enrichment slots by hitting Mithril and Diamond. Big prestige reward for lots of effort invested into WvW. Concentric rings on the ground based on your metal level
    • Improve reward rates; 30% would work well, I think. For WXP, track progress, and pips.

    Med term (as they come):

    • Add new masteries
    • Remaster Golems and Dune Buggies to use mount tech
    • Add new 'vehicle' siege which uses mount tech to make them feel like vehicles
    • Unique bosses for each tower and keep
    • Add strong incentives for winning skirmishes

    Long term (by the end of the year):

    • Legendary armor sets
    • Third Borderlands map

    The problem with "how would you fix WvW" is that a WvW designer can't really fix WvW. Class design is part of the skills design team which is a team you collaborate with, but not you. Adding new especs would do a lot to reinvigorate the game, but that's not your job. The only tools you really have to try to improve WvW are objectives and siege, but those don't really have an impact on the game's fundamentals; siege can be seen as more of a hindrance than a blessing, unless you radically rethink what siege is for.

    Can't tell what population rebalances are needed until we see the impacts of Alliances. I do think Alliances will have a substantial positive impact on the game, but in what form that takes, I don't know.

  • Remove cheese builds first.
    Just nerf what makes them too rewarding with little risk.

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    @miguelsil.6324 said:
    Remove cheese builds first.
    Just nerf what makes them too rewarding with little risk.

    Yeah, like the skillfull one-shot guardian and aoe spamming necros :D

  • @Widmo.3186 said:
    1. I would do something.


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    i'd really want to see a dev vs players gvg and have an achievement :3

    Not Even Coverage is the Only broken thing in WVW.

  • 1.) Solve the general population problem by adjusting the rewards
    2.) making sure when a player defend a champ he is getting something for it same goes for people who just sitting in the keep for scouting reasons.
    3.) Let some tactics scale with the tier level of the object so that they make more sense and change some tactics in general for it.
    4.) Making it so that there is again a difference between a T0 and T1 wall again .. this change was just another case where Arena.NET had fallen for trolls.
    5.) Alliance System
    6.) Reward system for winning a match up trough points (every one get them but the winner just more) with which you can buy special tactics like upgrade for the objects boss , waypoints for objects which usually don't have them , stronger NPCs around.

    I also dream of a tactic where the NPC can use the siege weapons inside an objects like acs or just the cannons and so on

  • @Sobx.1758 said:

    @miguelsil.6324 said:
    Remove cheese builds first.
    Just nerf what makes them too rewarding with little risk.

    Yeah, like the skillfull one-shot guardian and aoe spamming necros :D

    Exactly like that

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    I'd ask if they will actually let me work on wvw instead of only allowing me to work on it at 4.30pm on Fridays once a month..

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    1. Would fix and rework weapons and skills on classes that had no place, if I couldn't make them function as needed then Id remove them and make have a replacement of more weight (This is acrossed all game modes , not just WvW)
    2. Id bring in Edge of the mists as a replacement for one of our alpine borderlands and close up Edge, making the UI and HUD a little cleaner in the WvW panel
    3. Id rework alpine to be more in line with current day content and make it so you'd have to be more knowledgeable and the map would be larger, to compincate for mounts. You'd also not be able to siege both outer and inner walls from the same position.
    4. Id work all of our passives into gameplay, and just make all of that available from the get go. Id offer new traits to earn with a longer gap but more impactful choices, you shouldn't be going for levels on end with no benefits. Id give us stuff more a kin to traversing the map and such than actual damage reductions/amps on guards, Id also make it so we'd have portals and other things you can use if you have the points unlocked.
    5. Better rewards, exclusive to WvW including a Legendary weapon line that can ONLY be gotten through WvW (The PvE peeps have two generations, a side group of legendary weps for WvW to show dedication would be fine.)
    6. Id rework the factions
    7. Id close the back door so hacks could not exist, period.
    8. Id actively ban those who exploit to set the example, so the ecosystem would be healthy.
    9. Id seek out community wants and weigh them against what is an is not possible
    10. Id make the objectives more pivitol and make it more about RvR rather than PvPVE Id make it that everything had its place and was useful. (Every lord of every keep would be on the level of Air and Fire from red.) Id also actively punish the meta builds, You would need more than that to actually succeed and Id open the way for more theory crafting and build diversity. Id aim to squash the meta and continue to crush it so that no one is forced to run something they don't wana run..


    Mostly whats in here, Ill keep linking it because I feel its what is needed.

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    @miguelsil.6324 said:

    @Sobx.1758 said:

    @miguelsil.6324 said:
    Remove cheese builds first.
    Just nerf what makes them too rewarding with little risk.

    Yeah, like the skillfull one-shot guardian and aoe spamming necros :D

    Exactly like that

    Perfect! Now you can go spam with complaints about these to show you're not lying :wink:

  • @Sobx.1758 said:

    @miguelsil.6324 said:

    @Sobx.1758 said:

    @miguelsil.6324 said:
    Remove cheese builds first.
    Just nerf what makes them too rewarding with little risk.

    Yeah, like the skillfull one-shot guardian and aoe spamming necros :D

    Exactly like that

    Perfect! Now you can go spam with complaints about these to show you're not lying :wink:

    All cheese builds as stated.

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    1. gvg support - first physically move all guild hall arenas to wvw so they can have wvw balanced skills. then have a separate window in the wvw panel that is called gvg. this is a ladder as well as an advertisement. ladder based on wins/ losses, with expanded stats (top players names with spec with damage, healing etc.). ad to easily set up gvgs where you can have a few lines to list gvg size, times/ dates etc. guild hall leader has a button to reset rounds (all players health and cds) to get to next round faster, as well as a small scoreboard visible to all players. maybe have this be a thing in the physical world instead of popping up on screen ui.
    2. buff combo fields - this is a large part of what made wvw so great back in the day. it not only encouraged cooperation and organization it made it necessary. let commanders and players choose their own combo finisher priority (comm can set all blasts for waters, leaps for chaos etc.) but players prefs override comms.
    3. qol updates - display stab and resistance above endurance bar, give all stunbreaks resistance and 2 stax of stab at 1 sec, condense banner/keep/ even food buffs each into their own icon and disable pve buffs (the +5% damage kitten), make keep tapping a lot harder, disable warclaw stomp ability to crit, give all towers a second entrance, mmm other things that make sense.
    4. nerf burst - sooo people having access to pve level damage mods has to go. no more stacking + dmg %s above say 50% or so. maybe even nerf might by 10. no I wouldn't nerf sustain at the same time but let things play out and make small adjustments.
    5. snowman tonic - I should be able to fight in this tonic.

    all this would take a lot less then a year. any big structural changes would have to wait until after alliances assuming they come.

    Te lazla otstara.

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    1) Define the mode. Is it designed for pvp, or does it merely allow players to use pvp to interfere with one another's pve goals? If designed for pvp, is it designed for large scale group combat or smaller group/individual play? In trying to be all things to all ppl, wvw in its current state leaves everyone frustrated. No matter how you define the mode you're going to upset a lot of ppl, but you cannot begin to improve upon something if you don't first understand what it is . . .

    Once you've accomplished 1), everything else gets much, much easier . . .

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    0) accept that’s to late to save wvw
    1) add pips and EB-map to EotM
    2) shutdown wvw
    3) look for a different job

    1. add roller beetle
    2. redesign all the maps
    3. class balance
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    I would:
    1. Upgrade EB and Borders so they don't feel so cramped
    Adding 3 cappable sentrytowers at the NPC locations, namely where the large hut is at the ogre camp, where krait skillpoint gates are and in the "crossroad" where the dredge skillpoint is. These towers would be unupgradeable and would include no supply, they would be just filler content to increase the amount of options groups have when they're weak. Of course the NPC event would be removed. A stronger version would be added to borders to replace ruins and bloodlust. This would remove the "stonemist castle" as sole "neutral objective" and punish teams that only camp SM and north side of their borders. You don't need to cater to current "kill farmers", they all started from nothing. This would help the "nobodies" to enjoy the gameb before they become "somebodies"

    This change wouldn't cramp any of the existing interactive gameplay, rather add new ways. It would support new commanders and groups smaller than 25 mostly. This change would maintain WvW as 24/7 gamemode as even 2 players have something to cap.
    2. Nerf claim buff
    All Claim buff stats would be +50 instead of +100, this would also nerf presence of the keep. Defenders already have too many different advantages, thus tuning them down should Increase the offensive gameplay and thus increase the amount of epic moments, legendary commanders and fights.

    This change would balance the fighting field and increase amount of commanders
    3. Make watchtower tactic only activate when tower is contested.
    It simply limits the map too much f/e langor watchtower covers even the keep watergate, the north alpine watchtowers make playstyle of roaming and sniping objectives too monotonous.

    Just make WvW complement to smaller groups by not limiting peoples options regarding movement from place a to b.
    4. Remove desert map
    The map is literally a desert, only camels spend time there. It is widely known as the map you go to when you don't want fights. Yes people like desert for "no lags" but they can just find the one alpine border that will have no enemies.

    My suggestion 1 makes a "sniping objectives on empty map (Desert)" pointless by adding objectives you can do so to.
    5. Make KDR stats of skirmishes only available after the skirmish.
    You would build hype every 2 hours for revealing of how well your server did in fights. Not a big change but pointplayers get their results every 2 hours too, so it adds something for people to talk about.

    1. Some balance stuff
      Eh, some basic stuff like reducing cast time of dwarf elite in WvW, buff water/lightfield blasting and some other stuff that makes fights last longer. Balance is okayish tho, skill lag not. Any balance they can create can only extend to max 40v40 because else it becomes pirateship where most people get oneshot unless they abuse line of sight.

    2. I would teach the remaining anet devs to love WvW
      Their WvW streams are so painfully bad. From builds to way they start the fights. They can't even find a proper fight because none of them has the necessary experience to do so.

    Ri Ba - WvW Commander, scout, loudmouth, tryhard
    Making Desolation great again/Alt somewhere
    Diamond Legend

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    I would nerf boons and condis, as well as normalizing 4 stat gear and foods. That is, 4 stat gear and foods would be nerfed but only when entering wvw. Overall TTK should go down.

    I would also put a target limit on reflects and bubbles.

    I'd also nerf pretty much anything tactivator related.

    I would like to also have a increased minimum distance of non-ram siege can be built.

    I would allow Rent-a-Warclaw to owners of either expansion.

    I would double Reward Track gain.

    I would double the amount of Grandmaster Marks gained (it's a joke right now)

    I would provide more items for sale for badges and tickets.

    I would let players earn a max of 550 tickets per week.

    Finally, I would restore WPs to their original functionality.. Emergency Waypoint stays as it is.

    This of course assumes that WvW development actually exists.

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    I would work on options that improve both large-scale and small-scale combat. WvW began supporting 5-man parties. Then development made a smart move, allowing Commanders to form squads of more than 5 players. This kind of simple quality-of-life improvement to the game mode has enhanced it tremendously. I'd like to see more of this innovation. Here are my ideas:

    Siege changes
    1) Make all siege mobile. Engines can be linked to hired dolyaks and moved from A to B. Something like that. Golems can be airlifted by hired griffons. The Commander can choose a drop site on the map. This would cost gold.
    2) Make siege fully independent, or a capture node that can be contested so that possession of a siege engine can change from one side to the other. An arrow cart, for example, can be manned by literally anyone.
    3) Make dolyak's a hireable asset available to guilds. (The dolyak would have a basic AI that would allow it to attack, but this wouldn't be the reason it is hired.) The dolyak serves as a mobile bank, allowing players to store extra loot. It would also allow party members to which it is tethered to respawn within 100 units of it's location. Something like that.
    4) Remove siege timers. Siege can now be sabotaged immediately if you want to remove it. Siege weapons thrown down buy a guild or party show up on their map.

    Supply changes
    1) Remove automatic supply runs entirely. Make the supply of all points of interest purely player driven. Dolyaks, griffons etc can still be hired to get supplies into a point of interest. However, players can now dump their supply from one site into another. If they want to make a large supply dump, they can hire a pack animal and/or supplement the shipment by hiring extra NPC muscle.

    Participation changes
    1) Developer participation in weekly matches. Perhaps an-all Arenanet guild?
    2) Improve coverage of WvW matches on the internet. Have a professional guild, the best of the best, designed to showcase the game mode by looking for fights. This guild would receive some form of reimbursement for this. Their work would be streamed on channels created by Arenanet.
    3) In regards to "Supply Changes", if a player wants to hire a dolyak or griffon to run supplies to somewhere, the job is advertised in a WvW-only LFG system. There is an override feature that allows players to simply go with hired NPC muscle. However, human players have first dibs on these jobs.

    Espionage improvements
    1) Make espionage a legitimate form of gameplay. Mesmers and spies should have trait lines within WvW that allow them to do certain things. Mesmers, for example, should be able to tether themselves to a Commander's Tag for a specific amount of time (say, 30s. This would be regulated by an internal cooldown) allowing them to track enemy movements. They should also be allowed to deploy some kind of pulse that detects an active Commander Tag within a specified range. Thieves should be able to view party composition. Stuff like that.
    2) Chat channels should be viewable by thieves and mesmers for a specified number of lines.

    Reward improvements
    1) Fashion accessories should be constantly supplied to WvW players. Exclusive mounts, too. Capes and whatnot. The implementation of chairs should be pushed further in WvW, with a new "King" or "Commander" feature. This is a massive throne centered in a contestable POI in the map. The King is the one who sits on the throne and having a king actively sitting on the throne allows a world certain benefits, including increased daily gold gains, WvW points generation and the like.

    These are just a few things that I think would be cool for the game mode.

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    I would make all methods of entering wvw reroute to isles of the mist and then quit.

    Anet buff me :-(
    Make me good at game!

  • McPero.3287McPero.3287 Member ✭✭✭
    1. Balance WvW around zerg vs zerg where each profession has at least one meta build (less dmg, healing, boons, corrupts, conditions). Also nerf mount to where its sole purpose is transport, dismount on being hit. Give mount to free to play players. Remove gliding so that terrain actually matters.
    2. Bring in Alliances with WvW extra rewards event.
    3. Alliance/Guild leaderboard where top alliances and guilds get good rewards (members of highest scoring guild gets unique skins, kinda like mAT skins).
    4. New maps and delete old ones, make new ones in a way that really forces players to fight and not just win trade objectives. Make supplies important so that players actually defend caravans.

    Or you know you can just release new skin that is so shinny it blinds you.

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    Zerg vs Zerg :
    The commander can create 5 patterns on the ground where the rest of your team8s can stand upon and they get constantly Barrier (making them undying)
    Such as ''Bulls Horn'' , or ''Spread Out'' formation , or Phalax + 2 varietions .

    Bulls Horns formation , counters the Barrier when your team8s attack the enemies from the sides or if the Phalax formation ?
    ''Spread out'' , allows you to mount up and charge with 25 might+ Fury on your next 16.000 Mount Leap Attack, after 10 sec ? Or free 100 hp Balistra or Arrow cart , or F5 Speak Knockback attack (but by doing so you cannot benefit from the Barrier for 30 sec)?
    Phalax gets in combat + crippling for 10% , but they ignore cc ?
    When both Horns and Spread out formation from each side touch each other , then its open season for every1 without the Barrier ?
    You can knockback or stun the enemy to force him out of formation and kill him
    PPl on ''Bulls Horn'' , or ''Spread Out'' will be the most durable meatshield that will absorve ranged attacks and will try to cc any enemy that is trying to rush into midle free of worry of getting killed .
    If the Commander dies , there goes this mechanic

    The commander get no boons or healing from players standing in the formation . So he must inv some ppl to the Raid UI .
    The commander must stand in the middle of the Patterns , so he must inv more ppl to counter the focus burst of the enemy zerg
    The commander and his allies from the party cannot benefit from the formation Barrier
    The direction of the moving Pattern does not change automatically (only manually 45 degree each time) , and if the enemy zerg is comming , your team8s can leave the Formation (loosing Barrier) to help your commander

    (most likely it will be a 40 vs 40 scenario with the rest of the 110vs110 pretending they are doing something in the sides or background )
    If the 110 ppl step out of the formation and follow the Commandr , they will not get Barrier .
    If a commander raise ''white flag'' before he goes into combat or after 30 sec the score freezes and doesnt allow the enemy team to rack up WvWvW points from kills for 30 sec .
    If the commander raises ''black flag'' , he doesnt use his mechanic and get x2 kill points with a simple zerg vs zerg
    If the enemy commander raises ''red flag'' and let the ''white flag'' to live after am , they get bonus WvWvW points from the next track )

    Need some things to sort out , till the start of March
    In Semptember ... i am sorry.... but it will be my last chance to get in Coellege , at my age

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    1. I would make forts and all other capturable objectives vulnerable to players (5man) without siege weapons.

    That's it, now you have fights instead of staring contests.

    Hannah | Daisuki[SUKI] Founder, Ehmry Bay (formerly Jade Quarry) | Mains Mariyuuna/Tempest & Terakura/Spellbreaker | ♀♥♀

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    id take out walls and doors. no more siege except in eotm.

    id make it all professions got the same traits and skills but you can benefit more on different variations.

    il make wvw entirely separate from pve

    Not Even Coverage is the Only broken thing in WVW.

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    Well if i was a Dev id revert the entire state of the game back before the June 2015 build which destroyed the game and ever since hasn't recovered... (this is before the change to stats on items, leveling up, vanilla trait system and most if not all changes in that build) which changed WvW for the worse and every year declines even more.
    This game has went so downhill i dont even recommend it anymore to friends... its sad as i love this game and would jump right back if drastic changes occurred... so far i haven't seen and still waiting for that alliance wvw (which who knows what they will even do for wvw) to come... which they just said "not announced"

    Oh to Wvw edits:
    Revert it back to actual silver/gold to upgrade places which required actual micromanagement of community... remove the all the levels and defenses they added which were completely unnecessary... so basically all the recent gimmicks no one asked for.... along with the mount (sadly it has grown old now) and make the mount just something you unlock playing wvw and you can use in pve.


  • Leo.3428Leo.3428 Member ✭✭

    I think I would first try to make the game mode more popular by making it easier to enter: A starter WvW map accessible to any player below PvE level 30 or so.
    If that works, then chances are that more development resources may be allocated to the mode?

  • Catchyfx.5768Catchyfx.5768 Member ✭✭✭
    edited December 2, 2019

    1.reward winning server(alliance)(rest will get sweets too but less)
    2.ballance things around 5-10 man groups not 1v1 or 50v50. But healthy middle ground. If you add numbers in manpower in this balanced game it will not be as bad.
    3.make defending more beneficial(reward)
    4.eotm instead one of the alpines
    5.more pips per week(or benefit active play more, not killing 1 folk every 8 minit and then camp spawn, so if I run around and flip things up, i wanna get more reward, cuz right now passive play is kinda much smarter decision)
    6. Special GvG minimap(arena) and weekly/daily event for guilds and reward for participation in them(winner gets more),make leaderboard.

    I get in america is popular reward last and first the same, because feelings hurts, but rest of the world likes winning and if you loose you have atleast motivation to gid gud.
    And this is sweet compromise, winner just get little bit more.

    If you put into "competitive" mode some competition(leaderboard), ppl will work their kitten off to be first and flex=more active



  • Slick.7164Slick.7164 Member ✭✭✭

    I would pretend that Blackgate not full and give them like 2 links next matchup.

  • Ill Just press the button 'reset to default settings' and drink coffee for the rest of my life

  • Straegen.2938Straegen.2938 Member ✭✭✭

    My top 10:

    1. Desirable exclusive rewards for playing WvW including skins and unique legendary weapons, capes, etc
    2. Increase the overall rewards for player kills
    3. Alliances or similar system that moves us away from "servers"
    4. Remove Rally
    5. Insta-death when a player dies in the water
    6. Nerf the hell out of stealth with long reveals post attack at least double the time if not more
    7. Nerf all skills/traits that reduce damage and stack with protection such as Dolyak Stance
    8. Change invuln to a huge toughness/vitality boost
    9. Nerf all AoE spam
    10. Bring back Ricochet (yeah this one is selfish)
  • kamikharzeeh.8016kamikharzeeh.8016 Member ✭✭
    edited December 4, 2019

    posted thoughts on several threads yet; i think u brought up many points yet.
    but the real important stuff in my view:
    -** weekly rewards and rewards per link** for server performance. we're a t1 EU server and usually don't even really try bc it's not for much to go hard on them. worst case, our opponents just stop playing lol. though some pulled some NA guilds who fill their nighttimes, which i personally dislike, but guess cannot change that.

    • make the starting position in EBG random , also randomize who gets on which border (i still don't understand why desert BL is not liked by so many, we had great fights there)

    • make EotM a rated border map similarily to EBG and since it has a difficult terrain, give it a special buff for each day of the week, so you make it interesting, fun and worth to play.

    also some of its map mechanics have to be adjusted surely, but after all that should be not a too big problem. it would kinda be the first "content" since and eternity (i barely can count warclaw, since it was more a thing for pve players, it's use for WvW is rather negative - means we'd be happier without it existing)

    ( - in further extent, also adapt a random starting point for EotM. short explaining how i thought of the reward and boon mechanics: 1 random different permanent boon for each team on the EotM map. 1 mapwide for all teams equally set rewards buff while u are on EotM that changes up daily, maybe also randomly chosen. use things like: +10% WXP gain, +10% reward track gain, +25% magic find from drops of EotM loot, 5% chance to drop rare items from EotM loot (like black lion chest keys)... with stuff like this you make it interesting.

    minor but comfyness issues:

    • wxp gain for defending stuff... if thats yet the case, i failed to notice it, could be just a bit up'd then.
    • polishing the maps; **also for example powering up mobs. **maybe removing the weaker ai mobs around and instead putting some elite levels into the maps. make the desert border dinosaurs in the middle of the map aggro all the time, on stonemist the tree things. more thrill, more fun imo ;P it won't be an real issue for roamers anyways bc the warkitty just avoids them but if theres a highdps elite jumping around into roamerfights, it surely would add a special note.

    this could be also used to make the environments more exclusive. clean all the minotaurs etc from alpine borders and put on one map sons of svanir instead and on the other one icebrood creatures, for example.

    • (some parts are still a bit buggy, maybe make pulls on walls harder to put off. like let walls block targetting radius for offensive field spells, from lower levels maybe? thats a difficult one surely but a blob that bombards the walls with 20 elementalists is quite annoying.)
    • some new masteries and legendaries to farm for our veterans. i'm not there yet, but there are surely some people who are.

    however, strong disagree with _straegeons _damagenerfs, and downed state is fine. hell downed got nerfed so badly yet with giving the warclaw the "fatal fangs"... only nerfing stealth, but that would kill thieves completely. idk how to make that fair.

    idk about the alliances _catchyfx _mentioned, but if its well implemented why not. (i still don't fully understand how alliances wouldn't result in pure chaos). however not sure if we needed guild versus guild maps, since the guilds are totally not equal sized usually. that would need a big rework for some things, maybe to big to be doable. at best they could model OS (obsidian sanctum) to a gvg-battlezone, but seperate it from the ranked state (like EotM is now). maybe with own guild exclusive rewards, idk.

  • subversiontwo.7501subversiontwo.7501 Member ✭✭✭
    edited December 4, 2019

    Thanks for the replies that have come in.

    I'm going to be honest and admit that I almost instantly regretted making the topic. It's one of those topics where you first think that it is easy to distinguish between what you are trying to get people to tag along on and perhaps more difficult for them to actually identify what you are trying to achieve. In my book there is a clear and important distinction between listing what changes you would want (a wishlist of sorts) and explain how you would go about solving problems. I immidiately realized that something like that isn't unmistakable though.

    That means that some comments here have been really good and interesting to read while others, even if more ambitious, have not really amounted to more than the comment Widmo jokingly (and well) made early in the thread.

    It's good to see people trying and comming from a good place, trying to be constructive, so in that sense any feedback is good feedback, I just have to sift alot and try to hold my tongue from commenting and derailing the thread when people suggests things that already exist or that I don't agree with. I've really tried to back off and let it slip. Friends, keep posting interesting stuff, I read it all even if I don't add much more to the topic myself :).

  • Ben K.6238Ben K.6238 Member ✭✭✭✭

    If I was a WvW developer, it's unlikely I'd be able to do any of these lists, because they are mostly compilations of work requiring different disciplines (aside from the "shut WvW down" one). This thread seems like more of a game director thing.

    As far as game direction goes, the two priorities would be:

    • Dismantle the power creep in WvW. We've reached the point where too many classes can do too much by themselves. A universal reduction of power levels, implementation of diminishing returns on offensive and defensive stats, and clear strengths and weaknesses between builds would help make combat less samey, hopefully more enjoyable, and potentially reduce server overhead.
    • Work towards making WvW a deeper game mode. "Winning" currently involves keeping cap points for longer than the other two teams, and that's about it. Very easy to understand, but after seven years, also very boring. There is potential for other varieties of open-world PvP content that feed into the WvW ecosystem without the cap point thing. I'd take suggestions from the team and get prototypes for a few of them, and see where it goes from there.

    As an actual developer, however, my priorities would be:

    • Making more maps. Best to stick to one's day job.
  • Leo.3428Leo.3428 Member ✭✭

    @Ben K.6238 said:
    There is potential for other varieties of open-world PvP content that feed into the WvW ecosystem without the cap point thing.

    Agreed. One thing that would feel less mechanical could be fighting for resources instead (or would that be too close to real life?). The resources would not be stuck to fixed places and would provide boons to the team. From a development perspective, this is a leap into the void though, an almost complete rewrite of the game mode, not something done by one developer in a year I suppose.

  • Sviel.7493Sviel.7493 Member ✭✭✭
    edited December 5, 2019

    I can't know what's possible to accomplish in a year, of course, but this is what I'd try. This is assuming that alliances are coming sometime before the rapture so I won't be trying to solve things like population imbalance, making points matter and other issues that alliances are supposed to mitigate or make possible.

    Quarter 1: Combat and New Player Experience

    Add a blanket buff that reduces all damage and healing (except from combo fields) as a temporary measure to slow fights down and give people room to respond.

    • Balance changes are not the purview of WvW devs, but something this simple should be possible. Actual balance changes should come, but would be beyond my power to implement.

    Add more effective tutorials.

    • Add an instanced tutorial where a player takes a camp, uses it to build a catapult (running back for supply once, or NPC assists build), then takes down a wall (possibly pre-damaged) and caps a tower. There should be a party/guild version that caps a keep instead. The latter version could be a guild mission as well. Currently, the tutorial doesn't prepare players for what they face in the game. On DBL, there is no tutorial at all. This should use only existing assets to teach them everything that they need to know to hit the field offensively.

    • Add an instanced tutorial where a player defends a keep by throwing and building siege or killing all enemies if they are unable to prevent a break-in.

    Quarter 2+3: Siege Renewal

    Make siege battles more dynamic and involve more players than just those on siege engines. Also reduce the amount of know-how needed to effectively use siege.

    • In general, make uncontested sieges take less time while allowing players more opportunity to contest sieges if they are present. Reduce the impenetrability of sieged-up towers/keeps by more directly limiting their defense by supply, but also make offensive supply chains more important for sustained assaults. Reduce the base cost of siege engines to encourage setting up and firing even when a full assault success isn't certain, or with the goal of simply dealing damage.

      • Siege that charges now shows an arrow at the expected landing location that moves as it charges further.

      • New Siege Engine: Pile of Rocks - Costs 10 supply to set up with 1 initial rock. Players can dump 10 supply into it to increase the rock pile by 1 rock up to a max of 10 rocks. Alternatively, players can withdraw one rock from the pile. These rocks can be used in Catapults and Trebuchets. If the rock pile is destroyed, one stored rock is lost and it resets to full hp. This will allow players to have some parts of their group running supply while the siege is ongoing and, with appropriate risk, allow a shortening of supply lines for groups that can defend their rock piles. The pile can be reduced to 0 rocks and will persist until more rocks are added. Players carrying rocks are slowed by 50% and cannot use skills. If they drop the rock, it ceases to exist.

      • New Siege Engine: Pile of Arrows - Costs 10 supply to set up with 5 initial arrows. Players can dump 10 supply into it to increase the arrow pile by 5 arrows up to a max of 50 arrows. Alternatively, players can withdraw 5 arrows from the pile. These arrows can be used in Ballistae and Arrow Carts. If the arrow pile is destroyed, all stored arrows are lost. Players can carry arrows without penalty but all are lost upon death.

      • Arrow Carts now charge to increase range (max: 2500) and drop only one volley of arrows and cost 2 supply or 1 Arrow (from an Arrow Pile) to fire. They deal base 9,000 damage (about 2 of the current ticks) in a 360 radius (no target cap) and have a distinct warning marker and sound that plays prior to landing. Build cost is reduced by 20 supply for all versions.

      • Catapults now have 2 separate skills to increase/decrease range. Once the range is set, it always fires at that distance power when fired. Damage no longer increases with range. Catapults cost EITHER 10 supply or 1 rock to fire. They deal 5x their current base damage (as opposed to 2x fully charged as they do now) and have a 5s CD. Catapult's bubble skill is replaced with Gather Rocks, a skill which takes 10 seconds and then fires the Catapult for 2x current base damage. Gather Rocks can be auto-fired and is interrupted by taking any damage. It is much slower than maintaining a supply line, but will allow small groups or solo players to deal serious damage if left unattended. A player with 10 supply or a rock can take control of a Catapult that is being used to Gather Rocks regardless of ownership. Current Catapult DPS is ~1 damage units per 5s (Due to 4.5s charging time and 5s CD for 2x base damage). New DPS would be 5 damage units per 5s. Gather Rocks DPS would be 1 damage unit per 5s. Catapult rocks now have a distinct warning marker and sound that plays prior to landing. Build cost is reduced by 10 supply for all versions.

      • Trebuchets now have 2 separate skills to increase/decrease range. Once the range is set, it always fires at that distance power when fired. Damage no longer increases with range. Trebuchets cost EITHER 10 supply or 1 rock to fire. They deal 10x their current base damage (as opposed to 2x fully charged as they do now) and have a 13s CD. Their Healing Oasis skill is replaced with Gather Rocks, which takes 13 seconds to fire for 1x current base damage but does not cost supply or a rock. It can be auto-fired, but can be cancelled by receiving any damage. The current DPS is 2 damage units per 13s. New DPS would be 10 damage units per 13s. Gather Rocks DPS would be 1 damage units per 13s. Trebuchet rocks now have a distinct warning marker and sound that plays prior to landing. Build cost is reduced by 40 supply for all versions.

      • Rams now deal 2x damage. Their Flame Blast no longer applies structural vulnerability at higher ranks, but instead increases the duration of the flames.

      • Cannons can now be remote-controlled from a console within the walls. When interacting with the console, their Field of View will be the same as if on the cannon. The cannons can still be destroyed, but players that attempt to use them will not be insta-killed by AoE.

      • Burning Oil is renamed Oil Cauldron and is now a ground based structure that starts with 10 Oil Buckets. Players can add an Oil Bucket to the Cauldron for 5 supply and it can hold a maximum of 50 Oil Buckets. Players can retrieve 1 Oil Bucket to gain access to the Pour Oil, Pour Tar and Detonate skills. Utility skills are still available while carrying Oil Buckets, but players are slowed 25%. Pour Oil deals 4,000 damage every second for 5 seconds in a 240 radius and applies Burning (3s) for 800 damage. Pour Tar pulses Cripple (1s) every second for 10 seconds. Detonate takes 3 seconds to activate, can be interrupted and deals 40,0000 damage in a 50 aoe around the player. Detonate, obviously, insta-kills the player that uses it. Any enemies hit are knocked back 800 units. Oil Bucket aoes do NOT penetrate gates.

      • Golems now deal 2x damage and can no longer move while disabled.

      • Ballistae's third skill now sets a target as if positioning a minimum AoE skill. Subsequent uses of the first skill now aim at that target. This will allow them to hit things that are within their actual range, but too far away to click on and target. Ballistae's first skill now costs 10 supply or 5 Arrows to fire and does 5x current base damage on a 2s CD. It retains the double damage bonus against siege weapons. Their second and third skills now cost 2 supply or 1 Arrow to fire. Build cost is reduced by 20 supply for all versions.

      • Shield Generators are unchanged.

    Increase defender activities in general and especially those that can be disrupted by enemy players.

    • This has been partially accomplished by adding refillable Oil Cauldrons, Rock Piles and Arrow Piles.

    • Add Structure Repair Kits to camps which cost 10 supply to generate. They can be dropped and picked up again within 2 minutes, but the same player cannot generate a second Structure Repair Kit until the first is consumed. Allied players can pick up other's Structure Repair Kits and assume ownership of it. Structure Repair Kits cannot be held while mounted. When used on damaged walls or gates, Structure Repair Kits restore integrity equal to spending 30 supply (with a new WvW mastery that can boost this to 50 supply value). If a wall or gate is heavily damaged and the structure is no longer contested, send an NPC to stand near the wall and wave players over. The NPC should ask them to go get a Structural Repair Kit from a nearby Supply Camp and repair the wall. Perhaps make this a defense event that ends when the wall/gate is fully repaired.

    • Add a Yak-Herding Kit to camps that gives access to a skill which can give 1 targeted allied Yak 3s of Superspeed on a 3s CD. Also grants 3s swiftness to the player. Increase WXP portion only of Yak herding reward.

    • Add an alarm bell that can be rung by a player if a tower or keep is contested that pings all allied player's mini-maps who are on the map. A pop-up, which can be disabled, can also appear at the top of the screen that says which tower or keep just rang the alarm. Clicking the pop-up will set a route to the contested area.

    Quarter 4: Polish

    • Use this time to catch up with the 'little' fixes that pile up throughout the year and to adjust/bugfix the Siege Renewal.
  • Ben K.6238Ben K.6238 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Leo.3428 said:

    @Ben K.6238 said:
    There is potential for other varieties of open-world PvP content that feed into the WvW ecosystem without the cap point thing.

    Agreed. One thing that would feel less mechanical could be fighting for resources instead (or would that be too close to real life?). The resources would not be stuck to fixed places and would provide boons to the team. From a development perspective, this is a leap into the void though, an almost complete rewrite of the game mode, not something done by one developer in a year I suppose.

    Fighting for resources is basically what you do in most strategy games, so that would be fine. In fact that sounds like a system I'd gladly try out.

  • Leo.3428Leo.3428 Member ✭✭

    @Sviel.7493 said:
    Add more effective tutorials.

    Ditto. The same tutorial map could also be used for the WvW instances for below-PvE-30 players that I was suggesting.

    @Ben K.6238 said:
    Fighting for resources is basically what you do in most strategy games, so that would be fine.

    My concern with this is that GW2 is one big and complex software probably optimized for its specific gameplay - mostly static terrain and structures, few mobile assets, mechanics precalculated for the local terrain whenever possible. Trying to change even a bit of this is a risk of breaking the whole without even realizing at first.

    @Ben K.6238 said:
    In fact that sounds like a system I'd gladly try out.

    Me too ^^

    1. Blow wvw up.
    2. Stop transfers.
    3. Create 2 sides Red V Blue... or if need be 3 sides Red V Blue V Green.
    4. Make people choose a side.
    5. A small reward for server that wins each week.
    6. A reward for server that wins each month.
    7. Fix skill balance. My pet peeve is stealth, sick of people disappearing constantly.
  • Solitude.2097Solitude.2097 Member ✭✭
    edited December 8, 2019

    Create a Prince of Persia town .
    3 Floor Buildings , 4 rooms wide, some are connected by ropes/brighes
    Wooden 1 hp doors , minigaps , broken floors

    Simply polygons and design
    Let the community to playtest it for a 1 month
    If is worth it , move on to implanted it as a new WvWvW map with mini-max cities , rather than castle/keeps and no''timer''

    In the middle of the city , its a castle
    1 team will have to escord the 1-3 MEGA ram (you can choose to spawn more rams in other directions if you have ppl to defend them) and storm each building manually to kill any enemy
    2nd will use trap doors/bookstores to move across the floors
    3rd will use the HoT vines to jump across the buildings
    2nd and 3 rd will attack from the windows

    The 1st team will go capture the 2nd Castle doors and then move to the next round to capture the 3rd group Castle
    Each team takes tunrs
    The team that captured faster and has more progress , wins

    IF it works , implant 3 major cities all over the map + event start if you place a ram plans on a spot (+have used suplies to built it) .
    If the team that is getiing attacked has outnumber debuff , then the second enemy gain HALF participate for protecting the base of the outnumber (no need to implant Rounds in a outdoor event-becuase nthe winner will rush in the next city)

    Need some things to sort out , till the start of March
    In Semptember ... i am sorry.... but it will be my last chance to get in Coellege , at my age

  • Virdo.1540Virdo.1540 Member ✭✭✭

    i would remove the Gaps between Skills&Traits between PvE and WvW (prob pvp too)
    and remove the link teams, so every server fights for itself.

    Together with an reward in moving to an "weaker" server, instead of just paying an lower price just to loose in wvw. (with an 2month cooldown or so)

    Also the "reveal" from taken keeps shouldnt be a reveal that deadeyes can cleanse, since its op that they can keep invisible inside the boss itself until it can be killed again.

  • Knighthonor.4061Knighthonor.4061 Member ✭✭✭✭

    1) first I would add an event system that adds objective base gameplay with a timer that has defined winners and losers.

    2) new small scale team helpful objectives added to the game besides just camp flips.

    3)NPCs get a buff in damage and health.

    4) No more 3 sided Boardland maps. They are changed into brand new maps that are two Faction based maps. Red vs Blue, Blue vs Green, Red vs Green, EBG. Now each Faction only has 3 maps to play on instead of 4.

    5) Each Faction color has unique NPCs and Faction theme beyond just the fixed structures.

    6) EoTM map is removed and now a new map during Meta Event time that replaces either the EBG map or Borderlands while meta is active.

    7) all new rewards. No more weapon Skin sets. All new unique named skins for each weapon type. Now with rare chance to Black Lion currency.

    8) new Mobile Sieges that's not Guild exclusive and not all of them are Golem slow.

    9) New EBG meta event map with larger space and new mechanics unique to that map while it's on timer.

    10) Outpost added as a new temporary structure that players can build using supply.

  • KeyOrion.9506KeyOrion.9506 Member ✭✭✭

    Make new maps and institute a randomizer for those maps at reset.

  • Sovereign.1093Sovereign.1093 Member ✭✭✭✭

    make wvw queue based.

    Not Even Coverage is the Only broken thing in WVW.

  • first problem:
    half the damage of soulbeast, mirage, deadeye.
    solves the problem of being bursted to death without any counterplay.

    second problem: ban stealth
    no more stealth-and-kill-or-vanish-and-retry-at-leisure

    third problem: skill lag.

    after that, its fine.

  • Svarty.8019Svarty.8019 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited December 20, 2019
    1. Spend 6 months doing no work, but instead making huge efforts to convince the other staff that WvW is the way that the game should move development-wise, especially when PvE veteran Bree Royce celebrates the fact that upcoming games are also favouring massive online PvP battles! https://massivelyop.com/2019/12/18/massively-ops-2019-awards-best-trend/
    2. A Point multiplier for success while outnumbered.
    3. Develop a metric for measuring which team is leading in the matchup at the moment,
    4. Quadruple rewards for killing members of the server that's leading (loot AND points), This is a COUNTER-SNOWBALLING measure.
    5. All teams get a varying multiplier on points as the week progresses. For example, on first day you get 5,4,3 for a skirmish, on second day you get 6,5,4 etc. This creates a better chance of a comeback at the end of the week, earlier days aren't worth as much!
    6. Consider moving reset to Monday in order to make the weekend dramatic. There are many more WvW players on weekends.

    Some of these ideas are not mine, other players have suggested them over the years and the developers didn't implement them.

    Thief OP? Better nerf Scourge ... again.
    Hashtag BlameMcLain

  • Bassdeff.1895Bassdeff.1895 Member ✭✭✭

    I don't know how to fix WvW. I think the a lot of the issues we see are there because of the core design of the game, NA and EU servers not being able to match up with and against each other. I don't think it is possible to fix this but if it could it would eliminate a lot of the time zone imbalance and you could have decent action on the battlefield around the clock.

    Add WXP vials to either final track rewards or pip chests. It would have support players feel rewarded for their scouting, trebbing, dolyak escorting, and just general defense. It's painstakingly long to build up WXP without running with the zerglings or having a zergling build that can tag a lot of dots.

  • Svarty.8019Svarty.8019 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited December 20, 2019

    Oh ... I thought I'd try to fix the game.. obviously appeasing the whining gankers (by nerfing the Warclaw's only features) on the forum is FAR more important than that! Doh I'm such an idiot!

    Thief OP? Better nerf Scourge ... again.
    Hashtag BlameMcLain

  • It would be nice if we had some sort of counter to stealth.

  • Towlie.9168Towlie.9168 Member ✭✭
    edited December 22, 2019
    1. Delete Mountstomp
    2. Delete Desert Border
    3. Delete 3-4 lowest populated WvW servers and add them to other servers (same language).
    4. STOP RELINKING. (anet literlly cant control the population and if the try its a mess anyway. SO JUST STOP RELINKING and the community will balance it by itself)
    5. Admitting that alliances was a joke
    6. Get a communication goin with mainly wvw-players (min. 1.000 world rank) to share ideas and discuss.