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Pepperseed Event Will Not Progress

The Help Pepperseed deliver Zephyrite supplies to the Forge event in Thunderhead Peaks will not start despite all the pre requisite events/tasks being done.
The prerequsite events/activities have definetely all been done as I have sat there and done them myself, the NPC correctly states what has/hasnt been done but even when everything has been done Pepperseed still does not spawn to allow the Escort mission to begin. I've sat in the map and repeated all the events for several hours at a time and Pepperseed has still not spawned to continue onto the next event.


  • hathreyn.4138hathreyn.4138 Member
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    Ran into this issue tonight while playing myself which is frustrating. As you can see from the posted images all the conditions were set for the event, but the Wasmaa event just kept spawning every 20 minutes and the chain progressed no further.

  • What is the status on this? I am facing this issue too at the moment. Tried it on 2 different maps. As stated above, all prerequisite are fullfilled, but Pepperseed is not showing up.

  • It's still happening. Everything is ready but Waasma's event still happens every 20 minutes, and Pepperseed is nowhere to be found despite being "ready" according to Supply Foreman Alan.

    What bothers me mostly is that according to another post, there have been known issues with the Pepperseed event chain since... like January? Doesn't give me a ton of hope to see this fixed to get the achievement, unless it's some unrelated bug in the same event chain.

  • This is -STILL- happening. I'm beyond angry that all the mind numbing grinding I've done for vision is being blocked by this kitten.

  • Bump - still not fixed. This sort of thing really discourages achievement hunters like me from playing the game.

  • This is still happening and blocking Vision progress since we can't spawn the "Defend the Zephyrites from the Branded" event for the "Vision of Action: Thunderhead Peaks" update for "Visions of Thunderhead Peaks" unless we can escort Pepperseed first. Supply Foreman Alan and Sayida both say that the Pepperseed escort is complete. Every 20 minutes the Waasma event will pop and regardless of if it gets done or not, Pepperseed never shows up again.

    If it makes a difference, this was on IP

  • Bump, IP 62 for me as well. Only rarely do other IPs open, usually in evening NA times. Also apparently the event does actually happen when the map "resets" at weekly raid reset time. 3am EST I believe, I'll try it out tonight and see what happens. But everyone make sure you submit tickets until Anet decides to fix this bug.

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