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  1. I enjoyed the restoration of a feeling of progression. Masteries from S3 onward became a meaningless exercise of something I maxed immediately because I had an excess of points. Worst case scenario was an hour or so grabbing unbound/volatile magic to level the mastery. IBS brought back a small feeling of goals and choices. This game needs more of both.
  2. It would take a lot more than a few bags of unidentified loot to make me want to do these instances again. If running the new achievements taught me anything, it's that the story, it's delivery and the pacing of the early s2 missions is objectively poor. DRMs are built from the ground up to give a focus on what GW2 does well, it's combat. While they occasionally miss the mark, there was very little in the couple hours I spent rerunning the S2 missions that approached what I would call "fun". I will however, happily run DRMs on CM a couple times a week. Put
  3. They don't rely on benchmark numbers to create comps. Comps are created based on the situational value each class brings to each specific boss. The only players who tilt based on Golem numbers from speedclear guilds are players for whom these benchmarks are largely theorectical and use them to further arguments powered by Dunning-Kruger
  4. If you weren't expecting this nerf you were living in a dream world.
  5. Nope Anet is jingling the keys to distract us from a content draught. Giving us a free legendary amulet for doing old content is the plan.
  6. Obviously. But the precedent set with this release didn't involve the JP, nor collecting map currencies. It's clear they are planning to just hand over a legendary amulet to everyone for just doing the story, a few events and mining a few nodes as a method of on boarding people into the Armory and jingling the keys to distract from a clear content drought.
  7. No it wasn't. It was a game marred by awful PVE balance. It was plagued by hackers and botters in a way the even this game isn't. Despite a truly aggressive content delivery schedule it was not growing it's audience. It was a game that was in such bad shape that the people who loved it most, the developers, took it out back and put a bullet in it's head. They were unable to paint themselves out of the corner that some of their questionable design choices had put them in and rather that solve the issues of balance, security and popularity within the framework of the
  8. Imagine being a cheater and whining on the forums about cheaters.
  9. what is your TTK on the Security Golem HP using trailblazers?
  10. Let me get this straight... are you complaining about the viability of a racial elite?
  11. Someone else started a thread the other day about celestial but not focussed on Ele. I cooked up this Ele build. [&DQYfJSU5ODcAFnQA9RVNATUXHAHLAFABEheWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=] Pretty sure it's absolutely viable and fun in Open World though I haven't given it my usual tests yet. Here it is soloing a HoT hero Point (though one of the easier ones). Gameplay is a bit scuffed as it was my first time on the build, but it's really survivable. Has decent TTK on the champ and allows for quite a few mistakes.
  12. Any game that allows you to resell cash shop items on this in game market. So like... lots of them
  13. Hot Take: This isn't as bad an idea as the people dog piling on you might think. While the drop rate you are suggesting isn't super wise, I think a drop rate similar to that of Black Lion Keys for a 100 Gem chest isnt a terrible idea. Most games with MT currencies are far more generous with handing them over as in game rewards and it doesn't drive them broke. It is a proven method of onboarding people into cash shops. I know if I had spent all my Gems and had 100 of them suddenly drop I sure would be more likely to open up the Gemstore, see what was there and potentially spe
  14. Ya'll are truly showing what a great community this game has to a new player. 10/10 peepee contest.
  15. Even "in addition to the current RNG"... the results would be the same.
  16. This depends highly on what you mean by "pve" and assumes you can only have one gear set If you are playing open world or regularly testing yourself against harder content like champions or soloing big events like Crucible of Consecration, then yes, the trailblazers if optimal. If you plan on getting into any form of instanced content like Strikes or Fractals, the vipers is by far a better option. If you are in the position where both are not an option I would start with the trailblazers and farm OW metas until you had the money/currencies for the second set and move on t
  17. Tell you what. Put up a poll that says "Should The Infusion be awarded after 1000 completions of Dragonstorm?" And make sure one of the options is "1000? are you kitten Crazy?" and lets see what the response is like.
  18. @Mungo Zen.9364 Thought I would contribute. Went with the full cele including runes of the weaver in the spirit of the thread. Gameplay is a little scuffed, first time on the build. Fortunately the stats on the gear allow for a few mistakes. I will call this viable, and while I didn't actually check I am reasonably sure it can kill an Orr trash mob in less than 20 seconds 😉 Gear is in the vid. Here is the build. [&DQYfJSU5ODcAFnQA9RVNATUXHAHLAFABEheWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=]
  19. Buffing everyone by 10% absolutely increases their rewards.
  20. Condi Soulbeast is probably one of the more viable builds for soloing open world Champions currently.. In my signature is my Youtube channel including a build I put up yesterday that comfortably solos a desert bounty by an average skilled player such as myself, with some scuffed gameplay and a couple of wrong trinkets. Alternatively search Youtube for Lord Hizen's build that shows him pretty clearly soloing a legendary bounty on Ranger and is hampered only by the old lag issues that used to plague the Desert Highlands map.
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