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  1. Of course it is. It's the reason that the people promoting like this are unable to post on the forums, reddit or the bigger Facebook groups ect. Anyone in this thread arguing it isn't RMT or trying to tell you that you don't know what RMT is are just playing semantics likely because they support it. But the real question is this: Have you reported them for it? Or did you think a passive-aggressive forum thread would do the job? Because asking if it is RMT, when it clearly is seems a little shady to me too.
  2. An observation: Your poor grammar, word choices, punctuation and sentence structure have your posts, at times, bordering on gibberish. Half of just about every post of yours I have read in this thread degenerates into some barely understandable "word soup". Not trying to call you out or say I agree or disagree with you, but if you spent a little time polishing your thoughts before hitting Submit it would really help.
  3. The FF Community and the way it's Stans push this game on every other MMO's website with posts like these really is the number one reason not to touch that game. Seriously tired of cloaked commercials like these.
  4. I'm sure plenty of people who have completed this JP are gainfully employed with families. Casual/=potato
  5. I have tried it, between the slow pace of the combat and the god awful community evangelizing the game every chance they get (like you just did) there are a lot of other games I would rather explore.
  6. I think that shining a bright light on this weak content with the "return to" acheivements has really dampened my enthusiasm for the game. Season 2 was among the worst content this game has offered. There's maybe 3 interesting instances in it. It's filled with lengthy poor attempts at characterization (often done soly in text boxes). The dialog is often so cliche' that it becomes self-parody. Waving a legendary carrot in front of me to get me to run it has not increased my enjoyment of the game. This idea that the studio would double down on this kind of recycling of old
  7. If crafting/lifeskilling is an important part of your MMO experience, this is not the game for you. The only relevant function crafting has in this game is that occasionally there are rewards gated behind it.
  8. This silence on this topic should be the big tip off that there is indeed a kitten in the salad.
  9. Because this community has been so very understanding when it's inflated expectations have been confronted with reality after the hype bubbles burst.
  10. The short answer is "yes" condi builds are generally better for this. As for the why: 1. Trailblazers Gear. Condi damage builds lose much less in their damage output from running this or Dire Gear than a power build will for offering comparable toughness and vit via something like Soldier's. 2. Secondary Sustain from traits like Parasitic Contagion, Predator's Cunning or Dance of Death. Traits like these offer healing based on condi damage done or vuln applied. There aren't many viable power based solutions that approach these trait's effectiveness. 3. Superior Rune of Tor
  11. How much do you think you should be rewarded for a trek or doing a "race" as a quagaan, or dogpiling 30 people on Trillia in front of the crafting stations in Ebonhawke? The quality of the content is the issue, not the rewards.
  12. Obsi shards are much more efficiently farmed for unbound magic on s3 maps or Karma in Orr. As was pointed out, the way Drizzlewood has devalued materials, these bags' return isn't nearly as lucrative as it used to be. The return off gobblers is capped per day and objectively trash. Dragonfall and Drizzlewood both fit these descriptions but offer a much higher return on time invested.. WvW "ktraining" has not been a thing for years. With the addition of pips to the game mode without adding them to EotM, the map is empty. Standard capping of objectives doesn't off
  13. I think matchup threads get deleted in pretty short order 'round these parts.
  14. Thanks for clearing that up.
  15. I see a lot of people recommending Silverwastes. I was under the impression to make a decent amount of gold with this you needed a specific level alt and to be fairly careful with how you were handling/processing your loot. Is this no longer the case for some reason? If so can someone explain to me why that is? Because as far as I know Silverwastes is pretty average gold per hour unless you are opening specific bags on an underlevelled alt.
  16. A large part of the shutdown of CoH/V had little to do with the performance of the game. One of the former developers was pretty candid about the fact that Paragon had been given a significant amount of money from NCSoft to develop a sequel and that the funds were not used for that, that they were instead used to prototype other games. When NCSoft found out they canned the studio. Lets also keep in mind that the private server was in operation almost immediately after the shutdown and operated for years in secret based on not only server code that a developer had passed to a promin
  17. Oh good... another "I don't like how other people dress in my video game" thread.
  18. Did any of these events work correctly in the past? Weren't each and every one of them bugged?
  19. The one who isn't playing the game regularly. Understanding why people arent engaging with the product is of much greater value than understanding the pretend dissatisfaction and faked consumerist outrage of someone who clearly is.
  20. Didn't you make a post not so long ago about why you were quitting the game? You did. Given this, why should the developers be interested in your thoughts on the future of the franchise, when you are clearly not going to be there for it?
  21. Thanks so much. Glad you have been enjoying. Got something new going up today
  22. Sweet... Intermission... I was getting overwhelmed by all the old content.
  23. There was a time when this was true in MMOs. This game's current audience, however. won't stand more than two wipes before saying "not worth it", going to farm Drizzlewood and putting up a post on the forums that equates challenge with bad design justified with the misuse of the word "casual". You can see this attitude in this very thread. The issue is not, as you maintain, creating some kind of safe space. The issue is about making a spoiled and entitled playerbase happy, when they argue 40g an hour for spamming autoattacks and laying full dead at meta events is "how the gam
  24. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Converter
  25. Running this mix of Dire, Trailblazers and Carrion gear is a big part of your problem. The Carrion is specifically a suboptimal choice. The Sigil of Corruption provides negligible value against a boss without constant adds. In this encounter the proc off the sigil won't last long enough to be of constant value during the Boss Phases. Plaguelands is an objectively better elite in PvE than Ghastly Breech. Replacing Dessicate and Well of Darkness with at least Epidemic, to trivialize the Portal Groups would be much better quality of life. Signet of Undeath would get you the Life Force
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