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  1. As someone who completed this collection (and used competitive reward tracks in additon to farming Sandstorms) I will say only this.: In all the unfun grind I have ever done in this game, the big weapon collection was perhaps the least fun. It completely tested my love for this game. Don't do it. The reward isn't worth it. Get the skins you want and move on.
  2. If you can buy your way around it, whats the complaint?
  3. Longbow is for power. Shortbow is for condi
  4. I never had to grind a meta over and over to max my IBS masteries. The only thing I "grinded" in IBS were: Drizzlewood. I did that by choice because I wanted the otter. Strikes. I did that by choice because I wanted the cape. There were enough achievements in IBS that I never had to do any of the ones I felt were a grind just to max my masteries.
  5. Thief does not hit this level of healing without going pretty much all in on power damage and crit rate. You don't get this kind of self heal without (or pretty close to) 100% crit rate and a butt load of power damage. This means it cannot leverage a gear set with any more sustain than Marauder's. A massive chunk of Power Scrapper's "self heal" comes in the form of barrier, which is constantly disappearing and is only really sustained in situations where there are enough adds being cleaved to keep the barrier up at a decent enough level.
  6. Power ele has access to the exact same traits that make Condi Ele viable for sustain. The actual difference is the Trailblazers Gear and runes.
  7. Actually your Original Post started with a complaint about Ele's sustain. 4 of your suggestions in the OP are directly related to sustain.
  8. So you are soloing Balthazaar HP and you believe there is something wrong with your sustain and your spec needs buffs? Come on now. We all know that the few builds that can seriously outperform Condi Weaver (Renegade Souldbeast and Scourge) as a soloist are busted. This is not a problem with Weaver's tuning. This is a couple of outlying specs that are overperforming. You don't balance a game around those specs, you nerf them (as Anet did this week). Power creep is unhealthy.
  9. As a soloist, Trailblazers Condi Weaver and Tempest are near the top in terms of durability. Traiting Written in Stone from Earth and the Signet as your heal will grant minor small self sustain . This and the Trailblazers armor is more than most people will ever need for staying alive. They are absolutely amazing solo builds that can handle just about anything you throw at them. Here is a link to my Condi Weaver Build Video. Do take a look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xca2bjdb-pY While these builds do not self sustain like Condi Rev, Condi Scourge or Power Scrapper,
  10. I enjoyed the restoration of a feeling of progression. Masteries from S3 onward became a meaningless exercise of something I maxed immediately because I had an excess of points. Worst case scenario was an hour or so grabbing unbound/volatile magic to level the mastery. IBS brought back a small feeling of goals and choices. This game needs more of both.
  11. It would take a lot more than a few bags of unidentified loot to make me want to do these instances again. If running the new achievements taught me anything, it's that the story, it's delivery and the pacing of the early s2 missions is objectively poor. DRMs are built from the ground up to give a focus on what GW2 does well, it's combat. While they occasionally miss the mark, there was very little in the couple hours I spent rerunning the S2 missions that approached what I would call "fun". I will however, happily run DRMs on CM a couple times a week. Put
  12. They don't rely on benchmark numbers to create comps. Comps are created based on the situational value each class brings to each specific boss. The only players who tilt based on Golem numbers from speedclear guilds are players for whom these benchmarks are largely theorectical and use them to further arguments powered by Dunning-Kruger
  13. If you weren't expecting this nerf you were living in a dream world.
  14. Nope Anet is jingling the keys to distract us from a content draught. Giving us a free legendary amulet for doing old content is the plan.
  15. Obviously. But the precedent set with this release didn't involve the JP, nor collecting map currencies. It's clear they are planning to just hand over a legendary amulet to everyone for just doing the story, a few events and mining a few nodes as a method of on boarding people into the Armory and jingling the keys to distract from a clear content drought.
  16. No it wasn't. It was a game marred by awful PVE balance. It was plagued by hackers and botters in a way the even this game isn't. Despite a truly aggressive content delivery schedule it was not growing it's audience. It was a game that was in such bad shape that the people who loved it most, the developers, took it out back and put a bullet in it's head. They were unable to paint themselves out of the corner that some of their questionable design choices had put them in and rather that solve the issues of balance, security and popularity within the framework of the
  17. Imagine being a cheater and whining on the forums about cheaters.
  18. what is your TTK on the Security Golem HP using trailblazers?
  19. Let me get this straight... are you complaining about the viability of a racial elite?
  20. Someone else started a thread the other day about celestial but not focussed on Ele. I cooked up this Ele build. [&DQYfJSU5ODcAFnQA9RVNATUXHAHLAFABEheWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=] Pretty sure it's absolutely viable and fun in Open World though I haven't given it my usual tests yet. Here it is soloing a HoT hero Point (though one of the easier ones). Gameplay is a bit scuffed as it was my first time on the build, but it's really survivable. Has decent TTK on the champ and allows for quite a few mistakes.
  21. Any game that allows you to resell cash shop items on this in game market. So like... lots of them
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