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You should sell cosmetic, alternate skill effects. Grinding Gear Games sells A LOT of them.

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This doesn't work as well for GW2 as PoE because most skills in PoE starts out visually distinct already while many skills in GW2 share animations. PoE uses a common "casting a spell" pose for many spells but the spells themselves have a distinctive element such as Flameblast's circle and Storm Call's markers.

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@Sinful.2165 said:I really love the alternate spell effects available in PoE but wouldn’t that be tough to retroactively program into a system like GW? Admittedly I don’t know much about their engine. Would love to see this kind of thing though!

Yes, it would be incredibly expensive to add this. It would require very large scale changes to the client, server, databases, network protocol, etc.

It is a good idea, but I think highly unlikely to happen due to that level of work required, but shrug.

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I'd spend gems for spell effects, customized phantasm, etc.

Whoever doesn't like it should be enabled to protect his/her nerves, frame rate and load time in the options, just as it is implemented for [My | Other Player's] Unique Items Sounds.

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@Malediktus.9250 said:

@Malediktus.9250 said:sounds like it would ruin WvW and PvP even more

If they cared about that then they shouldn't have introduced outfits either.

You can turn on standard models in pvp/wvw, so unless it is the same for animations it will be terrible

and then realize you've shot yourself in the foot when you run across multiple mesmers

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