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Do you use build templates?


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@BunjiKugashira.9754 said:Yes, but imo the build template in ArcDps isn't very good. It often fails loading legendary equipment when you changed stats, it can't load runes or sigils into legendary equipment and you have to click your build in 5 categories before you can load it. I'm hoping ANet will implement their own build templates.

It loads upgrades into legy gear perfectly fine and you can shift click if all 5 (or less) categories are named the same to select all at once.

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Do you use build templates?(1) Don't care(2) ANet make your own

What was wrong with...

  • Yes, I use ArcDPS and its templates
  • No, I use ArcDPS but not the templates
  • Other: I don't use ArcDPS.

Or, as @ReaverKane.7598 suggests (by implication)

  • Yes I use ArcDPS & its templates
  • No I use Arc but not the templates
  • No, I don't use Arc, but I would use templates if they were in the game (instead of in a 3rd party use-at-own-risk piece of software)
  • No, I don't use Arc and I can't imagine using templates even if in the game.
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Yes I love it but its annoying that arc breaks every few updates and you need to wait. I am tired of game crashing after every update.I am also scated something can break.It's ArenaNet fault. Someting so important should be in the game already...In the worst case : buy it from the creator and tweak it if you are not capable of creating your own.

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I use arc, both for dps overview and log analysis post fight.

I use arc build templates very regularly per day/hour. It's the only way to reliable and without going insane switch between power chrono, mirage and tank/support chrono or core warrior, spellbreaker and berserker as well as druid and soulbeast. Without arc templates, legendaries are simply flashy ascended items (due to how clunky it is to change stats and runes/sigils).

Even classes without legendary items, arc templates makes life a lot easier. Support Scourge to condi Scourge, Dragonhunter, condi Firebrand and heal Firebrand. I even use it to switch Daredevil to Deadeye and back, even though those 2 builds probably share the most gear and traits/utilities in the game.

I wish we would finally get an in-game template system. Both to not have to rely on arc as band-aid as well as maybe a more comprehensive system.

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Not sure exactly how much my vote counts. I have used ArcDPS, but am not using it at the moment since I uninstalled it a while back and haven't re-installed it since switching to more casual content.

Still, I tried out the template add-on, but never really used it much and uninstalled it for the same reason I uninstalled ArcDPS: I got tired of crap breaking with every patch.

I'd love to see ANet implement build templates, but third party solutions are a pain in the ass because they will always eventually break or require additional fiddling to keep updated/in working order.

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