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Update From the Guild Wars 2 Team

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@zealex.9410 said:Are we going to hear at any point about these unannounced projects, whether they have been cancelled and such?

Its reassuring to hear that you guys got our back on gw2 but a number of us is scared for the future of the studio and gw2 becomes less and less relevant over time.

No pressure ofc and i want to thank you for the update nonetheless.

People got let go be side they cancelled the unannounced projects to downsize and focus on GW2?

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Thanks for the update, I guess what most people want is a roadmap, however, would it be so hard to guess whats going to be in it?

We still have:

  • Warclaw release
  • 2 stories from All or Nothing: Requiem (assuming those didn't get cut)
  • Episode 6 from Living World season 4
  • Mike Z just literally said:

"The next episodes of Living World are already in development, Swiss tournament support is coming to PvP, we’re looking at more WvW events coming soon, and the return of the Super Adventure Festival is imminent. Our long-term plans for the game like World Restructuring and large-scale improvements to quality of life are still in the works."

Seeing he is using the plural form, we can assume episodes 1 and 2 are already in the works for Living World Season 5.

Assuming the same cadence in releases; Living World Season 5 will launch in 2019 and end somewhere in 2020, again assuming 6 releases during the season. After that it's anybody's guess. Expasion number 3? Guild Wars 3? Full closure on GW 1 and 2, because by then NCSoft decided to close it all down?

Who knows....., guess we will have to wait and see, but the timeline for the next year isn't that hard to imagine.

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Thanks for the comments and clearing some things up for us, i like many would really like to see an answer to elephant question in the room regarding expansions as soon as feasible. Please clarify is this is in your long term plans for the game, we're not asking for deadlines or time commitments we just want to know if it's coming down the pipeline so we know the game is going to go on past the living world updates.

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Thanks for the update! Most of us wanted more GW2 but it's still a shame that your unannounced projects were cancelled and it's gut wrenching that several of my favourite people were laid off.

But you've still got an incredibly talented team and I'm excited to see what you do next.

Is there any way to steal MO away from his CEO duties and get him back on design? (:

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Thanks for the update Mike. Hope the GW2 team gets back on its feet again after the shake ups.

That said, I have to echo the statement that a roadmap for 2019 would put a LOT of minds at ease regarding the future for all of us. Other games in this genre have put out statements just like this recently and it has done wonders for morale upon the playerbase and gives people a reason to keep playing, but also a reason for old players to come back for features they always wanted. I'm sure you have heard it a hundred times but communication can often separate a good developer from a great one, so dont be a stranger.

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Kind of feels like a rephrasing if what’s already been said, with the main difference being a preemptive attempt at controlling expectations with the current contents release schedule. Understandable, but disappointing. And acknowledgement that they may be more open to communicate as things settle down, which would be appreciated. All in all though, if you take it for what it’s worth, feels like a general rephrasing of the previous update but with an actual name attached to it. I can’t say that it quelled my doubts any, though. But it’s still soon and there’s a lot of work to be done so the only thing to do now is wait and hope that the current content in development isn’t too impacted by this, and that those content releases give them the time to restructure and work things out in the background.

So, thanks for the update, even if it doesn’t really say anything new. It’s a step, and to be fair, probably the only course of action that can be taken at this time.

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Dear Mr. Z,

Once things have settled down enough in a week or two, would it be possible to get the names of the new team leads, and what teams they're in charge of? With so many known people gone, and others moved into unknown positions, ANet feels rather "faceless" from this side of things right now. I think it would help everyone to start to feel reconnected if we knew who we're talking to when we address an issue.

Thank you.

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