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@Katastroff.1045 said:I just fail to see how hyping up content that's already being successfully done every day will help revitalize that poor dying POF expension. Dont get me wrong, i'm happy to see such events added to the game. I just feel that Anet is stretching it thin.

I find it really hard to believe you honestly think POF is dying. Excluding meta-events that need some work (they still get done, just not casually) just a day ago per the daily, there was an almost 24/7 bounty train going on and tends to be the case every time a bounty event crops up on the daily. POF get's plenty of traffic.

Things like the meta-events needing some polish is true but it's a gross exaggeration to say the maps are dead or dying.

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@"Derigar.7810" said:


  • Dungeon Dash: Running a dungeon will now award a special loot-box at the end that gives a certain amount of dungeon loot, other than the token of the dungeon you're running (example: you're running Ascalonian Catacombs, complete it, and get a chest with every dungeon token EXCEPT ascalonian tears). During your dungeoneering session, you'll get a random boon every 10 seconds so you'll survive the onslaught even better!
  • Dungeon Rush: Completing a dungeon gives a score at the end, and the higher the score, the better the loot! The more events you complete in the dungeons (meta events, triggered events, bonus events, killing monsters, doing side-bosses, etc...) the better your score!
  • Dungeon Surge: During your dungeon adventures, you have an increased chance of monsters dropping special loot and items. Completing a dungeon has a chance to drop ascended gear with dungeon stats!


  • Raiding Spree: Complete raids daily for the amount of time this event is running, and get good loot every time you do it!
  • Raiding Training: For new Raiders, if this is your first time completing a raid boss, you get triple loot! For experienced raiders, if you're in a squad with at least 5 new raiders, you get double loot!
  • Raiding Nightmares: Re-complete challenge mode raids for all of their rewards!


  • Core PvP/WvW: Everyone can only use core profession builds, and reward tracks get double points (excluded for ranked). WvW is only open for Core professions! No
  • Nerd Brawl: Everytime you enter a PvP match, you get a randomised build! WvW is affected as well.
  • Wet Noodle: All stats in PvP and WvW are reduced by 50% for this weekend.


  • Super Fractals: Get double the amount of instabilities per fractal, but get triple the amount of loot!
  • Fractal Fractal: You can complete every fractal map (instead of only 3 random daily ones) and receive the daily loot for every fractal you complete.
  • Reliquary Fractals: Triple all fractal relics you receive. Gain a chance to get challenge mote loot from fractal dailies (from fractals which were NOT challenge motes)

Open World

Let me start by saying that I'm incredibly thankful that you're giving the PoF maps the treatment HoT maps got after release. The expansion truly needs it!

  • Improved Morale: Gain more Magic Luck and character stats the more people are in your party. Max of 5 people. Squads only give a bonus up to 5.
  • Super Loot: Every meta event you complete gives you a chance to get a box of Ascended trinkets.
  • Great Tokens: Completing a meta event gives you a box that makes you choose a map-specific currency. (The box would be like this, but the amount of tokens would be significantly lower )


  • Jumping Weirdos: Completing jumping puzzles give a special loot-box upon completing.
  • Adventuring Heroes: Completing Adventures and getting bronze, silver or gold give a special loot-box upon completing. All activities will be uncontested during this event.
  • Active Creatures: Playing Activities award you tokens. Spend these special tokens to get fabulous rewards! All activities are unlocked during this event.
  • Guild Lovin': Guild Missions give actual good loot when completed during this event. Guild Missions award extra guild tokens (or whatever guilds use as a currency to build stuff/upgrade stuff with).
  • Messy Crafting: Gain extra experience when training your crafting skills. When crafting, there is a 25% chance you won't use any resources.

I was going to post, but then you had every idea I had plus.

So yeah, @Irenio CalmonHuang.2048 , that. Do some (or all) of that.

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Crafting week: a bunch of special, limited-time-only recipes become available for a week. They'd require resources that are currently way too prevalent in the market - bolts of gossamer, silver bars, T1 materials like tiny totems, tiny scales, weak blood, etc., ley-infused sand, mordrem lodestones, piles of putrid essence, and most importantly: airship oil, auric dust, and ley line sparks from HoT metas.

I guess you could craft boxes or something.

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I'd love some kind of event around Fashion Wars! A lot of us love collecting new cosmetics, so a reason to organize in cities to show them off would be awesome.

  • Theme challenges with the city voting on the winner. Both individual and group contests!
  • A runway event with various poses in our action bar. Like the Sandswept Isles fire event but more flamboyant!
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Y'all should be usin' your heads. Obviously we need achievement that tracks how many times you've defeated Tequatl the Sunless and 1,000 defeats give you the title 'The Sunless'. (Please I'm a Tequatl Hoard hunter and only use Sunless skins for my Thief/Holosmith givemethis)

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Oops! We mixed up super rare with sorta rare and didn't notice until we left for the weekend. Good luck with your infusions folks!

Hey, who let the raid doors open? What's Deimos doing in Hoelbrak? What's this weird chess board about in Lion's Arch?

Anybody remember the last time we put gathering glyphs on the trading post? A year? Yeah, maybe we should put those on again. Bet they'll sell well.

Member that time when there was a weapon making contest and the top three turned into fairly easily acquirable achievements? I member. Do it again.

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@Pifil.5193 said:

@"Irenio CalmonHuang.2048" said:While the team is working toward the release of Episode 6 and the future of Guild Wars 2 development, a few of us are building out a stable of bonus events. You’ve already seen the World vs. World weeklong bonus event with no down state, and the Queen’s Jubilee Boss Blitz weekend, but soon we’ll release other bonus events. The first iterations of two of the planned events are complete, and we have two more in active development. Our intention is to run these during times when there are no major releases, and reward players for participating.

The first of these events, World Boss Week, starts May 6 and will run until May 13. During this week, all world boss kills in core Tyria zones will reward a Bonus Box of Goods in addition to normal loot drops.

The second event, Meta-Event Rush, will start a few weeks after the World Boss Week.

OK, so first of all, thank you for telling us this, secondly what kind of timeline are we talking about for Episode 6?

If the first of these events, "World boss week" will take us up to mid May, the second event will start "a few weeks after the World Boss Week" and
we'll have Episode 6 (which would probably be June)? Or will Episode 6 come a few
months down the line after the other two bonus events you have in active development are released?

Also, "Queen’s Jubilee Boss Blitz weekend"? I haven't logged in for a week, I heard about the WvW week but what did I miss there?

Here you go: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Boss_Blitz!_Defeat_all_the_champions_in_the_Queen%27s_Pavilion#Notes

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New rewards would be nice. I'm not a fan of infusions because of how they stack, are used (no infusion slot in wardrobe), and their price. Currently, infusions are pretty much the endgame reward. I'd like to see us move away from them unless significant changes are made.

If you could maybe make a banner/backpiece or even capes that would have specific content on the backs would be kinda cool. Beat Shatterer 1000 times, get a purple one with electricity on it. Diamond Legend in WvW? Badges of honor pour from yours. That kind of thing. Each event just giving me more of the same (rewards), even if at an increased level, doesn't really entice me to play those events.

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Hey Anet! Glad to see u are finally investing in the game :) I think some of issues you guys should be focusing on are:Revamp of world bossesRework of loot tablesPOF map metas rework and looting, since they are terribleDungeon rework - still played...yet u do nothing. MMO without dungeons is not a MMOA nice to have would be to open raid maps, jungle ones for example, to players so and have raid like fights but with big zergs :) players learn raid mechanics, raid people dont mind and everyone is happy

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Hi! I'm a big lover of the Path of Fire meta events, but they suffer from some design and reward issues that make them unappealing. The latter is made significantly worse because Unidentified Gear were devalued since last update.

Would it be possible to look into some of these metas? Some minor QoL in addition to loot improvements?

Desolation and Augury Rock metas spawn at random times, making them hard for a commander too coordinate. Meanwhile Serpent's Ire is a bit unpolished. (lightning strikes as soon as meta ends, difficulty is compounded on second phase),

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more secret implementations in form of easter eggs a good example would perhaps be proceeding the Shadowstone mystery and everything besides of it without saying too much, also add titles that would be secret to obtain and wasnt really connected to be any leads to it until someone just random stumble / Discover it within the game.

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Anything to bring about surges in certain maps, perhaps? Like a “Season 3 Week”, where everything (XP, karma gain, magic find, etc). Is doubled in all maps released during season 3. And you can apply the concepts to other seasons, expansions, or by regions of the world

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I agree with several of the suggestions that have already been made.

  • The Marionette fight was good fun, and I'd like to see that return. If there are odd logistics for the open world map, perhaps something like the recent Current Event rift instances could be used to isolate the event.
  • Something to do with dungeons, particularly if there are incentives to do the less popular paths and/or to include players who have never completed a specific path.
  • Silly events, like the "moas invade Queensdale" suggestion that was given (among the rewards could be a moderate increase in the drop rate of Slab of Poultry). Sometimes it's nice to just have a bit of goofy fun.
  • Guild missions update/debug/incentives. I don't know if the scope of this would be best suited to these kinds of events, or if it would be better to do a larger overhaul, adding guild hall updates that would unlock new missions in HoT and PoF maps. There's some real potential there for the explorers among us to do an HoT Trek and a PoF Trek. There are also a few places that could hold a Guild Rush in each region, and perhaps room to explore any ideas that were kicked around for the original Guild Missions but were cut for whatever reason.

A few I didn't see anyone suggest already:

  • A collection event to read books and scrolls throughout Tyria, the prize for completion of which could be that home instance bookshelf to store various books that has been long desired.
  • A "Kidding Around" collection to talk with various NPC children/cubs/saplings/progeny. Reward could be a novelty or tonic item selection box, so people could choose one they didn't have or one they could sell if they already had everything unlocked.
  • A Polymock launch event. Ideally, Polymock would be available long-term, possibly as one of the Daily Activity rotation. Prizes could use the existing Black Lion Miniature Claim Ticket functionality, either directly or as part of a separate ticket/vendor.
  • Bring back Moa Racing in Lion's Arch in some form.
  • A Swap Meet event to let people trade various currencies for other currencies. While this would probably break the economy if it were available all the year around, a one-week swap every now and again (annually?) with whatever limitations kept it from spiraling out of control, I think would be very well-received.
  • An HoT collection that requires completion of each of the four metas, as well as things like the Vinetooth and Potoni and items/event completions in the LS3 maps, with a final prize of that never-released Noxious Pod home instance node. The usual 10k magic plus 50 gold for such nodes could even be sunk by requiring 5 items purchased from vendors for 10 gold and 2000 unbound magic each as part of the collection.

I'm looking forward to the updates to the PoF metas, and hoping that means they will become more predictable.

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The rift system is great for introducing back old content due to it being tied to the mists. The old content being replayed there cold be explained as the mists seeping out through these rifts and replaying stories from the past. Or make it as you have it in Jahai Bluffs where you have bubbles where old stories are on repeat and spawn events in one of those. Either of those solutions shouldn't be too much work.For instance you could easily use it for Marionette fight. You spawn a rift, give a map wide message with map marker and spawn the old event.

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Sound like very cool events, especially world bosses one.:) It's afirst step of making them more rewarding.

I perfectly agree with @Skotlex.7580 .

suggestion: dopplehanger is a great event, it could count as a world boss where the boss is ourselves. THIS is the best meta of PoF, nothing rival with Auric Bassin which one is top notch.

I'm also for Jumping puzzles rush event, but then, add a no mount zone to all jp. Can only be good since jp have poor rewards. (Doing chalice of tears for 4 empyreal fragments and 2 green gear? Bleh unmotivating.)

Finally, for the worst annual event, queen jubilee, can we have greater rewards? Could be nice to have some ways to get ls1 items like blade shards, scarlet grasp and spaulder (Since the mordrem merchent in durmand priory is useless now!) also, why within the gauntlet, we don't have aetherblade, molten allience, toxic allience, crazy watchworks? Since that event is one of the oldest? New players will never know what happened in DR in the past: twisted watchknights, apocalypse... Scarlet popping in DR....Why not adding new opoments, they should have archives about frizz, scarlet, etc...

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@Katastroff.1045 said:

@Katastroff.1045 said:Meanwhile in the POF maps:

Arent Anet in the middle of a publicity campaign for Path of Fire?

Irenio literally mentioned improvements coming to PoF meta events in the OP. Few weeks after the World Boss Week event.

I just fail to see how hyping up content that's already being successfully done every day will help revitalize that poor dying POF expension. Dont get me wrong, i'm happy to see such events added to the game. I just feel that Anet is stretching it thin.

Then let me explain:

I've been running Maw of Torment and Junundu Rising daily now. Every single day, it is the exact same stuff I have to deal with. What would normally constitute a commander's horror story everywhere else in the game is par of the course here. There's a colorful cast of characters where the actors change, but the roles don't.

  1. The qualude guy. This guy is wandering around The Desolation in the midst of an existential crisis. Everything this person says is dripping with "Oh woe is me." See, this guy is going to need a week's worth of therapy to convince them to cooperate in an event, but he'll spend his time wasting mine with lamentations about how the game is dying and nothing is worth anything anymore. They'll refuse to follow directions, get frustrated as soon as one little thing doesn't go their way, and throw a public tantrum demanding I prove the worth of every event in the game.

  2. The illiterate guy. This is the guy who feels the need to join your event and try to get loot, except he doesn't read map chat, local chat, party chat, or squad chat. If you send him a personal message, maybe he'll respond to you. This poses a problem, because both of the metas in the Desolation have strong scaling. See, you can fully complete Junundu Rising with just 3 people (one at each collection point) and Maw of Torment with just 6 (1 at each lane for pre-event, 2 for the portal spiking portion). The crucial thing is to spread out. So, when I give instructions in map chat and squad chat, I say "spread out to the 3 different lanes" and "spread out to the 3 different collectors" and "need at least 1 person in each lane" over and over again. Of course, this does nothing. I get 4 people who crowd my tag, and nobody else in any lanes. No matter how much I talk, plead, and scream at these people, they don't cooperate. Sometimes they'll get mad and leave, and that is a preferable outcome to them staying around and messing things up.

  3. The hijacker. This guy "joins" the event only in the weakest sense of the word. This guy is an utter n00b, who thinks the best time to ask me 100 questions and beg for everyone to run off to do his thing is when I'm neck deep in forged. This is the same guy who's content to lie dead in the sulfur rivers and beg for help. He sparsely pays attention to what is going on, is generally incompetent, and spends most of the time whining that we aren't doing the events he wants and instead doing mine.

  4. The ch00by fr00by n00b. Now, one thing to note is that none of these guys are any good at the game. When I say that it only takes one person to solo the lane defense, or the escort, or the sulfur collection, that's a technicality. What I mean is one person of serviceable skill level or higher. Those kind of people do not go to the desolation to do events. They don't check the LFG, either. No, what I have to deal with are all of the others. Whatever person haphazardly happens about in this all but abandoned map is who I have to work with. Normal players have moved on to the living story maps for their daily grind. What I'm stuck with are players with RNG builds and a poor understanding of the game overall. I've seen these players run up and get bodied by a vet, whereas I simultaneously fight 3 vets at a time in glass cannon gear. This isn't me bragging. If a PUG doing this event isn't one of the above 3, then they're the 4th. Without question. They so inexperienced and incapable that they're unable to follow directions. Worst part is, they're insulted when I give them instructions, so they remain indignant in their stupidity.

Meanwhile, the HoT metas are done consistently and reliably multiple times each day. It's so easy to command those that most people don't bother with it. They just tag up and let people handle the rest. Clearly, Anet knows how to make meta content that works. They just didn't for PoF, because instead they listened to the wrong people. That can be changed by adding a few simple things:

(1): A set timer(2): A larger telegraph on the map to indicate when it is happening(3): A cache of rewards at the end of the event.

Suddenly, all of these problems go away. Then you get large groups of seasoned players who can do the event easily, and all of these PITAs that I'm stuck with get lost in the torrent of capable players.

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See if you can include also Dry Top to some event. That map doesn't have a "real" meta (not sure if the sandstorm can be considered a meta) nor world bosses (well, a legendary, yes, but very few people kill him, not worth the time). Farming 5k geodes with 4-5 per event is quite boring nowadays, for an old map.

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@"Urud.4925" said:See if you can include also Dry Top to some event. That map doesn't have a "real" meta (not sure if the sandstorm can be considered a meta) nor world bosses (well, a legendary, yes, but very few people kill him, not worth the time). Farming 5k geodes with 4-5 per event is quite boring nowadays, for an old map.

That map need something big for a long time, it's fun and so but, besides daily events and helping a newbie guildie to get the queen, there is nothing to do.Make a raid boss spawn there randomly, make it permanent. What you say?Or add a bounty board? I'm trying to suggest things that won't require too much work.

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