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Returning player want to play a petcaster. Which professions to pick?

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It depends.Do you want a single cool pet that you have some control over? Go Ranger.Do you want an army overwhelming enemies by sheer numbers? Go Necro.

Other professions have some pets too, but none of them are permanent.

Edit: All professions can have a kinda permanent pet (at least while in combat) by picking golemancer or ogre runes.

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@"Seravajan.6805" said:Returning after 3 years of absence. I would like to play a pet caster. Ranger, Necro and in some degree Engineer have some sorts of pets.Which profession is a recommendation and being fun to play?

Some Question:

  • What type of content are yo looking at/aiming at ?
  • What type of player are you? (going to hunt achievements, learn every fractal inside out, try to be the bestest in pvp, going to sit and gank every enemy you see in WvW, explore the vast open world, jump the worldboss train? Really going to kill all 3 heads of the wurm at the same time!)
  • How important is the "caster" part ? (necro is more caster type, ranger more weapon based, but druid can feel casty)

Essentially, it's easier to answer you if we know a bit more about what you want out of the game.

But if in doubt, pick ranger.

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Pets are a hallmark feature of the ranger, they have by far the best pet system.Having said that, if you require a caster you may also want to check the Elementalist. They can temporarily summon one or two earth, fire, water or air elementals. Especially the earth elemental is nice to use as damage sponge.

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Reaper with "Rise" or Scourge and other minions, blood magic (life steal style) fit you well, can't go wrong with necro, not in open world exploration, story.

Depend on how you define "Pet", condi mirage with staff or scepter probably one of the most fun and enjoyable class to mess around in open world, this one is not an easy class to learn but with a bit of practices and tricks clones might hold aggro for you in short period of time and never actually run out of clones.

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It's basically a toss between necromancer and ranger.

Necromancer for a small but less controllable pet army.

Ranger with a wide variety of animal pets of which only 1 will be active at any point in time.

Both are great at exploring and open world content.

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