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Are Revenants the Lovechild of

Crab Fear.1624

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IIRC the devteam state at some point they the class's mechanics trace themselves back to GW1 Ritualists that could channel the power of ancestor spirits (read: use bundles). In the much the same way, the Revenant channels the power of certain spirits.So in terms of crunch the engineer is Ritualist MK2 while the revenant is in terms of fluff more Ritualist MK II.

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Out of all the professions Revenant is the most like the Ritualist thematically. We wear blindfolds, have heavy connection to the Mists, we channel Legends while Rit was using the ashes of Canthan heroes, we invoke spirits as Renegades, third eye is our icon and Champion Ritualist is our title.

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Hmmmmm dunno. If my revenant was a regular power rev i'd probably say yes - child of ritualist and assassin.

However as far as it goes, I suspect more than 2 persons were involved in that affair. With either warrior, ritualist, assassin or necromancer being very loose female.But heeey, it could have been much worse. cough Ventari cough

P.S Dwarves are cool dudes too mmkay

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