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Which Profession is the easiest to play?

I'm a returning player (from a very very very long time ago, before the first expansion) and I have a lvl80 boost and I'm not sure which profession to use it on. In your opinion which Profession is the easier to play?


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    You can use the boost to test out the profession. It's not consumed instantly, you're transported to Silverwastes and you can stay there as long as you like trying out the profession and builds (no elites though). When you leave, you are then prompted to either cancel the boost or use it.

  • some easy classes are probably necro, ranger and guardian.

    i suggest u go with guardian. pretty straight forward. lots of builds u can choose. and guardian is always needed in endgame content.

    but i think its better to not to use the 80 boost. leveling manually will make u get to know ur class better. u could get overwhelmed with the skills and traits.

    getting to lv 80 is not a long way. u can do dungeon to make the progress faster. or if u have tome of knowledge then u can def use it.

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    If we are just talking random PvE then IMO necro - or more specifically the reaper - is still the easiest profession. It's very forgiving and can hit so hard with autoattacks that champions in shroud feel like normal mobs outside shroud. My dps build hits around 10-20K on autoattacks with perma quickness. It's also easy to shift toward more sustain even using the same gear (I have 3 builds in my templates, shroud dps, sustain hybrid and full sustain MM).

    Now if we're talking specific places like sPvP, WvW, raiding etc that's a whole lot more complicated.

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    Rabid's Mirage. Tons of damage and sustain just standing spamming dodges and two-three skills.

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    Broadly speaking, I'd probably say Warrior, Ranger, Necromancer, and Guardian, in no particular order. Ranger starts to get a bit more complicated when you get to elite specialisations. Necromancer will probably give you the smoothest time in open world and story, while guardian is probably the most versatile of the four for high-end PvE (although most groups will appreciate a warrior for banners, and if you can master both druid and soulbeast ranger does well in high-end PvE, but see above comment about ranger getting more complicated with elite specialisations).

  • Personally I found Revenant to be the easiest. Specifically the herald with the Battle Scars traits. It is low maintenance, has great self-sustain, and good at giving itself boons.

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    It depends on so many factors. Many said ranger is easy. Well it is true for some open world builds. But for high end pve where lvl80s gear and skill matters the meta dps soulbeast or druid can be quite difficult to play... Druids got many mechanics to do in raids and high responsability. While soulbeasts got long cast skills which lock you in place and are easily cancelled or interrupted making you lose half the dps. Same dragonhunters: easy to play hatd to master due to animation cancels, standing in hitboxes etc... Meanwhile pdps weaver is very easy to play in terms of rotations for some ppl while others find it difficult.
    Experience with a class diminishes the difficulty. Pick whichever class you like and master it. For me easiest is power chrono. I play it since I've started gw2.

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    As you can see, opinions vary broadly. There is no right or wrong answer to your question.

    The easiest profession is always the one you have the most practice in playing.