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Future Potential WvW-centric Balance Changes - September 6th 2019



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    @Virtuality.8351 said:

    @Mak.2657 said:

    Power Lock (Mantra of Distraction): This skill now requires you to face your target and respects line of sight.

    Big question for me. It saved me many times when I run away and interrupted chaser's incoming boost or CC. In other words it will be a big decrease (unjustified?) on defensive part of skill use.

    Line of sight is not equal to character orientation. I believe you will still be able to hit your opponent behind chasing after you, as long as there are no solid objects (objects with hitbox, e.g., a tree, a rock or simply terrain feature) between you and your opponent.

    Current notes also state “face the target”... if you are running away you are not facing them. I just hope they make sure to make the charges not be consumed if the target cannot be seen or is not in line of sight, because being able to waste a charge simply due to a small rock in the way, or an elevation change, or the enemy suddenly moving to one’s flank could end up completely ruining MoD. Also, MoD is not even a problem in the game when Chaotic Interruptions is not Immobilizing the target. This is an example of nerfing 3 elements to try and to remove a single “abusive” interaction that is already being removed with their changes to CI.

    I can accept LoS and facing target for Mantra of Pain... because it does feel odd to use a damage skill that hits enemies instantly while running away from the enemy, but MoD doesn’t need that because it is not an offense skill so much as a utility skill. Distraction is about controlling or disrupting an enemy, not actively harming by itself, if it had a small damage component as well then it might make more sense to have facing requirements, but then it doesn’t make sense being a disruption tool as much then.

    Personally I feel Mantras of Pain and Distraction would be best served to have a flight time bolt that pierces attached with a very fast flight time, but one that can be avoided at above 800 range. Any closer than 800 range would be very difficult to avoid by any other method than a near instant response with a port. This would make facing mostly irrelevant for MoD or MoP, and allow them to hit multiple targets in a different way... perhaps allowing them to hit more than 5 targets and bring them into more usage in Zergs.

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    Fix Renegade's Soulcleave's Summit Fire Field bug. Either remove the Fire Field from the tooltip or bring it back to the game.

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    Still waiting for information on Elementalist.

    Broski Supreme - Borsk Carry Effect

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    Few skills need to be fixed up.. since being destroyed in the April 19, 2016 update. Heck a lot more needs to be reverted but I'll accept it will never happen. (Basically rollbacking the June 23, 2015 update would fix a lot of the problems with the game currently... but mostly wvw.)
    Sanctuary: Needs to have NO limit on the number of impacts
    Static Field: Needs to have NO limit on the number of impacts
    Spectral Ring: Needs to have NO limit on the number of impacts
    Line of Warding: Needs to have NO limit on the number of impacts

    (If im missing any basically anything you decided to put a 10 limit cap on making these skills pretty much useless in wvw.

    Edit: Oh also Scourge and Mesmer should not count as a clone/sevant for skills . If a mesmer destroys an illusion its an illusion not itself and when a scourge uses sand shade it isnt a sand shade. simple as that.

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    Reducing Holosmiths Shockwave to 300 is kinda harsh. The animation is slow and clearly visible being that large is great. If you reduce it don't go below 450 at least. Or make it a short range aoe placement leap when you change it to 300 so that one at least doesn't stand still on that position.

    I also don't see need for the Stand your ground nerf.

    Can't judge on chaotic Interruption yet, but aoe interuption of 3 ppl would recharge by 15 sec? That would be really strong.

    In general I would like to see more rework changes. Scepter on guardian could be improved so that autoattacks have a small aoe and hit 3 foes. As well to fly faster so they actutally hit. 3 is also pretty bad with a single immobilize. Engineers Kits could also need some love. And Ele seems to be the forgotten class of gw2.

    Those changes seem pretty small and isolated and the impact is minor. Would love to see major changes to the whole balance like:
    Work at limiting the damage of one shot abilities/builds and skills as well as tuning down buff spamming and condition overloads. Reduce all that power creep. In the same turn rework the stat combinations and limit the access to too much defensive. You never wanted holy trinity back then but you introduced dedicated healer specs and let them even be tanks at the same time, which is just ridiculous. Oh and let's not forget about Dodge spamming, specially on skills that deal good damage at the same time, get rid of that!

  • @Swagger.1459 said:

    @warherox.7943 said:
    I'm glad that Ranger longbow is getting looked at, however it needs more changes. Longbow needs a projectile speed decrease so players can actually strafe to dodge the arrows like you could at launch and in GW1. The current projectile speed means you can barely dodge Point Blank Shot. Sure, there is an animation for it but by the time you hit dodge, you're already knocked back because the arrow moves insanely fast.

    Yeah, nerf longbow! Buff 1 shot 25k malicious backstab thieves and permastealth 1,500 range deadeyes! Give Thief more damage, more evade, more ports, more stealth! And nerf that Ranger longbow real good!

    Longbow is problematic and needs to be nerfed. A lot of other things need to be nerfed and toned down as well as damage is simply too high across the board. Leave the high damage stuff for PvE content but cut the damage by 33% or more in PvP/WvW, especially with auto attacks. Auto attacks should be weak and should also not apply conditions. That would solve a lot of problems.