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Would a digital/online collectible card game ( CCG ) be an option - as addition to GW2?

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I don't want to write that much. We have GW1 being totally different from GW2. GW2 is still alive. A possible GW3 might be a totally different genre. With GW2 still being alive and the main focus I read people in that other thread about "monetizing" talking about NCSoft, their other titles ... and mobile being a big thing nowadays.

I can't see how GW2 itself could go mobile.

CCG are an intersting thing. Blizzard have had Warcraft first as an RTS. Then the same Warcraft universe made into a MMORPG named WoW. Then there cam the card game Hearthstone - with the same setting.

I think such a smilar game could work for ArenaNet. They could try being different than Hearthstone. Or even trying to be similar - and competing with it. They have the great lore/universe that gives nice material for a card game. Also the class/profession mechanics could make for special mechanics for card game player classes. (If I remember correctly - haven't played it a lot - Hearthstone that that as well.)

Now ... with such a card game it would be possible to go mobile. Having it as desktop computer client as well. Either having it as standalone ... maybe attracting new players to GW2 (like a GW2.5) that want to know more about the lore and stuff they only know from the cards they are playing and collecting. (Though probably most players would already come from GW2 to play the game it might get players that never tried GW2 or did not like it ... and pay/play for a card game independently.)

Or ... it might be possible to link it to GW2. Maybe 1 or 2 rare achievements with special cards. (Should be balanced so it would be still possible to play the card game itself without being forced to play GW2 to get strong cards.) Main interesting thing I'd actually see here: Maybe a possibility to earn stuff in the card game that can be used in GW2. Either just additional farmable stuff ... or even duplicates of cards you earn ... that could be converted to ectos or other stuff.

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I don't care about online card games or excuse/option for them to increase monetization. Through, I would like a card game, with every foes/allies of GW2. Collectable, that can be bought in supermarket, a real card game. But if it doesn't happens, will not miss it.

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@Fueki.4753 said:I don't think Arenanet has the resources to spare to work on other things.I doubt it would be able to compete with Hearthstone or the LoL card game anyway and much less with proper TCGs like Magic the Gathering.

Agree. Card game is a different ball game. It is predominantly into GAME BALANCE rather than STORY CONTENT.

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As much as I like CCG/TCG's I'm not sure if it would be a viable thing for ANet to do with the Guild Wars franchise.

For physical TCG, it would have to compete with the likes of MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh, Final Fantasy, Star Realms and the Pokemans.For digital CCG/TCG it would have to compete with Hearthstone, MTG: Arena, Legends of Runeterra, Yu-Gi-Oh, Gwent and Star Realms.

Which makes it hard for such a thing to make a splash and draw in fans from outside of GW1/2 players. While dedicating resources specifically targetting the subsection of existing fans of the series who'd enjoy a card game probably wouldn't be the most lucrative.

From a lore standpoint, they have a plethora of notable characters that they could use as the basis of a card game. Not to mention they can also make Elder Dragon themed decks with Zhaitan's undead minions, Mordremoth's plants and vines, Jormag's icebrood and Sons of Svanir, Kralkatorrik's Branded, Primordus' Destroyers and S...ea dragon's whatever the heck they're minions are. Could even throw in some Human god themed decks too.

So it's not as if they don't have a basis that can fuel a card game. It's just a case of the resource cost to develop and maintain vs how likely it will be to succeed and make a profit.

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Dont make it a CCG/TCG

Make is het a LCG (living card game). that way you can also play it solo, and they can actually put a story in the card game that you alone or together with some friends can play.

Take the card games of ""Fantasy flight games" as an example. ( Lord of the rings the card game, arkham Horror the card game, Marvel champions. ) Thought about this recently and have some awesome ideas. So Arena net, im open for hire ;)

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