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Feedback: Official Living World Season 4 Episode 1 Feedback

Here's the thread in which we'd love you to share your high-level feedback on the new Living World episode. Individual threads also are welcome, but this thread would be a great place to share a synopsis of your impressions. As always, brevity is appreciated, so if you can provide your top comments in under 100 words, that would be great!

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  • If you're sharing story-related comments, please consider using the spoiler tag for comments that may reveal details that are best left for each player to discover on their own. :)

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  • TheQuickFox.3826TheQuickFox.3826 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Nice map design as always. But too bad Kamadan has been changed so much. Curse you Joko! I would have loved some Nightfall nostalgia here, maybe including some references to the trade chat spamming. But I'm only half-way exploring yet. Other than the Kamadan thingie, great job so far.

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  • TheOrlyFactor.8341TheOrlyFactor.8341 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited November 29, 2017

    100 words or less version:

    Story: Where is Zojja? Bring back Zojja. Stop ignoring her and give us an update on her that is not hearsay. Almost quit the game because of the story. Stop busing or trying to bus characters I like. Needs a lot less Rytlock. Stop trying to push Rytlock down my throat. Boss AOE spam in story instances needs to be cut back severely.

    Map: Enjoying the map so far. The pirate renown heart is a bit tedious though. Love the concept of Sunspear raids as a meta. Beautiful scenery.

    Long version:


    I really love the new map. I like the idea of Sunspear raids as part of the meta. It's a lot more noticeable than the metas in the PoF maps. The map is also really beautiful. The hearts (save for the pirate one) are also mostly hassle-free and don't take too much time to go through.


    The story. I almost quit the game because of the story. Anet's really starting to push my patience with the story. For starters, I'm sick and tired of Rytlock. There needs to be a lot less of him. He's not a likable character. He's not cool. He's not funny. He's not redeemable. His only defining character trait is that he's a jerk.

    Also, stop trying to bus characters I like. It's bad enough Anet did that with Zojja but they almost did it with Taimi too. If you're gonna bus or fridge a character I like, then be fair about it and do the same to a character I don't like (starting with Rytlock).

    Finally, regarding the story, the constant "everyone/everything is in danger" grimdark drama story telling is getting really tiring without there being something positive or uplifting to counter it. It's one disaster or catastrophe after another without a real break in between and it's tiring.

    The boss AOE spam in the later story instances really needs to be scaled back a lot. It feels like I'm playing a SHMUP (and I haven't played a SHMUP in a long time).

    Overall, I'd give this episode a 5/10. What could have been a great episode overall was let down by shoddy story telling (once again). My enjoyment of the new map content keeps the score from being a 0/10.

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  • One thing I want to ask people because I can't test it myself, is in reference to a small little tidbit I found in the restricted section of the library. In it, there is a book called "Astralarium" or something along those lines, and when I read it, it said that my character didn't understand the workings of it.

    If someone has the Legendary Axe "Astralaria," do they get different information?

    The way each profession has a unique way of breaking out of prison in the second to last instance is awesome. Please do more of this!

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  • keenedge.9675keenedge.9675 Member ✭✭✭

    I think the difficulty balance in the story was great again. I enjoyed the play through.

    As with other stories, often the first statement of the next character is not spoken aloud. Maybe there wasn't voice-acting for all of the dialog . . . I don't know. I play as a sylvari female. (No quick way to find my alignment details.)

    Side-note: There is no clue about dailies on the screen for Istan.

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  • I am not a big fan of the "Living" World because it's misleading, otherwise Amnoon would have been changed and certain NPC would have been dead. Some changes stay and some changes didn't, it's very inconsistent. But, it is what it is. One thing I like so far though is meeting a certain kitten hero who accompanied my character in GW1.

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  • takatsu.9416takatsu.9416 Member ✭✭✭
    edited November 29, 2017

    I sing high praises for this!! 9/10

    • Absolutely gorgeous super pretty map

      • Love the details in lore, books, adjusting mirrors, secret base, saving people from cages, little things like that
    • Story was A+ with tons of combat, less lengthy dialogue, a good level of difficulty

    • Bosses including in the story instance have a range of mechanics and increase difficulty, they are not too punishing if you make a single mistake, all attacks were easily read and avoidable
    • CC from bosses and mobs was a bit annoying though but this keeps it difficult and you can still take a hit or two (I play glass light armor) but I can imagine with less stunbreaks and evades it would be an issue for some classes
    • I think often players want everything handed to them too easily. if the combat requires some effort, skill, reaction, knowing their class or making builds, or having a substantial group/squad, I see complaints. But that is the whole point of a combat system in Gw2 and for me, this episode was the perfect balance - wasn't too punishing and was still a challenge. I didn't die a single time, though I took some damage, while I did die a few times in the Path of Fire story.

      • Especially loved the final instance and Scruffy fight, which required less just pure damage and more mechanics/puzzle
      • Also the characteristics of pvp ish abilities from bosses and slightly wvw-like use of siege in metas, I enjoy this kind of challenge and more complicated mechanics
    • Meta events are super fun, super rewarding, farmable, and makes a whole lot of sense in the storyline, completed all of them with a full squad and large zerg instance found via LFG

    • I need to try the Raid and Fractals, but their lore context sounds amazing
    • Raptor mount skin was pretty and unique but kind of out of place and does not seem to be worth 2000 gems, I can only find it possible to use on trolly/jokes characters not my mains
    • Legendary focus skin not my kind of thing
    • Visually astounding but also takes a toil on performance during group events

    Overall, an incredible immersive experience that tackles every aspect of the game right - environment, lore, combat, mechanics, rewards, community. Please do continue to make content like this.

  • Matt H.6142Matt H.6142 Member ✭✭✭

    The boss fights were very trying as a sword weaver and likely any melee character. (Had no problem throughout POF story.) They just melt with staff though. Melee = hardmode. Had no idea what a static conduit was in the last fight and the only clue was in the mini map. Lost a lot of time trying to get the turrets to hit the storms.
    Lots of performance issues around Champions Rest (and Amnoon).
    Gorgeous map. Love the north end of the map. Loved the enemy mob swarms. Loved the profession’s prison break.

  • Spurnshadow.3678Spurnshadow.3678 Member ✭✭✭
    edited November 29, 2017

    Good story, good new map, more interesting and engaging story progression compared to PoF. Story is more about character, less about plot but you could go much further here. The villain doesn't need to be some evil voice. Develop him. Map events seem better varied and engaging. different fight mechanics among trash. That's good. New Raid, New Fractal, New legendary that looks awesome. Those are really big deals and your marketing did nothing on that. Feels like you don't have a marketing department. Communication needs to be better in that regard. Some of the raid weapons look awesome. Love to get them but I've gotten burned a ton with the raid community. I feel that some of the boss fights had too much CC. Overall, pretty great release for PvE stuff.

    However, nothing for WvW or PvP. No announcments about WvW or PvP. I played through the story and had a good time, but I'm not gonna replay it over and over. After Nov. 7th, I uninstalled. WvW and PvP is my end game content where I've spent maybe 9K hours. I re-installed for this release. I'll stick around for a couple more days to experience some of the things going on in the map, try to get into a raid, and do the fractal, but after that, uninstall again until you guys get serious about WvW or the next LS comes around. Hopefully for you guys, another game hasn't gotten my attention and retained me.

  • HnRkLnXqZ.1870HnRkLnXqZ.1870 Member ✭✭✭
    edited November 29, 2017

    The auto-save function in the first story instance is an awesome and groundbreaking improvement. Please keep this feature for the future.

    Updates for fractals are highly appreciated. The raid changes, I think they are good. The key-storage solution saved me 3-6 inventory slots on each of my chars, big thanks.

    What I do not get/like ...
    ... why have you abandoned the water-tidal system. It worked great and contributed much to the immersion. It feels like a step backwards.
    ... why you refuse to write improtant/groundbreaking innovations into the patchnotes.
    ... another magic-currency bound to a new mastery-system. And probably more new currencies for the next maps.

    What made me smile ...
    ... the new raptor skin. It.

  • Osby.5390Osby.5390 Member ✭✭
    edited November 29, 2017

    Story 10/10
    Visual effects and Map 10/10
    Lore 10/10
    First Story Instance = too many summoned mobs 3/10
    Last Instance = to long and a bit hard solo 3/10
    no new ascended trinket to farm map currency for = 0/10
    Events on Map 10/10
    Rewards for events, map complete and story completion 3/10
    Renown Hearts = 10/10 like these as they are less painful
    Enemies = 10/10
    reasons to return or play on map after completing 0/10
    Achievements and amount of Achievs 10/10
    Locking new legendary Ring behind a Raid boss 0/10

  • jheryn.8390jheryn.8390 Member ✭✭✭

    I like the rating of this episode so I will join in:

    Story: 9/10 I enjoyed everything about this story except the part of the final instance. It was very long and the trash mobs you encounter felt too over the top for me. I don't mind a challenge, but this seemed to be excess. I liked the instance and the story with the exception of

    Braham. Can't stand him.
    . Also it was a bit long overall. This may sound like complaining but I very much enjoyed the story as a whole and thank you for a good time.
    Map: 11/10. This is hands down my favorite map in game. Not because it is new, but because it is beautiful and nostalgic. A+++ job Anet!
    Events: 9/10. The map is chock full of events but it doesn't feel like you can't take a rest and enjoy the view like I felt much of the time in the HoT maps.
    Humor: 10/10. Kamadan. Enough said.
    Supporting Characters: 8/10. It would have been 10/10 but

    @Drarnor Kunoram.5180 said:
    One thing I want to ask people because I can't test it myself, is in reference to a small little tidbit I found in the restricted section of the library. In it, there is a book called "Astralarium" or something along those lines, and when I read it, it said that my character didn't understand the workings of it.

    If someone has the Legendary Axe "Astralaria," do they get different information?

    The way each profession has a unique way of breaking out of prison in the second to last instance is awesome. Please do more of this!

    It does say something different if you have Astralaria. It says something to the effect,

    This feels familiar to you.

  • I was kind of bummed that there's no ascended trinkets like previous LS3 maps. I was really hoping for a cheaper source of Harrier items.

  • Loboling.5293Loboling.5293 Member ✭✭✭

    Story missions:
    Fun! I really enjoyed it, but I found the early story to be a little confusing.

    Map: Just amazing, one of my favorites of the living world updates.

    Main issues: I really felt like the story is pretty weak. It actually got a lot better as it went, but I didn't really get why this sunspear was so important. I also felt a little frustrated during the final story mission, it felt like my team was fairly useless. And Scruffy shouldn't be so strong. He gave me almost as much trouble as Balthazar...

    Also, any time I play gw2, I think of how bad the meta is in pvp... not related, but hey, I'll mention it as much as I can. (Scourges were the worst design I've ever seen in this game, and firebrands need nerfs)

    Overall: I really enjoyed this release, although, I do hate Braham even more now. If that was possible. The guy abandons us, and then accuses me of letting Tiami getting captured. WHERE WERE YOU BRAHAM!?!?! He's my number 1 on characters I most want to die.

    Praise Joko!

  • Some feedback to the story encounters.

    • You should adjust the wyvern it is such a boring fight. It does nearly nothing except very slow attacks from which you walk away, but has a lot of hp. Reduce the healing of the crystals. It fully heals in 3-5 seconds how are you supposed to destroy them that fast? I have the impression aurene is the actual one killing the wyvern, her attacks seem to deal 25% of its HP.
    • The cave fight ends in like 20 seconds. It is the complete opposite of wyvern. It is not even an actual fight, some trash mobs are harder.
      A better balance between endless HP and none at all would for me more fun.

    • The warden was a fun fifth it is just annoying for melee characters without teleports to stick to the boss. Melee is a safe place because her AoE seems to never hit in melee range. A overall fun fight just maybe a few less teleports in future bosses?

    • The final boss was also a fun fight. A hint how to get rid of the sparks would have been nice, but it didn't took long to ring out, but others might need more time to figure it out. Also I found this boss is also melee unfriendly need the ice fields to stay? Can't just the explosion chill? If the boss is in the chill fields you either take the chill or try to lure it out, but then it probably does the next chill attack. In the end it wasn't clear what to do I thought I had to finish it off somehow instead of just waiting. Oh it seems like the burning from waves is unblockable. But overall I liked the boss and the story of it.
  • @Exsul.5803 said:
    Too many trash mobs around or spawning.

    Those Inquest are actually Sunspears...they never fight alone.


  • Tails.9372Tails.9372 Member ✭✭✭✭

    The map is decent but nothing special, too much CC spam. Same goes for the story, your partners are way too passive. The map currency is pretty much worthless (both of them). Would it have killed you guys to give us a S4 ascended armor set (obviously just one or two pieces per episode) like the WvW one? It's not like ascended armor pieces are hard to come by these days so what's the holdup? At least then the map currencies would have been worth farming. The new batte tonic is nice. I don't like having two foliants for LW.

  • Frostfang.5109Frostfang.5109 Member ✭✭✭
    edited November 30, 2017

    Like it! Interesting, not too messy, story. Lovley Aurene! (Can we plz get a teenage Aurene mini! ...or a dragon skin, similar to her look, for our griffon mount!) Fun, beautiful and enjoyable new map! Not too hard not too easy.
    New fractal is great!!!
    Key chain is awesome!
    Peacock raptor skin - quite ugly :(

    Well done A-net!

  • Tails.9372Tails.9372 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Frostfang.5109 said:
    Can we plz get a teenage Aurene mini!

    Oh come on this is almost the only thing you actually can buy with the new currency, how did you not notice that?

  • I'm still working my way through it, but there was one big disappointment for me - the mastery. The first mastery for HoT wasn't big either, but it did still give a new ability that was used in following maps. Working to earn the right to work and collect a new currency...isn't a great feeling. Especially the way it's scattered over this map.

    Apart from that, I'm enjoying things so far. Especially that first big fight that kicked things off. ^_^

  • I loved every bit of it really. The story was past my expectation when it comes to living world, same for the map. I also had a lot of fun with the trash mobs that many are disliking. So, good work on a quality release Anet.

  • Can GW2 only players have some love too? Why did the fractal had to be about Joko too? Is not enough that we deal with him in the "real" world we need him in fractals too? There is so much stories out there you could touch.
    It seems since LW3 you are just trying to please GW1 players giving them things from the old game. The mursaat, Lazarus, Zinn, Livia.... visiting all the old places.
    I really hope we don't go to Cantha.

  • Tsakhi.8124Tsakhi.8124 Member ✭✭✭

    The first thing I noticed was atmosphere; I told my husband that the Branded Storm would be downright beautiful if it weren't for all the chaos and destruction it caused.
    The Commander (my main is a female) sounds just downright PO'ed, it's like she has this "I'm tired of the BS, let's DO this." mentality.
    I got downed three times in the final battle, only because I was lost and tried to kill the glowing pillar platform thingies floating around the room. Once I understood the mechanics I unloaded on the final boss: Chaos Storm, followed by several fancy Mirage moves. I was going to help my friend, come hell or high water.
    I need more Canach in my life, pls. Also, I'm surprised how calm he was when the Inquest showed up. I felt so bad for him, I felt obligated to protect him (although he technically can't die (?). I actually cried at the last part of the scenario; it was emotional and my eyes were burning from not blinking a lot and it was worth every minute.

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  • Traveller.7496Traveller.7496 Member ✭✭✭
    edited November 29, 2017

    The first instance end fight might be the most unfun Living world instance boss they have ever done.

    Also, the whole storyline continues with the same theme what made PoF combat so unfun too - that you are always the main target for every mob out there and you also have to do the DPS on the bosses. Your allies are there just to rez you. Can't they at least tank or do some damage? It's real annoying having every mob chase only you.

  • D/C in instances are terrible.

  • Sykper.6583Sykper.6583 Member ✭✭✭

    I'll be brief on what was really good.

    The Story and Pacing was superior this time around compared to the 1st episode of LS3, and that was impressive too.

    Keep it up!

  • Athrenn.9468Athrenn.9468 Member ✭✭✭

    Overall, I thought that Daybreak was the strongest Living World release to date and here is why.

    The Big Things:

    The raid, fractal, Living World episode all felt like they belonged together. All three mediums tell a different, yet interconnected story, and that's how it should be. Raids allow us to face challenging foes who deserve more than a quick death in some story mission. The Underworld was the perfect choice of location coming off the story of what's happening with the realm of the Gods. Fractals allow us to delve into Tyria's past and explore the backstories of Living World characters like Joko and the Sunspear dervish who he turned to his side. Fractals also allow us to step into the shoes of other people throughout history and experience it first-hand—something that adds depth to the present day story. That brings us to Living World, the present-day story of constantly evolving episodic drama. In Daybreak, we witnessed the beginning stages of a plot that will affect all of the northern continent's governments equally, and that makes for good drama.

    When all three stories are woven together in this fashion, it feels deep and rewarding to explore all three facets. The story told together by all three mediums is stronger than the individual parts—that's called synergy, and up until now it's been lacking. Keep releasing content like this and you will continue to impress me with the depth of your story.

    The Little Things:

    • In Episode 1: Daybreak, the stakes were both epic and personal. Saving the world all the time gets really boring unless the PC's actions are driven by a personal commitment like the bond they share with Aurene and Dragon's Watch. Stories are all about relationships and Daybreak allowed us to see just how far the Commander would go for the people he/she cares about.
    • In terms of gameplay, the battles also felt epic—especially the skirmishes fought between the Mordant Crescent and Sunspear armies, but also with the Great Hall Warden whose story was told through the Fractals of the Mists. Lots of bodies on screen makes it feel like a real battle.
    • Old characters from GW1 were handled well, giving us closure on Koss's story but also giving us some insight into his odd relationship with Margrid the Sly whose descendant is still running the family business of piracy.
    • The jail break mechanic was tailored to the PC's profession. Being able to solve problems using profession mechanics is really cool and it makes me feel like we're really solving problems with our own skills, not just some convenient plot macguffin.

    That's all I have for now but there were so many little things I was impressed with that I can't even list them all. Details are important to me and Daybreak got it right, down to the little things.

  • I'm glad the nerfs will make playing the bosses easier, when I decide to retry this new release.

  • Cyrin.1035Cyrin.1035 Member ✭✭✭

    Updates to the Currency Wallet
    Astralarium is my favorite location in GW 2 ever. It's beautifully designed. I love the astronomy theme and collection of books and lore. It's detailed and of course, the views from atop its telescope are the best.
    The new map is gorgeous and I love that there are more areas of water and ocean environments.
    Dervish and Paragon NPC's
    The dialogue, info, voice-acting from the Elonians NPCS's
    Seeing Koss again
    Rox with us again. I like her character and she needs more story and more time with the commander.
    The pacing of this episode was perfect. It moved along quickly and yet there was so much content in this episode. Overall it was very satisfying and well worth the wait.
    A lot of action and dialogue. The battles were exciting.
    There was a lot of different sequences and tasks, but none of them felt like they dragged on too long. It was all very well balanced.
    This is a great start to a new season and I'm even more excited now to see what comes next.

    Braham's return - Unlikable character that ruins the excitement of the story
    Taimi's excessive weeping and blubbery

    Overall score 9/10 Another satisfying episode :) Thank you Arena Net!

  • Alga.6498Alga.6498 Member ✭✭✭✭

    - The brandstorm over Amoon was really exciting, it all felt it was all in LA's battle, which was really cool and epic! I really liked this start of this Season as we had to fight against the branded and save the Citizens of Amoon. :)
    - But I LOVED we got back to Istan, soooooo many memories as I am a veteran player/GW1 player and this was such a happy moment for me. As I was exploring here and there I noticed ''Loyalists Paragon & Dervish'' enemies. I was overhyped! Dervish and Paragons are still a thing, and they're alive! :love:
    - Loved that Sunspears are back on track! As Paragons and Dervish sunspears are back too! :)
    - I am so glad we got to know more about the Sunspear, what they were doing and sooo much story of Istan.
    - The inquest was really nice to see in the First city, Fahranur. But they were zombiesssss! :scream: :skull:
    - I liked the improvments of emotes, (when we got handcuffed by Corsair Sadiy- got throw in to the cell as our PC used arms etc), camera movements, (as Warden Alama knocked us out with her Scythe)

    Though, am I the only one who actually wanted Taimi to sufficate inside of her golem? I were literally keep wishing she would ran out of air... sadly she survived, :tired_face:

    - The overrall map was really beautiful and amazing looking.
    - Corsair clans and pirate ships, who dosen't love drunken Corsair pirates and their shady stuff? Glad we saw them, again!
    - Warden Alama (the awakened boss) was so cool, I loved her Dervish abilities skills and new animations ALSO she was using the human gods stances!!!! :love:
    - Beautiful map, specially at the Astralarium, that place was simply beautiful!

    The episode was really good, enjoyed every little bit of it. The theme, the lore, love, love love it! :)
    This episode is probably one of my favorite ones, along with the White Mantle episodes.

    The only thing I hated about this episode is that....
    Paragon and Dervish are back but they're STILL unplayable to us players, as the NPCs got unique abilities and skills of their profession, new animations and new 'weapons'.
    Seeing the Sunspear and the Sunscythe (aswell other spear and scythes in this episode) has been added as staff, STAFF!?
    What the heck, ANet?!
    My point is, Scythe and Spear + new animations + new abilitis skills are used for NPCs and not us, as the playerbase has requested for god how long, atleast us veterans/gw1 players.
    Now that is literally the middle finger to us veterans/gw1 players from you, ANet. You could atleast have added them as sub-classes/mini-mini professions or something.... but anything!

    8/10 - I would've given you 10/10 if Paragon and Dervish were somehow playable and if Taimi would have died.

    | Separatist | Nightmare Court | Inquest | White Mantle | Sunspears | Loyalists | Ascalon | Kryta | Ebonhawke | Elona | Istan | Kourna | Vabbi | Cantha | Luxon | Kurzick | 71 characters | "Rally to me, Ascalonians!" "Keep Ascalon in your heart." "May the Gods protect you." "Be blessed by the Six."

  • The brandstorm over Amnoon was gorgeous, but then the fighting in the first section was too much -- too many mobs and WAY too many purple glowing visual effects. I had a long, hard time finding the crystals I was supposed to destroy because they blended in with all the other effects.

    Overall, though, I feel very positive about LWS4E1. Great map, lots of varied terrain, lots of verticality in map but not too much. Great job of reminding us old players of the glory of Istan. Astralarium looks like what I imagine heaven to be -- beautiful and with lots of books!

  • Coulter.2315Coulter.2315 Member ✭✭✭
    edited November 30, 2017

    Best release so far by miles; lots of mechanics, fun bosses, beautiful map (the colours are amazing), story was good - I really started to feel tension racing to save [spoiler], so many enemies at once was fantastic (Sigil of Stamina Mirage was just a blast - literally). Well done everyone and it was on time as well, big cheer.

  • @Drarnor Kunoram.5180 said:
    One thing I want to ask people because I can't test it myself, is in reference to a small little tidbit I found in the restricted section of the library. In it, there is a book called "Astralarium" or something along those lines, and when I read it, it said that my character didn't understand the workings of it.

    If someone has the Legendary Axe "Astralaria," do they get different information?

    The way each profession has a unique way of breaking out of prison in the second to last instance is awesome. Please do more of this!

    It changes depending on your collection progress. I only had collection 1 completed and it said something along the lines of "it describes how to create a powerful weapon called the device", which is the first level precursor for Astralaria.

  • Kill off Braham and Taimi. Both average characters.

  • Zalani.9827Zalani.9827 Member ✭✭✭
    edited November 30, 2017

    -I like the fact Brahams making a return, hopefully amends can be made soon. Him and the commander need to have a talk to say the least.
    -Taimis voice was well done, 10/10. Shes not normally my favorite but I actually was worried about her with the lines she had.
    -Just saying but please don't go killing off characters because of forum opinions it cheapens the story.
    -Canachs great as always.

    The maps awesome and I love all the gw1 references in it. I had a lot of fun exploring around and reading the book titles.

    All in all Daybreak was a big improvement from ls3, i'm looking forward to the next episodes.

    Jadis Narnia, Sylvari Ranger of [VoS]

    Praise Joko!

  • Cerioth.7062Cerioth.7062 Member ✭✭✭✭

    All new QoL changes
    Fractal rewards and new fractal
    New raid sounds super awesome
    THE STORY!!!! So good. I liked the encounters too!
    Paragon and Dervish NPCs
    New map visuals
    Different factions of the map and how theyre portrayed
    General atmosphere and feel
    How long it was!
    Hearts were really good
    Music. How has someone not said this outloud yet?
    Meta events

    Lack of stuff to buy with the new currency (save for cool minis)
    You-know-who in the last instance

  • Zlater.6789Zlater.6789 Member ✭✭✭

    Hmm I thought it was OK. The story telling was pretty high quality, and very well done. I really appreciate that you also removed a lot of the projectile hate that was in PoF

    There are just still somethings that I feel need a bit of polish:

    • The branded awakened archers feel a bit overtuned
    • The meta events also feel a bit overtuned
    • I would love to see a way point added to the area near the ship meta. Everything there pretty much can 1-hit KO you and it is super annoying having to run back from the wp, even with mounts.
    • The Sunspear assistance things that you can buy in the astralarium also feels a bit under tuned for its cost, I think that needs a longer duration at least.
    • Also before I forget, the story instance where your have to fight that awakened Sunspears lady, can you add a respawn at the start of the fight instead of leaving the respond in the prison. It was really frustrating having to complete the sneaky prison encounter gain when you die.
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