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  • Good. A lot of unique content in each map.
    Good. No map-wide meta event forcing the entire map of players to do.
    Good. Bounties to make champ trains run through each map.
    Good. Fast, concise, well-explained PoF story.
    Bad. Hard to find what other players are doing since I don't know when/where mini meta events are.
    Bad. Moving a squad of 50 to a new map, half the squad can't join because the map instance is full. Then the commander has to spend 5-10 minutes looking for an empty instance for everyone join.

    And that is 100 words. The end.

  • Griffon mount for 250 gold. IS. WAY. TOO. MUCH. ANET!! Why am I, as a customer, PAYING TWENTY MORE DOLLARS FOR A MOUNT WHEN I JUST BOUGHT AN EXPANSION? And that's twenty at the reduced rate, since gold to gems has PLUMMETED from 115 average two weeks ago to around 95 currently. ANET, IF you want to reduce GOLD in game, here's a hint... QUIT HANDING OUT TWO GOLD DAILY. Make the daily reward Mystic coins or high end crafting goods... but make it something saleable on the market.
    I posted a thread "Monetary Fixes" in the original forums. I will create a new version here, just to throw MOUNTS in the faces of all the internet bobbleheads who sneered at me when I created that thread. And maybe THIS time people will LISTEN to someone who does KNOW what he's talking about... since I mention mounts and raising commander buyouts in that thread. And lo and behold, I was RIGHT.

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    @The Last Hobbit.6492 said:



    I just want more. I'd pay for more.

    Just remember POF also includes all of Season 3. Episode 1 of Season 3 is where it all started. If you included all of that there's a lot of content.

  • After reaching max level & finished all achievements, all you've left is champion train ( bounty hunt ) its fun but it gets really boring by time , it almost feels oike uve nothing else to do

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    @mseiei.5128 said:

    • Swap Mounts, it's a great problem that in-combat state for even small mobs (a random crit anywhere) inmediately invalidates our chance to change mount, it gets specially frustrating in scenarios when we want to jump a little cliff and then having a broken bridge in front, (raptor-springer-raptor swap), this is my biggest downside

    You can map mounting to hotkeys. I have mine set to:

    F1 Raptor
    F2 Bunny
    F3 Skimmer
    F4 Jackel
    F5 Griffon.

    You will need to set your default mount (when you press "X"). The key bindings won't change that.

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    @Obby Shards.9365 said:
    Have all mounts maxed, 100% map completion, most collections done. now i just run around in circles. give us actual content

    LOL. Dude. You blast through and then you're like "I need more!" Relax. More is coming. Anet said something like Season 4 of LWS should start in a few months.

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    @calcium.5942 said:
    After reaching max level & finished all achievements, all you've left is champion train ( bounty hunt ) its fun but it gets really boring by time , it almost feels oike uve nothing else to do

    Have you tried for Griffon?

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    Just gonna list the dislikes.

    • Bounties fail too often. Bounty dailies are irritating, because those can't be soloed. For example, yesterday's PvE dailies included a dungeon and bounties, so I had to play WvW instead to get the dailies done.
    • Aggro radius is too large, and repops too frequent. Constant combat takes all joy out of exploration.
    • There's so much focus on combat in the story that getting to the good parts (actual story) takes too long. I'm old, my reactions aren't good enough for the boss battles.
    • Glad to see that renown hearts are back, but they feel like busywork compared to core Tyria.

    Edit: pruned to under 100 words.

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    Ill add some mission like legendary weapons but easier for ascent equipment.

    Firebrand. Is awesome, really thank! But thome f3 need redoo skill 1 and 2 (a bit useless) Healing. need more healing, will be different if can be a celestial meta or something. Celestial fb is very fun but need a bit more of heal plz!

  • bounty boss need a desc for it
    not only take and kill but no why or what he do

  • Significant lore,storytelling,writing and voice acting improvements over any other anet game or expansion.Mounts are perfect,great pacing and progression.Maps are wonderful,greatly improved exploration and side quests alongside lore.

    Lack of a new skinner box farm train seems to anger a bunch of people.Guess they should go play WoW or HoT instead.

    Balance/skills team leaves a lot to be desired after 5 years.More resources into them please.Elite specs are fun but they need to be balanced better.

    Please,more like this,but with instanced content

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    I loved the expansion in terms of world building, content density and overall feel, but have some issues with its longevity. You've already heard the positives plenty of times so I'll get straight to the few things I didn't like.

    Heart quests can be repeated, but there's very little reason to repeat them. I can't buy anything useful or unique from them repeatedly each day as I would a S3 living world map.

    Lack of rewarding map-wide metas means that ultimately I'll be going back to HoT maps in the end. These maps are good for solo farming but really don't inspire me to hang around.

    A lack of unique items to purchase or craft with makes it all feel a little pointless in the end.

    Oh yes, and Holosmith has problems. Hoping for a balance pass real soon.

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    @Yakez.7561 said:

    Space dragod slayer commander at your Service.

  • Great story, world, lore stuff. Love it overall

    "Lack of Meta" : Metas exist but the rewards are laughable in comparison ( For example why do the Vabbi one again after you got the gloves). Bounty trains got the potential to be main pof meta, increase rewards there or do some stacking system where the rewards get better the more bounties you do, something like that.

    Deadeye sucks but thats ok, please dont mess around with Daredevil for "Balancing" purposes

  • Hello. Most of my feedback is about the new Guild Hall and the new Decorations, and I really do hope you consider reading this. I can't sum it down in 100 words as I've already made a detailed post about this on Reddit (and this Forum). Link here I also feel like Developers should hold back more with commenting on low-value posts and start to interact more with players that give valuable feedback.

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    The good:
    -New unidentified items are awesome, simplifies a lot of inventory management and i dont have to individually sell a lot of worthless sigils/runes. Would LOVE to see this mechanic retrofitted to the rest of the game.
    -No vertically designed maps is awesome.
    -Mounts are good, thou griffon should be cheaper, 50g is already a lot of g.

    The bad:
    -You swung to hard from every map is a meta to no map is a meta, no map is a meta + having single map that is a meta, would have been a better compromise.
    -PvP damage was already atrociously high, now doubly so.
    -PvP balance was completely and utterly obliterated and deadeye mechanics do not lend themselves well to a healthy overall pvp experience, it will either fail hard or blow you up from a perch in 2 seconds flat with out you being able to react.
    -Some new trait lines and skills are really sub par and underwhelming, engineer in particular, exceed tool belt skills might as well not be there.

    The ugly:
    -The power creep is REAL. You need a very big, very significant, very big, patch solely dedicated big patch to bringing core specs in line with the PoF and HoT specs.
    -I dont know if the expansion under sold but maps feel empty player wise.

    Conditions need to be normalized:
    1- SINGLE PLAYER conditions stack on DURATION.
    2- MULTIPLE PLAYERS conditions stack on INTENSITY.
    3- REBALANCE condition duration, damage and application.

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    @Korval.3751 said:

    @mseiei.5128 said:

    • Swap Mounts, it's a great problem that in-combat state for even small mobs (a random crit anywhere) inmediately invalidates our chance to change mount, it gets specially frustrating in scenarios when we want to jump a little cliff and then having a broken bridge in front, (raptor-springer-raptor swap), this is my biggest downside

    You can map mounting to hotkeys. I have mine set to:

    F1 Raptor
    F2 Bunny
    F3 Skimmer
    F4 Jackel
    F5 Griffon.

    You will need to set your default mount (when you press "X"). The key bindings won't change that.

    ^ Obviously not an Ele/Temp/Weaver... :)

    The solution to mseiei's problem is: Use a skimmer instead of using a bunny and then a raptor... The skimmer will mitigate fall damage, and then be immediately able to "launch" over the broken bridge. There are only a few places that a raptor will outdo a skimmer on a jump.

    As for my feedback, the only complaint I have is that in the very beginning of the PoF where you have to level the raptor... Mastery Points are a bit (not a lot) more difficult than they need to be. Thankfully, there's a TON of Mastery Points contained in the Crystal Oasis achievement track. Once you've gotten the next mount, whether it be the bunny or the skimmer, they are a lot easier to get.

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    Story = great (amazing)
    WvW = Worse than ever
    New Maps = They feel good. Maybe on the Long run too few Content. Which is not that bad in Combination with Hot Metas.
    Mounts = Great
    Specs = by now at least they feel new. some Need refinement.
    Stackable Items = very nice. pls also implement in the other game modes
    WvW = Please do something about the Servers and the condition. And the wind. Only after that may you come up with new Content for it.

    @Gaile Gray.6029
    Since you seem to be quite active here:

    Can anyone just state anything about what you plan with WvW? Just a slight hint?
    For my part, i feel like the whole WvW is beeing completely ignored since the Launch! That really makes me sad.

  • good:

    • mounts (i like that they have some unique purpose);
    • ui QoL changes;
    • design and graphics;


    • aggro range too big;
    • respawn timer to short;
    • mobs abilities overpowered, like 10sec immobilize, insta ranged kickback, almost instant (coz of added ping) aoe from hydra at your position. It's not challenging, it's annoying.
    • long distance/time to make yourself out-of-combat
    • too often dismount;
    • cant use anything of environment in combat;

    Personally I like HoT maps more

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    • art
    • music
    • mounts
    • story
    • hero points


    • elite specs. Only tried weaver so far and melee sw/d seems to be better with a condi spec. Have to respec first before trying. I’m not found of condi builds, and I’m afraid I
      won’t enjoy soulbeast either because of these.

    • bounties


    • no epic metas. Desolation or Vabbi are perfect for metas.

    Overall, love the new expac. It feels so imersive but I fear it will be deserted pretty fast because of lack of replayability.

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    The good:
    -GORGEOUS maps.
    -Bounty System has a lot of potential.
    -Holosmith's playstyle.

    The disappointing:
    -New events and maps are not rewarding enough. Many people already went back to SW/AB.
    -The story is lukewarm and predicteable. I'd love to see some very hard moral decisions, some bittersweetness and grey areas, not just "We're the good guys, and we defeated bad guys". Also, while i don't mind humor, and "fun" moments in the story, in my opinion it should be reduced during crucial moments. It's very hard to take the plot seriously, if the characters themselves aren't serious about their own mission (Mass Effect: Andromeda syndrome, basically).
    -Holosmith should definitely be given some damage buff in PvE only (as it's already good in PvP/WvW). As it stands right now, it looks like the classic "break your fingers" Condi Engi is still our best build. I was hoping for Holosmith to breathe new life into the class, and i sincerely hope that the balance team does something about it.

    -PoF definitely made a tremendously positive first impression upon me despite the disappointments mentioned above. It's a diamond that needs some polishing here and there to shine brighter than anything that was put into this game before 22nd of September.

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    @Zania.8461 said:
    2. Please add more ways to get the high-capacity bags. If I need to spend 200 pristine fractal relics per bag, fine. At least I'll have a use for them.

    Yes Yes Yes, Please allow this. I have the fractal bags on many characters for inventory organization as I loot items. Although the increased storage space is nice, losing the features of the 20 slot bags does not make acquiring them worth while at this time.

    FREE ports within Not So Secret jumping puzzle! Chest, Dive Completion, Legendary Weapon Collections. Contact me anytime.

  • Like:

    • Mounts
    • Music is always great in GW2
    • Some nice moments of humour

    • Story - I guess after watching Game of Thrones, PoF story seems simplistic and black and white, when the world is actually shades of grey.

    • The game seems to be becoming too moralistic, e.g. refugees at every turn etc., I play GW2 as a form of escapism and don't want to play a game that depresses me!
    • No new SPVP map types
    • Nothing much for WvW
      Make the story dramatic/surprising (some parts are not bad) but less of the moralising and depressing side please! Oh yes, I would love to see more of Taimi :-)
  • Mastery exp rates are off, there has to be a difference between casual and "almost afk". A little bit of exp farm is not gonna kill the game
    Story is: lets try, we cant. lets try again, ok now we can. Feels like a childs' dream about being a superhero Also , everything is too happy, given the circumstances.
    Firebrand: Tomes should stay with the character as visual cues for pvp and original (removed) profession flavour

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    One other thing, sound. Specifically, dialog. Using 'DTS Interactive' optical audio into a receiver. All the vocals should be strong out of the center speaker when you are talking to a specific person, or a group of people as part of the story line, in or outside of an instance. It all seems to be based on how far the character is from the speaker, and the direction they are facing, which is great for ambient sounds and NPCs speaking (behind and to the left, for example, walking through a town, if that is where they are), but when you are in a story, 'reality' needs to be fudged and the voices need to be heard strong in that center channel.

    In the event I don't get a chance, thank you all for the company and help when I needed it from time to time.

  • I really want to say thank you to Anet. The maps are epic, the mounts are epic, the story is epic. PoF is so much fun I was beginning to wonder if there was another story in the tank, it all felt like so much was ending. The epilogue's final cut scene had me jumping for joy that LS4 isn't so far off and that Anet has a plan for further masteries. Great job Anet!

  • So, after finishing story, all maps and mounts: gz, you made a great Living World 3.5, with beautiful maps but no replay value. It's a shame I was waiting for something other than Core Tiria 2.0. Next time try to bring some dinamic events, events with story narative and meta-events+world bosses (which were the best part of HoT, you know). So far I will not recomend PoF to any of my friends as the open-world is very weak and there is no PoF-locked end-game content beyond it. I'll guide them to HoT instead.

  • Can't give any feedback, as I paid for PoF but got no access due a bug and support haven't figured out how solve this yet. :/
    Cry a lot in a corner

  • I like mounts overall, but one thing that could make me love them is if I could switch mounts without dismounting first. Also, this is the second expansion where I've not been able to finish the big boss fight. In HoT, a Rift spawned in an inaccessible area (in more than one try). In PoF, my second party member and I were both d/c'd a few seconds into the cut-scene after the final fight. That really gutted us. We walked away from our PCs for the night.

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    My feedback: needs a mastery for automatically switching to skimmer when mounted with any other mount and coming into contact with hazards the skimmer is immune to.

    Mount juggling is fine, in general, but for whatever reason water in particular can be common enough that this would be something I'd give a lot to have, even more if it could swap back to original mount once no-longer on a surface that benefits the skimmer.

    The poor mans version of this would be to at least automatically swap selected mount to skimmer when on waters surface (where all other mounts are useless), save us a bit of leg work.

  • Awesome expansion!
    Mounts very useful and feel smooth to use except when:

    • Switch from 1 mount to another = 2 actions dismount/mount
    • Entering combat because of the 2 actions (I want to use mounts instead of waypoint but entering combat when switching makes me use waypoints again)
    • Jackal can’t teleport through a tree or small obstacle?
    • No dismount mid-air with griffon although it’s sort of a glider? I can understand you can’t dismount the other mounts such as springer but griffon works a bit like a glider
      Still love it!
  • PROS
    +Great story, which is also a great prelude for further Living World Story Chapters
    +New Elite Specializations
    +More focused and condensed than HOT, which is really good
    +Maps are bigger yet are easier to traverse
    +Hero Points and Mastery points are more accessible yet offer challenge
    +Progress is faster than HOT
    +Item Rewards
    +New map visuals and weather effects

    -Mob AI and Path finding is ABYSMAL (just play Beast of War story campaign as the best example)
    1.Too many times mobs just becoming INVURNABLE or just doing constant EVADE
    2.Aggro and attack range too high
    3.Mobs attacking and disengaging and attacking againwithout rhyme or reason, again creating cases of point 1
    -Damage of enemies in POF is not consistent, too many burst and/or spike damage from nowhere. Example: 75% of your 11-14k HP disappearing in 2 sec doesn't leave many time to react.
    -Still too many times you get CC-ed to death by mobs. **Either you can't revive at all or when yes you are CC-ed again leading to death again. This essentially creates the scenarios where 1 error = Game over. Please either add diminishing return to PVE for CC-s or give us Stability buff after another/same CC effect within 5 sec.
    **-Too many of the new specializations revolve around support.
    Overall it is not an issue but next time please consider the already existing roles for classes. Like giving the support guardian another support oriented role is a bit of an overkill.
    -Next Time please prepare additional servers for launch day. Biggest issue was when you lost all your progress for the last 10-15 minutes after crash.
    -Scourge nerf before launch was / and still is a complete disaster. Nerfing a class in PVE because of WvW??? Only affecting 3 targets? That's a new low........

  • Likes:

    • Mounts. I personally love the Springer and the Raptor.
    • Mount abilities (e.g. long and high jump) and dismount skills (these are cool)
    • Kormir's library
    • All Elite Spec except Renegade
    • No sign of Braham


    • Renegade
    • Not seeing all the gods
    • Aurene stealing the power of a god from me, just like Kormir did in GW1
    • Latecomer Jory

    In the beginning...there was Tarnished Coast...

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    Overall I'm thrilled with it. Most of my observations are consistent with what others have said so I won't belabor them. Particularly good ones for me: First map allowed for a more relaxed play while I got the feel of things. Subsequent maps became more challenging...I like that progression. Mounts - well done. Art work - fantastic. Some down sides (relatively minor, all things considered): mob density in some areas, aggro range in some places. I use the qualifier "in some places" because these issues didn't seem consistent...just in some selected spots.

    Bottom line, well worth the purchase price.

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    Hello Arenanet.


    Amazing. Can't fault these at all, they're incredibly good fun.

    STORY (Will try to avoid spoilers)

    Kinda weird how Mr B was deadly one moment and then.. not? Generally good fun, though I did want some kind of epilogue with a certain asura for more of that delicious dragon theory.


    Incredible work. The dynamic events are really well done and I really like exploring everything. The range of different environments is like really impressive.


    First of all I want to heap some general praise on the area artists; All of the maps in season 3 were amazing and really showcased the incredible talent of the people you have working for you. This skill was further demonstrated in Path of Fire, to the point that it almost felt like a brand new game and not the Guild Wars 2 I know and love.

    With all of the niceties out of the way, I hope that his feedback makes its way to your development team because I'm really disappointed with Windswept Haven.

    Don't get me wrong, the initial 'wow' of it was very high. The intricate Elonan architecture, the vibrant colours, the cute stables (very cool) and the nice water areas are all very nice features.

    But it is small. Worse than being small, it's also looks like a ruin.

    We've come from a level 69 Lost Precipice, which while a refurbished ruin did at least look functional by the time we poured over 20k gold into it making it look nice. Given that the Path of Fire Maps are:-

    More detailed
    Heavilly based around exploration

    ..I kinda expected a lot more of this hall. Now that the initial shiny has worn off, it feels more like a downgrade than an upgrade.

    The nice market area of Lost Precipice is gone, replaced with one building. The new tavern has no bar at all (compare this to how good the Gilded Hollow bar is) and now Nate's just kind of stood there. Virtually the entire of the tavern is dominated by the massive fountain.

    Lastly there's virtually no room for the placeables we spent a fortune creating for the other hall. It's all so cramped, with very little floor space and outside it's nothing but water or sand dunes. In my opinion a fully upgraded hall should start to look at least functional; there are ruined spires everywhere, very few buildings and some of the nicer spots don't have any clear paths to them. Even after our upgrades, it still looks and feels like a ruin.

    I'm really enjoying Path of Fire. You guys smashed it out of the park in many areas, but the whole design of Windswept Haven is a big disappointment.


    We've been doing the same ones for years. These have never been changed and they're getting really dull. I was hoping that we'd see an upgrade in this area with PoF.


    My main has four different sets of armour. 1 for PVE, one for WVW, one for raids and one for Fractals. I have four builds for each of those.. and changing between them all is a nightmare. Please let us save our configurations and assign a custom name so we can just click to change everything. :anguished:

    I'll leave it there though. Overall, 8/10. There's a lot you've done right with this and it's a really rich addition to the GW2 world, there's still a lot of things the game is wanting for me though (more things for guilds to do that isn't inaccessible raids, more guild hall placeables).

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    For the most part I have been very pleased with PoF. I love the idea behind the mounts, and the availability of the Mastery Points. However, I do have some complaints.
    1. Aggro range of mobs. Many are ranged and can have my character dead even before I can figure out what mob is aggroed to me. This is never fun.
    2. Mount/dismount animations make me nauseous, and are unnecessary.
    3. Mount handling: I find it fairly sloppy, and exacerbates the motion sickness for me. Skimmer air/water distortions, Raptor sway, and Jackal's pause>blink all fall into this nauseating category. I know I am sensitive but I can't imagine I am totally alone in this.

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    Mob difficulty
    - As someone who doesn't play the meta and actually has some gear with vit and toughness, sometimes I feel like I'm wearing cardboard armor...
    You said our heroes would feel more powerful, you didn't mention the enemies would too.. 10/10 bait.
    Conditions - Yea.. we get it. You want to TEACH your player base to learn how to deal with conditions and not ignore them, but some of the condition heavy mobs
    spam harder than your 40sec condi cleanse can handle, let alone trying to pick some lentils and getting hard CC spammed by a pair of hydras >.>
    Mob aggro radius - To be fair, this has been a problem since Bloodstone Fen.
    Mounts - While not all bad, I learned from gliding that the only reason this is exists is to turn more of world exploration into a jumping puzzle. In small doses it's fine
    but can get annoying at times. There's no real identity, character development or story for most of the mounts, which basically makes them reskinned
    Zephyrite crystals. And the "surprise" griffon mount..
    Story - While I liked the design of a lot of the story instances, the story itself feels very disjointed from LS3. Most of Dragon's Watch is absent for the majority of the story
    and we basically follow one arc the entire time. It could very easily be just some other game. Many "boss fights" introduced mechanics but are overtuned even
    when playing like we're supposed to. Instance crashes.. And I have yet to figure out how Aurene flies the entire length of the known map in the span of a few
    No significant balances, revamps, or QoL to already existing builds, encounters or nearly any other aspect of the game.

  • JTGuevara.9018JTGuevara.9018 Member ✭✭✭
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    ANet, I am impressed. Path of Fire is SPECTACULAR. 9.5 out of 10.

    Story: Excellent! ANet, I am impressed. PoF is the best thing you've ever written in gw2. An RPG needs a good story and PoF delivered. Consistent, engaging, good story turns. I was in it, start to finish! Great job! This is a clear improvement over season 3.

    Content: Mounts are great! Initially, I thought we were only getting Raptor, never mind the 3 others! I would've been happy with just Raptor alone! I like the bounty system, although I think the rewards should be a bit higher. Maps are unique, I like how the design and terrain incorporates mounts. (Desert Highlands- Springer, Elon Riverlands- Skimmer) The lack of world events are not an issue for me, I like that there's no "meta". (Hate that word) The only issue I have is certain mobs: Forged Vanguard and Sand Sharks, they have too much AoEs. You can't really range them, never mind melee them.

    Art: Beautiful as always. Middle-eastern/African themes, environment and music? Check!

    Replayability: Absolutely! I beat PoF last night and I will play it again and again! It is that good.

  • Reduce enemy aggro range and spawn rate, make mounts mountable while in combat. Armour are to hard to get and haven't even seen any insignias or recipes for them? Overall though I'm loving everything else.

  • Pros

    1- Maps breathtaking, very good job there
    2- Mounts are amazing and a excelent add on to the game
    3- Story and lore are the best i ever see in this game so far
    4- Epic stanced histoy fights
    5- New elite specs are awesome!


    1-No META epic events like HOT dragon' Stand
    2-bounties are cool, but dont replace world boss
    3- Low replayability, because repeating those hearts are boring and again, the epic metas events could fix that

  • @Cyrin.1035 said:
    PoF was the best experience I've had in an MMORPG in a long time.
    The story was well expanded, explored, and executed. Everything was rich with lore and detail. The maps are beautiful, diverse, and pleasant to be in. Love the Weaver and Soulbeast elite specs. The mounts are the best addition to GW 2 so far and have been implemented so well and seamlessly. I love all the surprises, the attention to detail, the humor and ambient life everywhere, the music, the masteries, just EVERYTHING. All of it done so well down to the smallest details.

    The only suggestions I have are with the depiction of villains in GW 2. Particularly with the main villain of each major story arc. Mordremoth and Balthazar are unfortunately that cliche, power-hungry, self-flattering, predictable, one-dimensional villain that always says "YOU WILL NEVER DEFEAT ME!!!" Zhaitan was done very well, where it didn't need to remind us how powerful it was or taunt us throughout the story. It was just a force of nature and was actually intimidating.

    I was surprised to see Balthazar depicted the way he was, and for me at least it certainly discredits him as a choice for a god to choose at character creation for human characters.

    Other than that, I am so happy and satisfied with PoF. Thank you Arena Net and all involved.

    Agreed on the depiction of villains. It gets tiresome when all the villains are one-dimensional. This was one reason I loved Faolain and Caithe, as they had deeper reasons for going against the grain.

    I wonder what's here.

  • @Tyncale.1629 said:
    Mounts are great, they are all I hoped them to be. My suggestions on Mounts would be to make it so that you instantly switch from one mount to another by pushing the appropriate button, without having to dismount first. If you think that this is too powerful during combat, you could disable that in combat and just let people dismount instead of switch when in combat. Also, Bunny could use a bit better control because positioning is so important with it. I feel the start-up acceleration of mounts is at fault here: for the bunny this means that moving tiny amounts is almost impossible. Either you hardly move, or you overshoot. For other Mounts this is not really a problem.

    The maps are beautiful and varied. Actually much more diverse then the HoT maps. But they really could use some Meta events next to all the cool stuff that is already there. I feel Mounts are fast enough to cover the maps quickly without needing too many waypoints. However, this could become more of a problem if Meta events were to be implemented. I think Meta events will keep the zones better populated which would also be a win for people who are not so much into Meta events.

    Mounts can be toggled to walk and this allows the Springer to move more precisely, although more slowly, if you just need to position it for a jump.

    I wonder what's here.

  • Vagrant.7206Vagrant.7206 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I was hoping PoF would shake up the way the game plays for engineers with holosmiths, in PvE and PvP.

    Instead it's worse than base engineer. I'm about done with this game. You got my money ANet. Are you happy?

    The great god Lagki demands sacrifice!

  • Good:
    1. Excellent story with a good ending
    2. I was septic on mounts but now i think they are amazing
    3. Beautiful maps
    4. Tons of lore
    5. tons of achievements and collections
    6. Unidentified gear is amazing and if possible, they should be added to already existing systems
    7. best content i ever played in GW2

    1. new recipes use the T6 leather, making it even more expensive
    2. core mesmer/mirage with low power dps in PvE. even if mirage is more of a pvp spec, pve core mesmer should be buffed
    3. Mirage ambush skill icons are hard to see in the skill bar. they should at least have a different color to distinguish them from the regular auto-attack.
    3. since HoT, Reaper has been used as a condi dps instead of power. In raids everyone use combo fields and they imitatively overlap reaper fields, making Reaper useless because it relies on chill finishers for a large amount of it’s damage
    4. the griffon mount makes gliders useless. they should at least be similar and/or have their place. Gliders feel boring now, without "joy of movement"
    5. some mobs have too much agro range
    6. we still didn't got mobs with boons, making boon streaping builds useless in pve again

    PS: please, for the love of kormir, don't make silly mount skins. Abaddon, geomancer, sheet music, celestial rooster, magic carpet gliders are immersion breaking.

  • accelerated.3581accelerated.3581 Member ✭✭
    edited September 30, 2017

    1. Great Elite Specs - Only touched Firebrand and Soulbeast, but both offer refreshing playstyles which is always welcomed here.
    2. Mounts are leagues ahead than my initial expectations - Initial thoughts on mounts stemmed from my idea of mounts from other MMOs.

    The hidden mount was a great decision to be implemented silently - Leaving the discovery of the mount to the community was a move in the right direction.
    1. The new maps are tremendous and offer incredible levels of detail and immersion
    2. Story was an improvement to Living World Season 3
    3. Achievements seem fleshed out
    4. Unidentified gear system was a good addition
    5. Bounties are a nice implementation
    6. New guild hall's a treat

    1. Story super predictable - Cliche hero story, and writing felt empty and blank. Pls get better writers kthx.
    2. No map wide metas - it's a big tone down compared to Heart of Thorns, however there should've been a middle ground between the almost dormant PoF maps and the ever Meta flowing HoT maps
    3. No sense of Story/PvE replay-ability - After the achievements are earned, there's no real incentive to return to either the maps or the story, there's no 'quirks' to the story when playing different characters/races. Bounties become useless once achievements/collections don't call for a kill.
    4. The guild hall capture event is scaled high too easily.

    EDIT: Grammar.

  • I've been loving the mounts, they are great fun.
    I would like to see a quick switch between mounts on the mount hotbar. It's infuriating to have to dismount, click your hotbar, select a different mount, and mount up again, sometimes getting attacked in the process stopping that entirely.
    I also found myself gated for mounts early on by mastery points. I needed different mounts to reach mastery points in too many areas but I needed points for my last level in raptor. I found myself scouring the wiki to find where I can get that one or two points without needing another mount, so that I could get another mount, resulting in much frustration.
    A seemingly petty thing. When you first verse Balthazar, he binds you in place and wrecks your face. My problem was you couldn't escape it. I used my escape abilities to no avail and then went "Oh, ok. I'm supposed to die at this point." This felt pretty cheap from a design perspective. At least let me escape the bind before being one shot so I still feel like I'm playing a game by pre-established mechanics.

  • Just a flesh wound.3589Just a flesh wound.3589 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited September 30, 2017

    The events don't scale well or they're set up for larger numbers than my solo playing.

    I tried to do an escort. It was just me and the NPC's. The first wave of mobs that arrived were a combination of vets and regular mobs, about 4 of them. One vet alone or 4 regular mobs is doable but not a vet and his friends for one solo player. And then I tried to do another event where I freed prisoners. I managed to free 3 of them while killing 3 or 4 vets and several regular mobs but the remainder of prisoners were in in the back of the room with more vets and more regular mobs. Trying to get back there would have gotten me in agro range of at least 2 vets and several regular mobs.

    The maps are too empty to hope that another player will always show up to do events with you and they are too tough to easily do solo, and many of your players do play solo. They need to be scaled down. Fewer vets if nothing else.

    Be careful what you ask for
    ANet might give it to you.

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  • @Gaile Gray.6029 said:
    New forum / same request:

    Please share your high-level feedback about Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire in <100 words.

    This is our traditional request for your main points of feedback about our newest release. Please share your likes, dislikes, suggestions -- all are welcome. But please keep these comments to 100 words or less, and join or create other threads for a more in-depth conversation on a specific topic.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Map / Bount / Event rewards are extremely harsh, punishing and makes maps very un-replayable, despite how amazingly designed these maps are.

  • Mounts: Fun

    Zones: Fun

    Events: Could be better

    Story: Interesting

    Eater of Souls Boss: Decidedly not fun

    Elite Specs: Mostly fun

    Kites: Best toys ever, especially watermelon sandshark

    Kites on Mounts: made my day

    Mobs: mixed feelings. Branded are a little difficult but the designs on all mobs, from Choya to Hydra, are amazing.

    New Armor: the new armor on female Asura (especially light armor top pieces) look bad. Please let us have the female version, not the male.

    Overall: Fun

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