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What is your favourite Festival?


Whats your favourite Festival?  

127 members have voted

  1. 1. Whats your favourite Festival?

    • Lunar New year
    • Super Adventure festival
    • Dragon bash
    • Festival of the four winds
    • Halloween
    • Wintersday

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It's pretty hard for me to choose just one. My favorites are Wintersday, Shadow of the Mad King (aka Halloween), and Super Adventure Box 🙂 What I like the most about these 3 is the atmosphere as well as the jumping puzzles (I never completed the Clock Tower so I'm hoping this year will be the year I finally make it to the top xD). 

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There was no "none of the above" or "don't really care for festivals" so I didn't vote.

I usually dip my toe into them, look at what's available, then go back to the rest of the game. While I really appreciate the creativity and work that went into SAB, it's not my kind of thing, and so totally different from the rest of the game. The rest of the festivals feel kinda high-pressure grind for limited time currency mostly for rewards I'm not all that excited about.

I have enjoyed the the clocktower and the windersday jumping puzzles in the past.

I thought it might be nice to get the witch's hat and dye it appropriately to be more of a wizardly had on an Asura elementalist, but 30 cobs!?! I have a corn node in my home instance, and regularly mine it, and have maybe one cob and change in storage.

That's pretty representative of my relationship to the festivals. All the rewards I could casually get are meh, all the ones I might be interested in would require hardcore grinding of the festival for the limited window it's available.

Depending on how this level ten to get a weapon thing works this year, I might do that, but I expect that will be all I do for Mad King.

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In general, I find the Guild Wars 2 festivities really successful, with a soul unlike any other games (although Genshin Impact could create a competition on that), but the problem is with repetition. and the little novelty behind ... I voted for Halloween, but in second I would surely have voted for Wintersday, and in third for the Festival of the four winds which are in my eyes the most successful.

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Wintersday & Halloween.


I like both of these b/c there is so much to do.  There are some things about the Mad King that drive me mad.  I would love to finish off the pieces of the armor but getting to the top of that tower is impossible for me.  I seriously have jumping issues.  I have been practicing more so maybe this year I'll accomplish it?  (daydream FTW)

I love Wintersday mostly because the snow, the outfits, the joy of just being able to do almost everything without too much difficulty.  Those of us that are under-skilled get to believe we are good at events during this holiday. 🙂

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On 9/24/2021 at 7:10 AM, thehipone.6812 said:

Talk Like a Pirate ....errr.....wrong game


but seriously, why no grog?

I'd forgotten about that!  I really hope that, when that distant day comes when GW2 moves into maintenance mode, they bring back those other holiday drops, even if they don't do anything else at all with them.

Edit: Also, The Captains Roost Lion's Arch is the perfect place for a pirate to give out a free grog to anyone who talks like a pirate to him for one day/week a year.  Extra karma for wearing a pirate outfit...

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My list looks something like that :

Winterday : This one is my favorite. Everything just works. The music, the activities, I keep wanting more of this quality.

Bazar : I love the ambiance of the bazar and the challenge provided by the champions. I am not a fan of the mob farm and wish I would find more people for the pvp activities.

Halloween: On the same level as the bazar. It has some awesome atmosphere. I am a big fan of the puzzle, the mad king dialogues, the races. Once again, just not a fan of the farm and the pvp activities are not the most fun / balanced in my opinion.

SAB : Every time I start the festival the music drives me crazy (the normal version). It works so well! Once you do it with friends and practice, even the hardcore version is fun. I just do not find it as “repeatable” as other festivals.

Dragon bash : Stunning visuals and decent activities. There is just too much farm for me.

Lunar festival : I love the dragonbash. It brings is a nice challenge and great mechanics, it just needs a little something for losing teams because sadly people tend to spawn camp / afk too much because they just want the reward. Other than that there is not much else to do compared to other festivals.

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Festival of the Four Winds. Labyrinthine Cliffs is, hands down, my most favourite map in the game, entirely because of my memories of exploring it and doing every available achievement there at the time of its first appearance in the game. Without mounts and with the Zephyr Sanctum instead of a Pact airship.

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Halloween by a country mile. I almost never finish the yearly festival achievements, but Halloween is usually done early. My next favorite is probably SAB, although wintersday is fun too! All else is pretty boring imo. I would rather do other things in-game and often miss the festivals. Although a few were fun when I was still a newbie at this game. 

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