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DX11 Crash Issue

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i don't know how it is related or not, but event viewer on windows says that application was closed due to application hang (error id 1002). at start everything went well with dx11 (only 6 char slots and windowed mode), but then got disconnected from game because of network issues (but network for other apps was fine). after restarting client i started getting crashes (client hang) every 5-10mins.

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1 hour ago, Fire Attunement.9835 said:

We have found the source of this crash issue. This crash will affect you if you have the DX11 beta enabled, have more than 30 character slots, and are in windowed fullscreen. We are working on a fix, but in the meantime you can avoid the issue by adding -dx9 as a command-line argument following the instructions here: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Command_line_arguments

We're sorry this is affecting some of you and we're working to get it fixed as soon as possible! 


I did try will normal fullscreen. 

The issue was partly 'fixed' as the character select screen was initially rendered properly.  In Windowed fullscreen DX11 resulted in a messy scrunched down screen. 


But it does still crash.  Hope the report sent will help.

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I don't have 30+ characterslots, did not have dx11 enabled BUT do play in windowed fullscreen.

No Addons or Overlays active and used.

Several other players too in my squads today had the same hard crashes to the desktop.

After several crashes i tried playing with dx11 enabled as some player recommended it, but still got crashes as before.

As the game crashes without the usual error handling, how might i be able to provide usable information for analysis?

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  • ArenaNet Staff

Thanks everyone for continuing to update this thread! I heard back from someone on the team who is investigating various crashes and have added this information to the original post:

Update: If you do not meet the circumstances I outlined above and you are still crashing while the DX11 beta is enabled, please disable any UI overlays from third party programs, including things like Discord. As always, please be aware that the game may not launch or work properly after we release a new build if you use a third-party program (independent of the DX11 beta), due to possible incompatibilities.

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1 minute ago, solo.2519 said:

DEL your LOCAL.DAT file from documents. It repair.


Deleting this file will cause the following game settings to be lost or restored to defaults:

I uninstalled the Game, There is no Local.dat file anymore. 
I'm trying to Re-install the game. After I uninstalled and cleaned all files and folders. 

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1 minute ago, Mirus.8059 said:

I've deleted everything GW2 related.  From my temp folder, from APP data, From my Documents folder.  Still installer launches for less than a second and closes the process.

Same all in my AppData\Roaming
All GuildWars 2 Folders and Files in Documents
Checked the Cached in my AppData\Local\Temp Cleared that as well. 

Nothing is working. Think there is an issue with the launcher or something is breaking the launcher.

*** The game was uninstalled and all residual files Cleared ***

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DX11 enabled

Iv crashed twice. Have widowed full screen, don't have 30 char's, I do have the new windows 11 beta and old as dirt gtx680.

First crash was at char select screen when I clicked on options and the second happened when selling on trading post.

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12 minutes ago, ademello.3270 said:

Same here, I don't have 30 Characters but DX11 enabled. I play windowed full screen and the game has crashed twice so far.

I was crashing in Divinity's Reach, I've left and so far the game isn't crashing anymore.

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