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New Character Postures

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Hey,What do you think about having a new set of character postures? The best example is the GW1 poses. Classes had them different, why not implement it to GW2?It could be a lot more accessible, so not fo example not only Necros could stand a bit stooping but every Light Armor class. Or all of them.This can be a way of further customizing your character. And to be honest the poses we currently have are fine but some are very boring to me, particularly humans, standing straight like a pole.I know this has been suggested already, but I'm curious about Forum Statistics on this case.

Would you want this kind of thing?

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It depends on how it's implemented.

I'd rather not have an automatic change - I wouldn't want to log in after an update and find that all my heavy armoured characters are standing in strange poses and that's just how it is now and I can't change it. I know GW1 did it, but they did it right from day 1 and you could see that when creating the character, so it's something I could take into consideration when designing them.

If it was a free, optional update - a new tab on the hero panel for example where as well as skins, dyes, minis etc. we can choose from a selection of poses - then I might use it, if I can find ones which suit the character.

If it's a gem store purchase then I'm highly unlikely to buy them unless they're very cheap. Elder Scrolls Online has this (they call them personalities) and I keep finding myself thinking it's a cool idea and sometimes one would suit my character but it just doesn't seem worth the cost. Yes I'd like my dedicated 'evil' character to move like a sneaky, suspicious thief...but I don't want it badly enough to spend £10 to enable it.

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I’m generally in favor of customization options but this particular option isn’t high on my list. I’m glad the poses and idle animations are fairly neutral and wouldn’t want them to be otherwise unless it was a selectable option. I would be furious if my necros were suddenly forced to be stooping!

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I didn't play GW1 but I think the idea sounds cool. I loved it in Starbound - it really adds to a character's personality and I can imagine a lot of fun things with my alt characters! Still, I want to highlight that a game like GW1 where everyone is human is a much easier place to create things like that than GW2 with 5 different races and many more professions.

Today as I was looking at my empty character slot and testing out potential future alts, I realized once again (after years of not playing) that Asura, Charr and male Norns only have 9 faces to choose from. Female norn and the Sylvari has a tiny bit more but human males have twice the amount and females, three times as many. Asura struggles magnify when you realize that most of their hairstyle options have "accessories" that, due to to how old they are, look significantly worse than more recent armor sets (maybe all character creation accessories could use a re-draw? The Elonian update looks great compared to my older dark skin 'noodle hair' Mesmer).

I would appreciate any extra customization option, of course but I think there are higher priorities. Fix some neglected races and add more options, throw in some emotes and race specific emotes + new dances and I'd be happy. :)

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I would prefer restored …

  • Human female running animation,
  • Norn male longbow shoot animation,
  • Human female idle animations,
  • Norn male throwing greatsword animation,
  • Necromancer’s axe auto-attack animation,
  • Warrior’s one-handed sword auto-attack animation (like Thief, Mesmer, Guardian).

I would also like fixed …

  • Miniatures, which are not all sped up,
  • Norn females running animation while holding hammer or pistol,
  • Human males and their constantly clenched right fist,
  • Charr and Asura constantly using both staff animations instead of one (fire <-> everything else),
  • Revenants and Thiefs holding staves not like hammers,
  • Revenant’s one-handed sword auto-attack animation (like Thief, Mesmer, Guardian).
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@AllNightPlayer.1286 said:I would prefer restored …

  • Human female running animation
  • Human female idle animations

I wouldn’t want the former human female idle animations (all for it being optional though). I do prefer the former female running animation. It isn’t a big deal to me, but then I do mostly play sylvari.

It would be nice, if it wasn’t too much work to implement, to have idle animations optional or even have options to choose from. If they made some nice personality/animations available in the Gem store, perhaps this would make it worthwhile? I do enjoy the idle animations of the mounts — LOVE Nightfang Griffon! I am mostly neutral on the current character idle animations.

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Mmh I'm more for emotes, I mean having /meditate like olmakhans, /madlaugh on any character, /tinkering like blish on the bike for roller beetle even /drunk can bring a lot of fun. But I agree that the posture also has a role to play but also voice tones.

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@"Mea.5491" said:I would sell my soul for a "simple posture" without idle animations!!! :( Something like in ESO, default posture has no idles but we can enable "Personalities" for different animations and emotes.

I’m fine with the idle animations we have now (I mostly see the sylvari ones) but it would seem like adding an option to simply stand still without any would be a nice option to add. Postures like the ESO personalities that I’ve seen, I wouldn’t want as they look like standing in a single exaggerated pose (commander and thief for instance). Now if personalities or their potential GW2 equivalent were different sets of idle animations, that could be cool! I love the GW2 mount idle animations! :) I think more emotes would be a fun addition to GW2 and, if available in the Gem store, bring them more revenue. Especially if more emotes were added, it would be nice to have a drop down box one could select to see what emotes they have available and what the commands are (SWTOR had this and especially when I new player I found it helpful).

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