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Piece together YOUR dream skyscale...

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Piece together YOUR dream skyscale... to help A-net se what we find attractive in a dragon skin. Here is my dream skyscale:

  • Head: Medium triangular, rather big, expressive eyes (not as light as the shimmerwings and not as heavy/klunky as the default skyscales).
  • Body: Medium, like Aurenes or the Axejaws (Default skyscale is too heavy ans shimmerwings too thin).
  • Wings: Three fingered, like Aurenes and webbed, like Aurenes or any skyscale except for the shimmerwing.
  • Spikes/fins: Spikes along the spine with web in between, similar to a fish back fin or to what we ser in the shimmerwings front legs. Also spikes/fins at the base of the tail that are stiff in flight (not like a flopping skirt like in the shimmerwing), and a spikes/fin at the tip of the tail like the shimmerwing has. Also at the jawline, like the shimmerwing has. Also on the front legs, like the shimmerwing has. The tail fins should be folded when the skyscale stands still (not when stretching).
  • Colors: Oily/shimmering. The dyes of the scales/main body Schould behave similar as the shimmerwings wings. When you apply a dye, it could shimmering in either warm or cold colours depending on the warmt of the chosen dye. White could shimmer in Glints colours for example, Black like a magpie shimmers in blue and green.... and so on. The dye channels should be 1, main body, 2, chest, 3, spikes +horns and 4, fins. At night there should be a glow/bioluminescense that Aurenes has to the throat, chest, side of the neck and tail, and a little bit on the bony parts of the wings.
  • Horns: Not too heavy, and pointing bakc/upwards.
  • Fire: either like the shimmerwings or Aurenes.
  • Animations: A stretch that is like the Griffons but with a jawn and the wings being riset upwards an extended as the skyscale does the final part of the Griffons stretch. A feeding animation could be that the skyscale snatches a sanke that comes up from a hole in the ground.
  • Footfals: Like the shimmerwings!

The impression of this creature should be exotic and muscular, yet slender/agile. It will give the impression of being able to dive inte the sea to catch food and agile in flight.

THIS is my dream skyscale!How is yours?

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Asuran tech helicopter attached to head, like a propeller gadget hat. With grappling hook.Occasionally spits out disturbing sparks/smoke or drops a gear/shakes mid-air.On landing hat falls off and explodes.4 dye channals, 4th one dyes the smoke/sparks/explosions.Animations are mainly character player ones.

Ideally as a set of Asuran tech mount "replacements": giant coiled foot springs for springer, hoverboard for skimmer, rocket launcher for raptor, magical blink/teleport device for jackel, tron bike for roller beetle, astro boy jet boots (with changing arm poses) for griffon. Or along those lines.

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Randulf...thanks for the memoriesBefore I clicked on the clip I thought ...Neverending Story...afterwards the theme music started going thru my mind and had to go look it up :)I don't buy alot of mount skins but I would consider getting 'Falkor' the luckdragon...maybe I'll go back to work on the skyscale....unless someone wants to sell me a saddle ;)

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There are so many they could do..the classic elements (fire, ice, air, earth) would be nice, as those are themes a lot of players are doing on their toons. A stone gargoyle would me my personal pick, but any winged creature could be a variant. The possibilities are endless.

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I'm not too picky about skins. Just the shimmer scale head and I'm content. BTW, if the new sets of skyscale skins had a single skin with the shimmer scale head, I would have bought them.

As it stands, someone else said it best:I don't want a dragon mount with a pug face. Lol.

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