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My Subjective Tier List of the Classes-do you agree?


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I am specifying that this list is subjective, but is a fun discussion none the less. As someone who has played other mmos, do i have the same perspective as you vets? Consider this a thought experiment. I do not have enough knowledge on the elite specializations. so i will focus on the base classes 


 S tier: I will define this as a class that has no weaknesses, is overall has little weaknesses, and is above competitive

A tier: good all around, but has issues in either pvp, or soloing or farming- overall fun experience

B tier: class is good, you will be challenged because the class has major weaknesses 

C tier: class is adequate: performance is passable but will severely struggle unless your a skilled player

D tier: class is dangerous to the player- death is more likely then success

F tier: the class is awful, out classed by every other class- class needs a rework.



S tier:


Ranger: large kit of damage, pets, strong healing, not totally squishy.

Revenant: Same thing as ranger: you can do all roles, its also flashy. 


A tier: 


Engineer: very strong utility, decent damage, simple to play

Guardian: a better version of warrior, with stronger aoe and dots and sustain


B tier:


Messmer: good damage, decent use of turrets, weak if turrets down, bad sustain, visually all purple abilities [visually boring]

Necromancer: lots of dots, but against any boss people can stack dots anyway, against players dots are easy to convert to boons, minions have bad AI.  Weak over all


C tier:


Elementalist: Complicated for no reason, out dpsed by all above, little sustain, only advantage is to cosplay as gandalf

Thief: same problem. 





Like in ESO, or Swtor all the classes can be made to work and can be soloed with. Last night i soloed a gold boss event as thief, that constantly summons minions every 45 seconds- all bronzes. So all classes can work, but we can still say that if you had to do a pvp tournement tomorrow for money, how many would pick thief or elementalist? none because they are worse. There is still variance amongst the tiers 



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As a ranger main, I love rangers, but I'd never put it in S tier. In terms of solo capability, it's definitely up there, but when it comes to actual performance I'd say there's almost always another class that does what ranger brings + a little extra. This is especially true if you're talking about core ranger in pve - basically you lose an ascended amulet's worth of offensive stats because your pet is supposed to help you, but the majority of pets still cannot land a single hit on a golem walking in a circle. I'd say it's a A at best, and perhaps more deserving of B tier.


Necromancer is a solid S tier. It's gamebreakingly useful in spvp, and can hard carry groups through top-tier pve content. It also has impressive power and condition damage variants, combined with inherent survivability. I'd also put guardian solidly in S tier. Guardian... is like ANet's favored child. Even its core spec can outshine power-crept expansion builds on other classes.


I'd be interested in seeing how your opinion changes as you get more experience. As of right now it feels pretty obvious that your subjective opinion is heavily influenced by lack of objective experience.

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All the experienced players may realise this is completely incorrect, but it's important to note that it is an opinion of a player, not some guff they made up to fill the forum. The perceptions of the classes should be regarded as extremely important.


My friends and I, for instance, are very averse to the twitchy aspects of the game and get instantly rekt by anybody who can play them in WvW.

The difference between rubbish and amazing button pressers is too great in this game, and although the vested interests will put a confused face on my post (meme me up, Scotty!) to make me appear incoherent, this skill gap ruins the competitive game modes.

It's a disappointing part of the game and something the developers should focus very hard on because whilst the twitchy people are very vocal in their support of the combat system, a lot of the real players think it ... isn't as good as that.

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13 minutes ago, Svarty.8019 said:

All the experienced players may realise this is completely incorrect, but it's important to note that it is an opinion of a player, not some guff they made up to fill the forum. The perceptions of the classes should be regarded as extremely important.


My friends and I, for instance, are very averse to the twitchy aspects of the game and get instantly rekt by anybody who can play them in WvW.

The difference between rubbish and amazing button pressers is too great in this game, and although the vested interests will put a confused face on my post to make me appear incoherent, this skill gap ruins the competitive game modes.

It's a disappointing part of the game and something the developers should focus very hard on.

Tier lists are very subjective, but some classes are objectively great at pretty much everything.   S tier = guard, rev, necro

Other classes are almost there.  A tier = engineer

Then you have the middle of the pack.  These guys aren't bad at all, but have some holes in their overall game.  B tier = ranger, mesmer, thief

And finally we have the classes that are struggling.  C tier = warrior, elementalist


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3 hours ago, Dawdler.8521 said:

I dont think OP know what a mesmer is. Or necro for that matter, given the placement.

Or engi. Easy to play...Well i think you should look at all builds to make this conclusion. Condi holo is not easy to play and is clunky. And the sustain is also trash. 

I guess OP played with 5 turrets. 

Dps is in the middle area with 36-37k. Nothing that other classes couldnt reach. 

Scrapper is good in supporting and tanking of lots of enemies. 


Overall a solid class but Nothing i would put in a tier because of the clunkiness of kits and so on. 


Tho for such a list i would also split classes in their e specs. 

Like renegade in s tier and herald in a or b tier for example. 

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I can kinda see why you'd put ranger there from core classes. There's a reason bearbow was a meme - it might not be fast, but you can use it to solo some champions in the base game without having to be all that experienced (or optimized).


Once you take elite specs, power creep, etc into account, I agree it's probably more of an A/B class - it's still pretty good and can fill a bunch of roles, but a few specs like firebrand and scourge outshine it (because they outshine pretty much everything). Those are the two (guardian, necro) that I would count as S-tier off the top of my head.

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My tier list: S Guard Necro, A Rev Ranger, B Warrior Thief Engy C Mesmer D Ele

I've never heard anyone say Thief is too complicated lol. If anything it's been accused of being too easy for most it's life. I don't see how it lacks self-sustain when half or a third of all it's traits are about selfishly keeping itself alive. Frankly if you die as a thief that's all your own fault when invigorating precision exists.
I could see it being too complicated only if you're a p/d deadeye and maybe you die a lot as a short bow main or power rifle.

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Guardian (firebrand specifically), necro (both in different roles



Revenant (my main, both elite specs good for different game modes), Ranger (again, each elite good for different reasons), and Mesmer 



Guardian DH (the only one I really split for effectiveness. I LOVE this class, personally, but yeah), thief and elementalist (both these classes I find to be incredibly varied. If the two are handled by someone with a high skill level, they can dominate, but they do require a lot of skill and experience)



Warrior. Sorry, bannerslaves…


NA for me-

Engineer. I refuse to play them on principle, so I will not comment on their ranking one way or another since I have no horse in the race

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Just from what I know but it may not be all accurate (taken as an average of all game modes)
















C :






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S tier

Necromancer - Core, Reaper, & Scourge - high sustain, high damage output, really easy to play, and the AI for Necromancer minions is vastly superior to the AI used for Ranger Pets, Mesmer Clones, Guardian Spirit Weapons or any other pet ability in the game. It doesn’t matter what elite spec you play, Necromancer is just that good… though the upcoming Harbinger might dip down to A or B tier…

Guardian - Firebrand - Everything about the Core Guardian turned up to 11… this elite spec loses nothing and gains everything.

A tier

Guardian - Core - High sustain, easy to play, but damage can be quite lacking… With the right stats and build it can be S tier material, but as a whole it bounces between S tier and B tier from build to build mostly sitting squarely in A tier.

Mesmer - Chronomancer & Mirage - Both of these elite specs take the biggest weakness that core Mesmer has and throws it out the window… Sustain… Chronomancer tackles the sustain problem with a shield and time loops, while Mirage just evades for days. Other than that they are Core Mesmer on steroids.

Revenant - Renegade - Revenant is a fairly solid class at Core, but Renegade just adds to it in a way that really helps to make it stand out. Still not S tier material, but certainly worthy of A tier.

B tier

Mesmer - Core - Mesmer can be good for soloing most content, but it takes some real system mastery to avoid dying a lot. Between their clones and their formidable power and condi build options Mesmers are a force to reckon with for damage, they are just lacking in sustain. Unless you are using Staff it is near impossible to get enemies to target your clones instead of you after your first shatter, a problem that is resolved by various different features in both of the mesmers elite specs.

Ranger - Core, Soulbeast, & Druid - Ranger is a fairly solid class all around… which can certainly make it seem like it should be S tier material… however it has a few things that hold it back a lot… damage and sustain are good, but most other professions have noticeably better. Pet AI is the worst in the entire game… the Asura Golem elite skills have better AI than the ranger pet, and they barely even have an AI… put simply, Ranger is solid but unremarkable. It is extremely easy to play, feels strong, feels survivable, and generally feels good to play, but once you look past the superficial feel of the profession it falls short by a large margin.

Revenant - Core & Herald - A Solid profession much like the ranger in performance. Core Revenant feels rather incomplete, though not enough to drop it to C tier, while Herald seems to properly complete the profession and secures it solidly in B tier.

C tier 

Elementalist - Core & Tempest - I would put Tempest into B tier, but the complexity of how the class plays as a whole just barely keeps it in C tier for me… don’t get me wrong, Elementalist is a powerful profession, easily S tier levels of sustain and damage… but it can only do one or the other with any given build and the profession is one of the most complicated to actually play well.

Engineer - Scrapper & Holosmith - Engineer has a lot of problems… Scrapper and Holosmith both have some builds for them that are certainly S tier builds, but unless you have the right build and stats your not going to even remotely see that level of performance. But the elite specs do still greatly improve the Engineer.

D tier

Warrior - Core, Berserker, Spellbreaker - Warrior has a problem of being built specifically to be the base line… everything else is build out from that point… as a result it kinda flounders… it’s elite specs don’t even fix this issue any either… the upcoming Bladesworn however might be B tier material or better though…

Thief - Core - there is a lot of potential for thief to be good… but unless you know what you are doing, this profession is terrible. It was a joke meme early on that Thief is “easy mode” spawned from the fact that their weapon skills have no CDs but anyone who has spent more than 5 minutes playing a thief can tell you that it takes some coordination and thought to actually utilize their skills effectively. Their initiative system is fundamentally worse than just having CDs like everyone else. For a beginner the system will leave you stuck using only your 1 & 2 skills endlessly if you aren’t careful.

F tier

Engineer - Core - if any profession is F tier is would be Core engineer… the profession was designed with in-built limitations that just don’t make any sense… at launch it was solidly C tier due to turrets, bombs, and grenades… but numerous nerfs and years of neglect have led this profession in a sorry state… the way most builds utilize kits for one or two skills with constant Kit shuffling really doesn’t help it either.



I have not ranked Dragonhunter, Daredevil, Deadeye, or Weaver yet as I have no experience with those elite specs as of writing this.

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I must ask... What game did you say your list was about?

In GW2 it's a bit different and can fluctuate based on the gamemode.


A tier:

- Guardian: Highly sought out support but pretty average in damage.

- Necromancer: Good inate survivability and exceptionally wide range for adds clearing. It's support is on the rise but unecessary for player with high skill level, damage are average.

- Revenant: Like guardian, highly sought out support but average damage potential.

B tier:

- Warrior: While it was sought out for it's niche support, this support is slowly losing ground with no real compensation.

- Mesmer: Situationaly good but outmatched by the A tier supports.

- Ranger: Same as mesmer.

C tier:

- Engineer: Never been much of a PvE profession. It got many nice thing available but isn't really a competitive choice.

- Thief: Situational usefulness. More useful is the oldest content of the game than in the newer.

D tier:

- Elementalist: Outdated. It used to be god amongst men in the vanilla game PvE but slowly lost it's place when faced with profession that need to specialize less to achieve full potential and have a wider array of useful tools.


WvW (large scale):

S tier:

- Necromancer: Everything in WvW suit the necromancer's tool design. There he is very useful and potent.

A tier:

- Guardian: the most effective stability dealer, essential in this gamemode.

- Engineer: The best cleanser in a gamemode that can easily overflow with nasty ailment.

B tier:

Warrior: Sturdy enough to add it's weight to the fight but not much more than that.

Revenant: Primary damage dealer.

C tier:

- Elementalist: Secondary damage dealer/support. Often held back by it's survivability and skills requiring to stand still.

D tier:

- Thief: Not really fit for big fights.

E tier:

- Mesmer: illusions are dead weight in large scale, it's only saving grace is it's projectile hate. (Virtuoso might bring him up to C tier after EoD release)

- Ranger: Pets are dead weight in large scale, LB have the longest range in the game which can be very situationally useful in WvW.


sPvP (small scale):

S tier:

- Necromancer: High survivability in the current sPvP environment and like for WvW, tools that are well suit to the environment.

A tier:

- Revenant: Pretty strong all rounder.

B tier:

- Thief: Good in it's roaming niche.

- Guardian: Good in support to other, it's ability to provide stability and aegis make him stand out.

- Engineer: a tier behind the revenant as an all rounder.

C tier:

- Mesmer: Overnerfed in the gamemode preventing him to really shine.

- Warrior: Not exceptional in anything.

- Elementalist: Situationally good but not instrumental in the success of a team.

- Ranger: Easily shut down due to projectile hate


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Not really a fan of these tier lists as classes are too complex to make valid generalisations. You can easily have two builds in different professions that are more compatible to each other in regards to both their gameplay and their role than they are to the other options in their respective classes. IMO a build list would make a lot more sense as it actually reflects the state of things unlike with class lists where a class can be "S rank" because it has one god tier build while everything else on it is absolute garbage.

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