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Paper bags as headgear is great, we need full set

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16 hours ago, Biziut.3594 said:

Can ANet put one of this bags on Dagda? xd

Let me take it step further. In next expansion you will have main story NPC using paper bags. At certain step in story paper bags will change based on story "mood" like "lost someone=sad paper bag" or "defeat main boss=happy paper bag". It would be so stupid that it would work.

Maybe meta where all NPCs have paper bags as protection agaisnt whatever or new meta boss "paper bag boss".

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On 10/19/2023 at 5:57 PM, TheNurgle.4825 said:

I think that ANET should bring more of removed or not even added items to the game. I never met person who would not like paper bags. Also paper bags are earned via gameplay.

I'd like to see the backpieces that kits used to have implemented as skins. I understand why people didn't like having their expensive backpiece obscured, but they really should have been recycled as an optional fashion choice rather than just being removed.

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