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Baby Asura > Baby Yoda

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@Ayakaru.6583 said:

@kharmin.7683 said:Please no. Just. No.

I must confess, even though I love baby Yoda I share this reaction. Also, copyrights and such...

I also don't think they should, but there are no copyright issues. Disney had no rights on asura

I mis-read the OP. I thought they meant an outfit or skin that could turn Asura into baby Yoda.

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@Fat Disgrace.4275 said:

@"Henry.5713" said:Grey ugly little gnome > green ugly little gnome?

Dunno what's closer in relation. A rat, goblin, a gremlin or a gnome???

Says the character with the name "Fat Disgrace" B)

Are you fat shaming? I am reporting that for hate crime

Who says he was shaming??

Maybe he likes it...

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