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World Linking 7/31/2020

Cal Cohen.2358

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  • ArenaNet Staff

Here are the worlds for EU:

  • Augury Rock (FR), Ruins of Surmia (EN)
  • Aurora Glade (EN), Fort Ranik (FR)
  • Baruch Bay (SP)
  • Desolation (EN), Arborstone (FR)
  • Dzagonur (DE)
  • Elona Reach (DE), Miller's Sound (DE)
  • Far Shiverpeaks (EN), Ring of Fire (EN)
  • Gandara (EN), Blacktide (EN)
  • Gunnar's Hold (EN), Fissure of Woe (EN)
  • Jade Sea (FR), Vizunah Square (FR)
  • Piken Square (EN), Vabbi (EN)
  • Riverside (DE), Kodash (DE)
  • Seafarer's Rest (EN), Abaddon's Mouth (DE)
  • Underworld (EN), Drakkar Lake (DE)
  • Whiteside Ridge (EN)

Here are the worlds for NA:

  • Anvil Rock, Gate of Madness
  • Blackgate, Kaineng
  • Borlis Pass, Sanctum of Rall
  • Dragonbrand, Darkhaven
  • Fort Aspenwood, Eredon Terrace
  • Henge of Denravi, Yak's Bend
  • Jade Quarry, Ehmry Bay
  • Maguuma, Isle of Janthir
  • Northern Shiverpeaks, Sorrow's Furnace
  • Sea of Sorrows, Devona's Rest
  • Stormbluff Isle, Ferguson's Crossing
  • Tarnished Coast, Crystal Desert
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@Fat Disgrace.4275 said:

@funghetto.1584 said:hello Cal, it's the 3rd link with Gh! the best part of linking was to change server.... not to get stuck with one! sad..... (i'm a Fow player)

But Gh has Monkey King Skyliner. You have an actual king.You are no longer farmers, you are noble apes.

what, who ?

SkyLinerAka from Gandara, of course!

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Just shows again how broken the current system is. 5 minutes busy with it, because (probably) no automatism is behind it, and then throwing something together that (apparently) makes halfway sense. BIG! It is TIME, no long overdue, that finally something changes here. Best and lastly on the part of the players themselves, the remaining community. Just to show that it can be done differently. You think you can't change anything, or make a difference?

Keep up the great work, like always! ;)

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@"Hannelore.8153" said:Its now almost 2021 and we still have no automated bi-weekly relinking. I hope we get something more frequent soon, because currently everyone just stacks on specific servers for the (overly long) linkups of several months.

Imagine that you would improve the system! One would have to ask the people in charge if they are "still healthy". Imagine taking 10 minutes to think about the "lags" in WvW, reducing the number of players per server by 7. Oops, suddenly playing "lag-free" (almost). Imagine that. How long did it take for that (felt) "10 minutes"?

Yes, yes, they do something, people complain about it, nothing happens, isn't it different!If it were not only (always) the drops on the hot stone, wouldn't it?

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