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  • kamikharzeeh.8016kamikharzeeh.8016 Member ✭✭✭

    btw about red border: i meant them reducing the size of the map to like 70-80% of current, since there is pretty much space that is fully unused. nobody is ever there, like the right north corner spot with the elite wyvern mob. also, by tightening up the playable area, the towers and keeps would be necessarily closer together again.

    what i really like about red border, the existing mobs are stronger. however, most of them only get hostile once u hit them, which makes them obsolete again. there should be only red elite mobs and green small mobs (bc small ones are pointless anyways and could mostly as well be removed)

    mobs of the Grub, Wyvern and EotM elite mobs power levels would be the only sense making hostile ones, bc the others just get u "in battle" whenever u surely don't want it. they disturb gameplay imho.

    about the #HO!
    technically opentag and openvoice zerg or blobfights can be competitive too, as well as duels. mostly won't however, because it would require even ground in terms of a "balance of power", which is as above stated, nearly never granted.

    i would even call ppt'ing competitive IF there would be real rewards for winning, which isn't the case. ppt has been competitive when tournaments existed. nowadays it isn't anymore. every vanilla player can ppt. if he/she can read, will be even upgrading themselves to a basic pug.

  • SLOTH.5231SLOTH.5231 Member ✭✭✭

    Why because it's all about revenue and the living story feeds most of the game base with the little extra money they are making.
    WvW has been an afterthought for years unfortunately.