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Guess what folks! Sitting down in chairs is coming!


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I've been sitting in guild hall ones as well. I look forward to any info (not specific guides) on a yes/no can chairs in the wild be sat in.

edit: I went and sat in some benches in two other guild halls. These did not count towards the achievement. I do not believe I have decoration permissions in those halls, which may be a factor.

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@"Adzekul.3104" said:How does one find the collection? It is hidden. I have seen screenies of it in the COmmunity section. I guess you need to sit in one of the collection chairs to unhide it?

A guildie of mine saw it mentioned on reddit, went to our Guild Hall, pulled out a chair, and sat in it. Once I came there and sat in one, the achievement unlocked. So, yeah, it seems like it unlocks once you make/find a sittable chair and sit in it.

Edit: These are the three chairs we put out in the GH that worked. We didn't try others in the GH yet.mHZNuQM.jpg

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For now only guild chairs work. That said, i would NOT be upset if it stayed this way and to get the rest of the achievement, all those chairs would need to be crafted. Maybe add it to open world too, but plz let us craft the chairs in the achievement! There are about 7 charr chairs in it and my warband NEEDS those chairs! We wouldn't even be upset if it was a bit expensive to craft, because we'd work together on it. But Charr and Norn look ridiculous on normal chairs. We need our race chair option.

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