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No downed state weekend coming soon ™ , what else would be nice?


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I just hope the no downstate weekend leads to a weaker downstate in general. Takes forever if you can't take a stomp because of other pressure and cleaving might just take too long to kill them before they rally off of somebody in a big fight.

Not THAT bad though, just would make fights a little more volatile I think I'd enjoy that.

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My only concern with no downed state weekend is one shot builds will be out in force. You think 1 thief/mesmer is bad enough?

Random ones that might be interesting:

  • No T3 structures
  • No white swords
  • No watch tower
  • No structure siege (cannons, mortars, oil)
  • Double trebuchet damage


  • T3 structures take forever to break into or players avoid them entirely. Paper/T2 walls/gates = more incentive to attack which will generate more fights.
  • No white swords was a previous WvW event, it may propell players to actively go out and scout objectives
  • Akin to white swords; watch tower is easy mode; further denying havoc groups to assault certain objectives
  • Would be nice to take a break from players camping structure siege (cannons, mortars, oil) in hot spots like SMC. Come out and fight!
  • Our brethren, the holy Trebuchet, sees little light other than certain spots e.g; assaulting Bay from SW tower or SMC via red keep's outlier walls. It gets used so little that some players either forget or don't know how to aim with one properly.
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Man, I cannot wait for this no downstate event. Finally punish people who are out of position in a fight. So frustrating when your job in a fight is to snipe those out of position/or are running back to a fight and a large group just reses them.

My power rev will be happy, can finally kill those darn scourge before their Condi's do the work (s/s rev not hammer)

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