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What Is The Best Race

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Norn.Cultural armors are nice and easy to see because you're HUGE. Hoelbrak is cool. They are the most independent of all the races. Basically they are the least likely to fall into "group think" ideologies--no dream, no warband, no kingdom, no krewe. Good and evil are ambiguous and their "gods" are just spirits of the wild. They are capable of immense violence but have never waged a war. They're so chill that they feel warm in the Shiverpeaks.

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Out of my eight toons, two are Charr and four are Asura. None are Norn. None are females of the "sexy" races either.

Male Human Ranger, my main and oldest toon.Male Sylvari Guardian.Male Charr Necro.Female Charr Thief.Male Asura Warrior.Male Asura Ele.Male Asura Eng.Female Asura Mesmer.

A few of those toons, I would race change if I could.

I have builds for a Revenant in mind, but haven't chosen a race yet.

You can draw whatever conclusions you wish.

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They will be the most popular race when they're announced as a playable race for the next expansion along with the Puddlehopper profession and new elite specs (Warrior: Deepguard | Guardian: Pastkeeper | Revenant: Tidereave (Legendary Melaggan Stance) | Ranger: Ragecaller | Thief: Goorilla | Engineer: Pnoomatist | Necromancer: Muckmancer | Mesmer: Mooonmage | Elementalist: Shaman). Might as well be on the right side of history now

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