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Favorite Quotes.

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What are some of your favorite lines from the game made by NPCs? The reason for starting this threat is because the writers do a whole lot of work to make some of the NPC's come alive and I know that players have some favorite moments from their personal stories. I think this should be a place to share them. I happen to like Trahearne's speech from the vision on Arah.

"Defenders of Tyria! When Zhaitan rose from slumber, the dragon found a long-dead nation and claimed it. The dragon expected the rest of Tyria to be as easily conquered. But we live, and we breathe, and we fight! Together — charr and human, Priory and Vigil, all races and all paths of life; we stand against Zhaitan. The dragon wants us to be afraid because fear will tear us apart. Fear will destroy us! But I tell you this — I am not afraid! I may die, but I will never kneel! Did you feel that? It is the dragon who is afraid! To Arah, and victory!"— Trahearne, A Light in the Darkness

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Taimi's holodisk dialogue during the HoT story line.

First diskTaimi Hologram: I hope you find this, Commander! We went ahead, following Zojja, Logan, and Trahearne's path.Taimi Hologram: I can't wait to hear what happened with the egg! We saw a light, and then the city went nuts!Taimi Hologram: Please remember every minute facet of what happened! I'm going to need to hear it in excruciating detail. For instance, was the—Taimi Hologram: Uh, okay, Rytlock is signaling me to wrap it up, so...Taimi Hologram: I have a few of these holo-disks left.Taimi Hologram: Just follow them south through that cavern and you'll catch up with us in not time! Happy trails!Second diskTaimi Hologram: Hi! We're headed that way... Scruffy, are you recording?Taimi Hologram: Are you sure? Why isn't the light on?Taimi Hologram: Better erase this one and start over. Just start over.Player: Hmmm... Not as informative as I would have hoped.Third diskPlayer: Another one of Taimi's messages...Taimi Hologram: Okay, so we seem to have wandered into a den of vinetooths... Teeth? Tooths or teeth? Anyway, super dangerous!Taimi Hologram: So, you know, watch your back. We saw some campfires south of here, so we're headed—Taimi Hologram: Uh-oh! Is that—? Okay, gotta go!Fifth diskTaimi Hologram: Still on the trail, but Scruffy's picking up some odd readings over that way.Taimi Hologram: I'm trying to convince everyone to investigate.Taimi Hologram: So far my efforts have been unsuccessful. Tribune Killjoy over there, am I right?Taimi Hologram: Hopefully you killed a vinetooth or two on your way. If so, good job! If not, it's right behind you!Taimi Hologram: Kidding. Maybe? See you soon.

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@RoseofGilead.8907 said:Canach as Caudecus: "I need at least six reliefs of my face. No, no, bigger. Like eight feet tall. Something that really captures my essence: a catastrophically misguided, swagger-sodden plague sore."

I'm surprised Canach never mentioned something about the statues from Joko. Joko statues everywhere.... the ego of that Lich ><

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Some of the best belong to Snarl Backdraft and Galina Edgecrusher

to list a few of the gemsChar PS quest "Test Your Metal" (i hear this in my head everytime i heart a Human role player upset about ascalon)
Galina Edgecrusher: Wake up, ghost-mice of Ascalon! Blood Legion is here to take everything you have—again!Galina Edgecrusher: Your land and your lives: ours! We will erase you! Tyria will forget your pathetic kingdom ever existed!Galina Edgecrusher: We defile the bones of your ancestors for sport! Adelbern's grave is our latrine!Galina Edgecrusher: I hear you sniveling, you glittery clouds of failure! Ha ha ha!Galina Edgecrusher: That's not thunder, you whimpering little worms! It's cannonfire! Blood Legion cannonfire!Galina Edgecrusher: Go back to the Mists and stay there! End this humiliation!Galina Edgecrusher: You're hopeless! Helpless! Worthless! Adelbern's army is a joke...a pathetic, dead joke.Galina Edgecrusher: No wonder your city fell so easily! No wonder we slaughtered you all and laughed ourselves sick!Galina Edgecrusher: We're laughing now, Dead-scalonians! You don't like it? Come shut us up!

And who cant forget those gems from "Estate of Decay"Galina Edgecrusher: What a day! I've always wanted to punch a dragon in the Mouth.Snarl Backdraft: And now your dream has come—wait. Did you feel that?

orGalina Edgecrusher: That was no earthquake, that was Zhaitan's roar. Ha! We made a dragon mad enough to throw a tantrum. Must be hungry, the poor little lizard.Snarl Backdraft: Good. Now he knows we mean business. Nice work on that door, by the way. Who knew your hard head doubled as a battering ram?Galina Edgecrusher: Careful, Snarl. You keep up with the compliments, and our commanding officers will assign us to permanent duty together.

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Demmi Beetlestone: Have you seen my father—Caudecus?Canach: Brutish man with aggressively unsettling facial hair? Yes.Canach: He seemed upset that he wasn't on the Krytan throne...to the extent that he was— Is he really your father? I'm so sorry.

Canach: Oh, Minister Beetlestone, you did not disappoint. Why on Tyria do you think he has a painting of Captain Thackeray in here?

Canach: How do you think the conversation with the sculptor went when he ordered these?Canach: "I need at least six reliefs of my face. No, no, bigger. Like eight feet tall."

Canach, in general, is one of the better written characters and I think the best voice acted character in the game during "head of the snake", before and after that episode he has some great lines but none of them were delivered anywhere near the quality of that episode. Still love his voice work.

Phlunt is the second best voice acted character and his best delivered lines:

Councillor Phlunt: Hello, progeny. And how are we ruining science today?

Taimi: But importantly: mortal danger. You gotta go. A mursaat/not-a-mursaat, on the way...Councillor Phlunt: Oh, yes! Surely you're telling the truth now! I'm certainly not leaving! No one is! I mean it. Wyndall, put that down.Lazarus: Ah, Marjory, there you are. I'd grown used to your ever-so-pleasant company.Councillor Phlunt: Actually, I could use a stretch. Let's go, everyone!

Councillor Phlunt: No one retreats while Phlunt still phights! You can't aurally hear what I did, but it's very clever!Taimi: He came back? You came back! You DO value me!Councillor Phlunt: All hands, SAVE MY RESEARCH!

As a whole, I enjoy almost all the voice acting done in the game, but these two voices (and the delivery of these specific lines) were absolutely the best voice acting I've heard in this game.

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"What part of secret society do you not understand?!""Demmi's been kidnapped by pirates! Cool! I mean... interesting.""And I have a lovely set of... apples."

I'm sure you guys can guess who said those quotes. :p

Female Asura, drawing weapons/entering battle: "You're dumb. You'll die, and leave a dumb corpse!"Edit: d-u-m-b is a cuss word?

@"RoseofGilead.8907" said:Canach as Caudecus: "I need at least six reliefs of my face. No, no, bigger. Like eight feet tall. Something that really captures my essence: a catastrophically misguided, swagger-sodden plague sore."This is one of my favorites. Canach has the best lines.

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