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Balance Update Preview for August 17, 2021

Josh Davis.7865

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– Medic's Feedback: Reduced revive pulse from 5% to 1% in PvP and WvW.

Honestly I think these are such bad changes. Same goes for the previous changes also to the necro heal well, guardian MI, ele geyser, etc.  It only kills certain builds and make build diversity worse..........

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16 minutes ago, Josh Davis.7865 said:


– "Retreat!": Guardians never retreat, so this shout skill has been renamed "Advance!" The voice acting has been updated appropriately to say either "Advance!" or "Charge!" at random, for a little variety.

This is great. I was always weird to yell RETREAT as we all run in and fight. Great change here

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16 minutes ago, Josh Davis.7865 said:

– Confusion: In PvE only, the damage over time caused by each stack of confusion has been increased from a flat 10 (at level 80) to 11+0.03 per point of condition damage. Damage dealt to all targets when they activate a skill has been reduced by 50%, matching the current damage in PvP and WvW game modes.

If you guys didn't want Mesmer's around then you might as well remove them entirely from the game....giving every other profession our stuff, making confusion that's been pretty unique to us, now weak AND giving Harbingers our old Signet of Inspiration boon sharing effect on one of their traits??? 👋

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I just.. I can't believe this.. So many months.. Nothing's going to change..

Just have some people at ArenaNet play PvP daily for at least 20 matches Ranked for couple of days and you'll understand better..


Dragonhunter/Ranger: Rune of the Trapper?

Scourge: Revive abilities? Trait to stop downstate degen and healing while rezzing changes?

As long they can keep ez rezzing, players with less experience are going to cost other's their ranking because they don't know how to work around them.

Warrior: Improvements to make it at least more viable as sidenoder?

Thief: Notes? Changes?


Seeing matchmaking being an issue because of lack of changes, its now going to be worse as you're not dealing with the elephant in the room. Aslong current meta remains, matchmaking will remain an issue too. It's just too frustrating and demotivating to try and play Ranked with people who are less experienced and/or with tunnelvision. Keeping current Scourge as it is just makes it much more frustrating. Those changes will NOT have any impact as kiting exists. 

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The change for weaver is irrelevant.


The weakness uptime is rarely a problem for fractals or raids, since in raids you mostly have weakness on the boss due to the spam of certain classes and in fractals you are crit capped by using the fractal potions anyway...


The barrier trait is irrelevant, since it only proccs on a single ability for the power weaver dps rotation (pyro vortex) and the increase by having healing power...well...noone is using HP in endgame content - is this some open world change?


This will not address the issue you actually wrote about.

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20 minutes ago, Dzjudz.9142 said:

Well it's not like they did anything to most classes. Ranger for example just has bug fixes, there are no actual changes to anything. Thief didn't even get mentioned 😄


Those bugfixes for ranger are HUGE.  I cannot tell you how annoying it was to enter water, be unmerged, and have beastmode go on CD.  The build template bug was annoying as well because it'd leave you with no pet on any spec unless you relogged or changed modes or whatever.


Anyway, it's like thieves want to be nerfed more by complaining they were left out of the balance notes....

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8 minutes ago, AysonCurrax.3254 said:

Cool, you are changing the voice acting for a Guardian shout.

When are you ever going to add the voice acting to the "To the Limit!" Heal Skill Warrior Shout that it didn't have for about 6 years now? 👀

LOL that's what happens when no one in the dev team plays warrior, I suppose!

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20 minutes ago, McPero.3287 said:

I guess people in mATs are not good sidenoders.

Yeah 99% of pvp population arent good sidenoders, for sure. You can watch Naru, Grimjack, Boyce playing some SN and see what they do, also you can hear from sindrener basicly all streamings saying "don't be that guy standing afk on nodeç

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