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What is The One Condition You Have Most To Have On You!


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11 hours ago, Onlyflameone.2136 said:

I am really curious as a hard PvP-er, cuz everyone has different playstle, profession likes and feeling. 🙂

I hate Chill condition, for it slows my thief initiate regen 🙂

im not sure if you are being sarcastic, uneducated, or is it me thats kittening stupid?
But I could have sworn chill doesnt affect ini regeneration

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11 hours ago, Terrorhuz.4695 said:

Necromancers dropping 10s of chilled with 2 clicks is a bit excessive if you ask me


And kiting a necro is still the easiest thing in the world. Isn't that interesting?



It's always the condition I have no counter against in my build.

Basically the game is full of movement impairing condition cleanses. 

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Chill for sure. Plenty of reasons, but as a Elem main, how does reaper put out more/better chill than the master of the elements! 


Why are Elems even affected by chill?? There should be a trait that makes chill on you increase your strike damage by 15%. Called :


"Revenge is best served cold."

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To me the most annoying is:

Glancing from weakness that stacks duration. 

It's automatic when necro going in, out and then back in shroud when traited. And one of their off hands as well. 

Also....Glancing affects direct damage exclusively, not condi. I think they should make it so that when weakness is applied to a condi build, their condi damaged is halved. It's only fair but we dont live in a fair world so ppl take advantage of the easy chair builds

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