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What do PvE players think is reasonable for Gift of Battle

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@Voltekka.2375 said:cough gift of exploration for wvwers cough

Said it before, and I'll say it again, I would fully support making Gifts buyable on the Trading Post or allowing an exchange (4:1::Battle:Exploration) to account for the similarities in time commitment.

If anything, I'd be curious how much the market would price those Gifts.

I'd also gladly trade 1000 spirit shards for a GoB. I'm swimming in the things like Scrooge McDuck anyway...

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I understand the resentment many PvE players are expressing about being 'forced' to PvP for rewards. I've seen this argument before (most notably in WoW), but the truth here is that GW2 isn't WoW, and this isn't nearly as onerous as people portray.

May I offer some advice:

  1. It takes 80 potions of WvW Reward Track XP to fully complete a reward track, and those potions are awarded by completing WvW dailies, 1-2 per, depending on the difficulty. (https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Daily)

  2. Many of the dailies are EASY to complete and don't require interacting with the opposing teams, specifically:

    • Land Claimer - kill an enemy Sentry and cap the point
    • Mists Guard Killer - kill 5 Enemy NPCs (easy to do if you attack a camp, which leads to..)
    • Camp Capturer - flip 2 enemy caps, which not only also allows you complete Guard Killer above, but...
    • Caravan Disruptor - most camps have 1-2 Dolyaks running around. Burn em down for cash and prizes
    • Master of Monuments - go and stand on a ruin...and that's it. You don't even have to press F or anything
    • Big Spender - if you do the dailies above, you'll have the badges you need to spend 25 Badges of Honor at a vendor. Oh, and completing the daily gives you 10 badges back.

And while yes, enemy players can be around, all the above dailies are about as PvE as chopping lumber or doing events in a specific zone. If you know how to play the game, you can solo those dailies on your glass cannon PvE spec characters, no problem, and if you're grouped up or following other players, all you really need to do is tag mobs.

A few weeks back I decided I'd just collect the potions, and after only WvW'ing for maybe an hour a day, with a few more on the weekends, I'm up to 97 Potions in my bank. Completing the dailies above takes mere minutes. If you get Guard Killer, Land Claimer and Master of Monuments open at the same time, you can get 3 dailies done in 10 minutes.

Of the dailies listed above, I can't think of a day when at least 1 if not 2 of those were available, so you can easily get 2-3 potions per day, which means if you do exactly nothing else than run these dailies, you'll have a Gift of Battle in 27 days (and just by participating you will earn WvW Reward track progress, so its actually less than 27 days).

It might be 'wrong' to force PvE only players to play WvW, but it is the way the game is designed, and it really really REALLY isn't that bad, especially in comparison to many other MMO titles. IMO, in the ridiculous grind that is crafting Legendary weapons, the Gift of Battle is one of the least burdensome requirements, regardless of how you play Gw2.

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@starlinvf.1358 said:I've seen this flare every time a new Legendary comes out, and I'm curious to see what PvE (particularly open world) players think is a reasonably gated system for obtaining Gift Of Battle from non-raid PvE content. And to open the collections back in the opposite direction, what do PvE players think WvW is lacking in the rewards department to not be worth the time? (At what point would you actually be willing to farm there)

And don't make me disclaimer this thing....... it always ends up in the salt mines.

I'm happy with the rewards as they are. I'm a pve player and when I need gift of battle I do the content to earn it.

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I think it's pretty simple......determine how long it takes someone grinding in WvW to get a GoB, and then create a comparable grind in PvE. If you hate doing WvW and are just in there grinding for the GoB you'll enjoy/tolerate it a lot more by doing a comparable grind in PvE. If this is game all about having the most fun (and not having something to prove to yourself and everyone else), then why not simply change (or in this case, add) the nature of the task/grind without diminishing the effort required? Challenging can very often be fun. Aggravating is hardly ever fun.

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It's worst that things are locked behind raids than doing a bit in WvW.
Why can't there be a way to have a collection to unlock an ascended armour set like the weapons that doesn't need to kill a *&^& raid boss?It's a bit easier to get into wvw as well.

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@"Archranis.2375" said:...create a comparable grind in PvE.

Why?If it's bad for the game to require participation in WvW, why not just remove the requirement? For those who don't mind WvW, it's one of the least-effort endeavors in the process. If anything, a "fairness" update would allow a WvW-only substitute for the Gift of Exploration (although, frankly, that needn't take all that long either).

All of these ideas leave out an important consideration: ANet has, more than once, revamped the method for obtaining the Gift of Battle specifically to ensure that one had to touch WvW in some way. Let's not just assume it was arbitrary on their part. As with any decision they've made that has led to more work for them, some push back from fans: they have given it careful consideration; they don't make choices like this lightly.

Since they haven't explicitly said why they've done it, we are forced to speculate. Over the years, I've seen only two plausible theories:

  • They want to encourage people to try other game modes. and/or
  • They want legendaries to suggest overall mastery of the game, which means branching out beyond people's comfort zones.

Changing the requirements for GoB to be PvE-obtainable undermines both of these, so it doesn't seem likely.

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It's fine the way it is, and this coming from a 98% PvE player.

In order to make a legendary, you have to do an insane amount of work, and it should be that way. So, you don't want to WvW? Fine. Do without the GoB. Don't want to do PvE Map completion? Fine. Do without the GoE. It should not now, nor ever change. If you don't want to do the work, then don't get the reward.

Legendaries used to be the BIS for any given weapon. With ascended weapons, we can get the same stats on a crafted piece, so gaining a Legendary is now a case of aesthetics. You, as a player (generic term) have to decide for yourself if a few pixels are worth doing what you don't like in order to obtain. All changing the requirements does is trivialize the work others have already done. Don't do that. That's the way people leave.

Disclaimer: I do not have and most likely will not have a legendary for a long time.

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PvXer here as well, you seem to be getting a lot of us, not opposed to the GoB reward track but spend a chunk of time in WvW already. That said not certain why there isn't a type of reward track for other aspects.

Picture a reward track for:

  • Completing Fractals
  • World Bosses

Dungeons and map metas already have their own "reward tracks" to men but could see ways to convert zone currencies and tokens into something to advance something like a reward track.

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@Ashabhi.1365 said:Legendaries used to be the BIS for any given weapon. With ascended weapons, we can get the same stats on a crafted piece, so gaining a Legendary is now a case of aesthetics.

They have never had higher stats than any other weapon(1).Originally, they were Exotic. When Ascended launched, they were upgraded to match.

(1) There has been some strangeness with the level scaling so that legendaries weren't downscaled the same as Ascended. Don't know if it's fixed. Still, only impacted sub-80 maps.

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@"Archranis.2375" said:the nature of the task/grind without diminishing the effort required? Challenging can very often be fun. Aggravating is hardly ever fun.

This is an interesting statement for me, as we are talking about Legendary weapons. Why haven't I started to craft one? Because it's hard? Skill is not a factor. I don't because it is a long and tiring grind, and I don't think any of the Legendary weapons are worth the effort. I know that may sound weird, but I just don't find any the Leg skins to be all that "awesome", and there are skins available in the TP or BL chests that I find more desirable (its all subjective so YMMV obv).

So if I don't care about the look of the Legendary, what about the ability to swap stats? Off the top of my head I'd guess it would be cheaper and faster to craft 2 or 3 ascended versions of the weapon (maybe more?) before it hit the same material requirements as a Legendary.

Legendary weapon crafting is a huge (over the top IMO) grind, and grinds aren't fun for most people, so I don't understand why anyone would complain about it being unfun to do - it's 100% optional and everyone knows (or should) going in that this is going to suck, but if you want the shiny reward at the end of the journey, you tighten your boots, oil up your blades and get 'er done.

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@aryvandar.8562 said:What was the PVE equivalent before the change to WvW, was 100% map clear this included at one point WvW maps, or did people forget that?

I think veterans forget because hardly anyone liked having to finish WvW map completion. It was hard to make happen on your own schedule. (I worked around by sending every character to WvW whenever we were green, then blue, then red, just to get it out of the way.)

I think newer players don't care in the least what the system was before they started working on a legendary. (And why should they?)

It's always going to come back to: why does ANet think WvW should be required? Because they have changed the mechanic, not once, not twice, but at least three times to make it harder to get the Gift without WvW participation. It seems hardly likely that they'd change it a fourth time to make it easier, without a compelling & new reason.

(Although, to be fair, if that's true, it begs the question: why is the sPvP requirement basically buying something on the TP for peanuts? Why does ANet want WvW to matter in a way that sPvP never has?)

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i have 2 GoB in sitting my inventories that i got from doing wvw dailies alone. my point is it is already easy to get the GoB . the current implementation is fine. hell, if people want to go back to buying it from NPC make it 1000 badges (used to be 500).

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I think it's fine as it is for the FIRST GoB you get. Getting one should also unlock a second option. By that point, you've tried WvW, and you've got a good idea if you'll enjoy it or not.

If you do, great! You can get your next GoB the same way.

If you don't, then you've at least tried it and proven that you can manage it. You have nothing left to prove. So, why not allow a secondary, maybe slower, way to get it so that it's more enjoyable?

And yes, I feel the same way about GoE.

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