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What do you want for GW2?

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@Ruufio.1496 said:

@coso.9173 said:gw2 without its living story is a game without story progress, and that means a dead MMO.

Oldschool RuneScape focused on content. RuneScape 3 focused on story and gem store. Which one is alive?

i haven't played any of them so i have no idea. but a MMO without new story content quickly loses most of it playerbase, simple as that.

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Seems a very biased poll, especially when you break down the first thing into a lot of detailed categories and lump the second thing (which would include new maps and improvements on old maps, new items and collections, new masteries, etc) all into one short name. Also no option for Why Not Both? They do in fact roll out things you list in option one as part of option two releases.

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While i voted for the 1st the fact is it shouldnt ever be a choice between one or the other. Where is the choice to have an all around well versed game? Where you work to put out content for everyone? You have the game modes in the game, you dont let them collect dust you improve them and advance them. The fact is you attracted those players with raids and pvp and wvw and open world , now you want to cut them off and focus on LWS? Something that isnt even mmo like, its solo instance content. You should always be making new content, and expanding and balancing the game systems thats your job. You cant just put out one thing wipe your hands and say done. All successful games have developers working on content for those games years in advance so its ready to go as they go along.

Im fine if they never want to do expansions, but they need to put out new things on a decent timeframe. New things means specs zones races classes quest types new types of pvp and wvw maps and grouping new raids balances new armors and weapons. Things could be released over a year by adding them in every month or 2.

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@RyuDragnier.9476 said:

@"Trise.2865" said:What a completely fair and unbiased poll. "Living Story" or "Literally Anything Else".

The truth is that this poll isn't about understanding what people want. It's to make a point.

Then it's not a poll, it's a petty mess.

If you want to learn more, just check post history by the OP ... THEN you will get some context to why this poll exists. If you want a quick snapshot:

@Ruufio.1496 said:But don't worry - I'm not playing it, or anything else.

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Waayyyyy to much time put into the Living story.Months of time put into single play only content.

No I don't think this poll is skewed. Because presently Anet puts the vast majority of its investment into the living story while neglecting everything else. This poll reflects that people would prefer it if some of their resources were focused in other areas also.

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I voted for the first option, but it's a crazy biased poll. I want third option, where everything gets done via expansion and updates along the side. I'm just pissed that SOMEHOW, they don't seem to have the resources available to do more concentrated and deep releases? How?? They make so much and this is the limit that we can expect? I don't believe it.

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