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Halloween 2020 - EARLY - please

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I'm against starting the actual Halloween festival early, but ...

How hard would it be for them to add a few little "pre-Halloweeen" happenings? Maybe make a "stale candy corn" junk item to add to some loot tables or JP puzzle treasure chests? Maybe add part of the assets for the stages put up outside of the main cities for the Mad King stuff, so it looks like there's someone building the stage/area? Maybe have one of the Lion's Arch kids give out a quest to help them (and you) create a large (let's say 20 or 24 slot) candy bag to prepare for the festival?

I mean, it's odd that it goes from "normal day" to "Festival!" so abruptly. All of the festivals could use a few small build up events/atmosphere added, and most of it could be done with existing assets.

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I'd be all for it, I feel like Halloween and Wintersday come a bit late into the holiday season.Shadow of the Mad King usually drops 2 weeks before Halloween and Wintersday only a week before Christmas. Just my personal opinion but by the start of October I'm ready for Halloween.Festivals tend to be 3 weeks long but not all of them, SAB was almost a month long this year so who knows really.

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No thanks, I want to play normal content a bit like back-track some story achivements, grind that gift of battle unwillingly (but have to), or work on a new character like practice its rotation before the next festival lands. I have a lot of things that were put on hold due to festivals, I'll be really burnt out if festivals are back to back non-stop.

Besides, players wouldn't want the open world map be empty & less people to do content with when most of the people focuses on the festival.

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