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llama Drama

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the new Llama locator meta-acheivement for drytop is bugged


i already have the original acheivement for finding them, and i can't interact with them again to get the new acheivement.



Update from Devs: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/topic/96429-issue-with-legacy-of-the-llama-locator-achievement/

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+1 on this.


I was unable to interact on any of the 3 llamas and got no progress for being around them.


One person in chat said that they got the progress for new achi but they never done them before. So its probably related to the old achievements.

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If you use players as testers, then pay us money to work. Every update - bugs, problems, things not working. Why can't you hire a testing team, Anet?

Achievement does not work only for those who have already done it. If the achievement is still not done, everything works. 


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Ticked off about this one.


We're looking at what... 4 months worth of old content repackaged with "fresh achievements" and a Legendary Amulet to distract us from what is one of the bigger content droughts in this game?


And the Achievements are bugged?


pretty uncool.

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