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Are Rangers good allrounder?


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Im a new player and currently looking for my class. For the first time i will exclusivley play one class. i have ruled out all classes except ranger and guardian for myself. I am looking for an allroundclass, with that i can do all kinds of content - and could be a support or a DD. Is the Ranger viable in all kinds of content? Does the class is oversimple? Id like to have something i can practise. What do you guys think about Ranger vs Guardian? Thanks in advance for helping 🙂

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39 minutes ago, anduriell.6280 said:

um that's strange i don't remember seeing many rangers after plat1. Mostly the same few mains.  

But that was previous seasons, this one i haven't bothered with it.

Last season it was hard for me to finish the season but this season I have mostly 500 games already and I see a lot of other Ranger mains

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1. Pretty much all classes can fill many different roles and gw2 is very alt friendly game

2. Ranger is a good DPS (both power and condi), decent healer/boon support but lacks a bit in the control spec department (this probably changes with the new spec though)

3. Guardian has good options for DPS and fantastic options for support, with Dragonhunter guard also has some decent control options and tons of upcoming mobility

4. If you wanna play multiple game modes and different styles of endgame i would say guardian is the go to option

5. Ranger is tankier than guardians regarding self sustain but guardian has better dfenses against CC, both provide decent options to survive against conditions and avoid damage


Both are a good choice and can be build flexibly in regards of gear demand and playstyle. Overall i woudl recommnd to experiment with all classes outside of those two. Every class feels different and the feel is more important than the theme in the long run.

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Currently (since we don't know their End of dragons spec yet) rangers aren't the best all rounders.
They are very comfortable to play and can do any game mode, but they also have weaknesses that an all rounder should not have.

By these i particularly mean lack of boon hate and poor AoE performance.
A power range is screwed when enemy puts up protection boon. A ranger has no way to remove enemy boons outside of sigils. His own kit provides nothing. As far as i know same can be said about guardian, but he is an expert at sharing boons with allies so at least he's got some excuse.

AoE performance is another pain point. Ranger has some very strong aoe (axe whirl, condi traps), but it's small in it's diameter. And he does not have a nice, large aoe pull to just round'em all up inside the kill zone. Guardian on the other hand does have such tools which makes clearing trash much faster on it.

Where ranger will shine is large range with longbow and superior defenses. He is one of best professions to solo champions, that's how good his defenses are when used proper.

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(For PvE:)

If you like pain, don't mind hatred and want challenge then welcome in the rangers!
else be a guardian ;)
end if

both can do good damage, have support builds, do controls.
Guardian is know for group stability, quickness, aegis, and heal.
has many reflect/projectile destroyer
can go to fractal, raid, literally anywhere....
Ranger good damage as soulbeast but there are better options. 
has many immobilize and can do high cc damage 
druid is a good healer, with some offensive buff giving or control skills. usable in raids. usually doing the most mechanics because you don't need to do damage, sorry you are not capable do damage 😛.

in fractals, there are some rare case, when a druid is better then a guardian, but hardly...
I play ranger, I like it. I tried guardian, but it is not for my taste.

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I'd honestly say that for now guardian is the only all rounder we have in GW2.
But that might change with the EoD elite specs, Ranger is in a position that with the right buffs to the support elite spec druid and a bruiser CC elite spec it stands to be a solid all rounder aswell.

Other professions could be all rounders aswell, but still have work that needs to be done in current specs.

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for pve, you mean
1 fractals
2 open world
3 raids
In raids druid is amazing, and soulbeast is good as both power dps and condi/hybrid. very good
open world doesnt matter much, but power ranger is nice, you have pet to ignore some harder enemies with and it has good power builds so its too.
Fractals is where it struggles, it doesnt have any real role other then a dps, and even then there are better options, but still decent.
In pvp ranger is very good, several good viable builds, not the best but its very good.
WvW I dont play much but I think ranger sucks for anything other then trolling people.

One of if not the best fractal class, best healer, best quickness provider, AND best dps, this man does it all. S tier, MANY different builds, from celestial, to seraph, to harrier, to viper. you can play power, condi, full healer and anything in between.
Raids -> I never raided as FB, but im fairly sure that its very good there. both as dps or support.
open world -> VERY good, you run around with loads of dmg, cc, aoe, tanky as hell and you can support/buff/heal others too. amazing.
PvP Core support guard is the best support in pvp right now, LB DH trapper is very good roaming dps but other then those 2 you will have trouble making new viable builds, but if you like them then guard will serve yiu.
WvW FB is mandatory in zergs so S tier there.

Ranger B tier
Guard S+ tier

Open world

Ranger A tier
Guard S tier


Ranger S+ tier
Guard A tier ( maybe S )


Ranger A tier
Guard S tier


Ranger Meme tier
Guard S tier

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Rangers are decent in every mode - great in Fractals and open world. They fluctuate in PvP but almost always have access to an above-average build and can perform well if you're good at them.


Guardians are kind of Anet's pet - they have had a build that's meta in every game mode for as long as I can remember.


Both are good picks and unless you're pushing the top level of content you won't see a difference tbh. Pick the one you like more.

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Ranger and Guardian are 2 very forgiving classes but with a difference. Ranger is a much more safe class to play. If you play a longbow ranger the usual "high risk high reward" doesn't really apply. Instead it's "low risk high reward". And that attract a lot of new players. Pick a more challenging class is my advice.

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They are pretty good all rounders, the aoe doesn't mater much outside of a few game modes.

The main downside which has been mentioned is they don't really have a decent place in fractals since the meta is quickness, might, healer. 


But honestly don't listen to meta, rangers have stances with soul beast which are amazing group buffs and they also have healable spirits with a 45 aoe ressurect on downed players. If you have another player doing quickness with hb, scrapper, chrono you can run this is CM. 

The spirits alone are very strong for druid since you can stay in celestial form longer since it will charge to full in 9 second between modes. 

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On 9/28/2021 at 11:17 PM, Magnuzone.8395 said:

Ranger and Guardian are 2 very forgiving classes but with a difference. Ranger is a much more safe class to play. If you play a longbow ranger the usual "high risk high reward" doesn't really apply. Instead it's "low risk high reward". And that attract a lot of new players. Pick a more challenging class is my advice.

How challenging the game is depends more on the content than the class. Every class can be easy mode - or not.

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