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How Many Characters Do You Have?

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11 permanent ones. 1 of each profession and then an extra elementalist and engineer because I wanted to play both elite specialisations without switching everything over. It also means I have 1 of each race/gender combination, plus an extra female sylvari.

I also have a spare character slot so I can make temporary extra characters if I want to. Sometimes just to check out race/gender/profession or just appearance options I'm not currently using on my permanent characters, sometimes key runners, sometimes to replay the story or repeat some other aspect of the game I can't do on my permanent ones...or just because I feel like it.

I've told myself I'm not going to make any more permanent characters...but I said that when I had 5, and again when I had 9, so I'm not entirely sure it'll last, but I'll want a good reason to make more.

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Started as why-would-I-need-more-than-one.

But the ascended (and legendary) weapons I wanted could not be made by the crafting discplines I had chosen, and those two 80-boosters I got from the ex-pacs were taking up bank space, so I made three more to cover all the crafting disciplines.

Then I started key farming, and liked my new key-farming elementalist so much I decided to keep him. Which left me with one empty slot for future key farmers.

But I seem to get attached to my key farmers. So I bought two more slots so I can keep my Packer-fan parody Norn and recreate my KOTOR 2-character-based Jedi/thief with the holosmith sword.

So, 7 so far. Hoping to stop there, but...

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48, one for every race/class combination + a few extra.

I keep getting more slots under the guise of: "one for a key-farmer" , who ends up as a permanent character. Or simply ideas for characters I just have to have.I will most likely hit the character limit cap sooner or later. I would love every race/class/gender combo, unfortunately the cap makes that impossible.

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25 of 30 slots in use.23 80's, mostly geared to at least one elite. 1 67 I made to level with a friend who then pushed to 80 so that Thief is awaiting inspiration and a makeover. 1 21 that is a name holder for the "real" name of my undercover Whispers agent; he sat at level 1 for a very long time collecting birthday gifts and then for some reason I needed a 20ish character, don't recall why any more, and used a scroll on him.

I've deleted almost no characters through the years. A previous Thief got the axe when she stalled at level 2 and I couldn't deal with leveling a Thief again, this was before all the tomes etc. A placeholder for a Revenant fell away when I decided not to make a human Rev, though he did get at least one birthday present first. A few temporary RP characters made to further plots lasted only as long as needed for their scenes. And of course on those occasions when I key run the alt lives long enough to get a key and strip off/sell everything. So I buy character slots when they are on sale and keep them for noodling around character designs (looks and RP), keyrunning, and making new alts to suit new elites once those are released.

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30 atm, looking to make more. All levelled up but only 1 has gear because the other 29 toons are PvP specific now.

My characters tend to reflect the mood I'm in. Sometimes I get recreational and start callin the Asura animations cute or I bounce around on a Charr annoying people mid match with "meow" texts n such. Sometimes I wanna play a human female to look at a nice butt and other times I want to look as ridiculous as I can, just like this pic.MES9lNl.jpg

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21 total + 3 slots I keep using to create (because I like that) and test stuff. Out of the base 21:

  • 4 are are mains ones, that I use for nearly everything.
  • 10 are dedicated to a specific purpose with corresponding build (Fractal scourge, WvW Herald, Jumper, ...).
  • 3 are back up toons created for whatever original objectives, that I kept after their duty was done, just because I do love them. I use them to farm.
  • 4 are meant to be temporary until they fulfill a specific task: For example, progressing mace weapon achievement. I use them sporadically only, the tasks having low priority.

At the beginning, I have tried to have at least one char of each race and each profession, but I gave up rapidly on that. I have almost only human chars + 1 silvari + 1 asura + 1 norn.Reasons:

  • I get crazy at the apparent slow motion of Norn and their size is a problem. The one I have is my grandmaster armorsmith. She does nothing else.
  • I do love silvari, who are close to human in the way they move and jump, but appearance matters a lot to me, and I achieved only once to create one I find nice.
  • I could never get used to Charrs. I dislike their appearance and I cannot jump with them. I regularly created some but never achieved to enjoy/like any and gave up.
  • I do love asura, but I do not manage well their way to move and jump. So, I have one only, because she is so cute, but I very rarely use it.
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Wow those are some numbers, didn't really think people would have THAT many characters. As for me I only got 5 slots; my Mesmer who is also my main and the only one I do PvE on, an Ele is my second most played character in PvP and also has some map completion (about 40%), a Holo only for PvP, a Necro as Pack Mule and lastly an empty slot for key farming and testing.Basically I play only my Mesmer..

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