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The next balance patch better be good


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I think it's clear that new elites will be pretty much op on launch if the past is anything to go off, so any balancing will take a while to rake those in, whilst the stuff that needed to be taken care of will be pushed back even further. Whatever we get now, whenever we get it before then, will be miniscule crawling until the kettle boils over. Actually the new specs will most likely be so broken that whatever is broken now will probably not even be able to compete with it which is probably their way to solve the current problem of broken builds. Gonna be a storm for sure. And that's not even counting alliances.

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tl; dr: Lower your bar and you will be happier since you can't change the timeline.

Maybe I am being cynical, and I do agree I haven't seen the 'tune back up' portion of the patch, but haven't we seen this pattern before? Each time we get new elites there is a pattern of the existing builds all take a nerf. We then get a new elites that contains portions of things existing that builds had with a mix of new things. The new builds are OP because it's new and overtuned either due to combos that weren't considered or because people don't quickly adapt to counter or there aren't normal counters for new builds. Then we get another balance patch that adapts to players and builds either emerging or not that brings all things back closer to inline. So for myself, the tune back up stage they mentioned was coming will not actually appear until after EoD shows up. Hoping wrong, but ..... tl; dr.

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@Kylden Ar.3724 said:I can't wait for that expansion to bleed more veteran players when the game-play is kitten, but it will still sell like hotcakes to the fashion warrior crowds who want to make their obsessed anime fan waifu pillows in game.

i don't think it will sell like hotcakes, in fact it will be the opposite, it will not sell that much. The last balance patch did not help to regain nor help to resolve any hope and assurance to the community including WvW community that efforts were made to help resolve years worth of neglect of their favorite game mode.

A community no-matter what game mode it plays should not be divided nor be treated with Favoritism because history teaches us that, 'Playing Favorite will come back with a vengeance and will destroy everything that you have done'

-Community consists of relationship, families, friends, common interests, common ideas, common stories etc..-they all play different game modes including WvW

The Community Does Not Only Play PvE or PVP Only!!

Guild Wars 2 community consists of Pve+WvW+PvP as a whole

what do all those game mode have in common? common interest, common ideas, common struggle, etc...

Choosing to Favor one game mode will only results in dividing the community as a whole thus negatively impacting the community as a whole

This is the danger of creating division of community, what you do to the other, will also have an impact on the other, they are all connecting in every way. Resulting with the community as a whole being displeased and angry

I believe this is already happening and it is too late. The results are in and will manifest itself on Guild Wars 2 expansion including its sale revenue.

(i hope you understand)

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What balance patch? The systems team has kidnapped our lone boy and have new balance-riddled elite specs to sell xpacs to work on, same as the last two times. The HoT meta at least landed in something good after a while. The PoF meta has arguably never really settled into something good. It has improved but it has ways to go that are highly unlikely to come before EoD now. Given the time left it may sadly even be the "right" move in a sense, looking at where we stand today. That still doesn't reflect well upon the general practise or on PoF era as a whole.

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@"primatos.5413" said:They still are “working“ on how to monetize alliances..sorry no time for balance.. :(

I really don't think (a surprise to even myself) that they will monetize alliances. But, it's a situation of be careful what you ask for. The changes to the guild panel, the alliance system they are talking about, and the location of the next expansion all point to the same thing...that 3 way wvw dies when Cantha launches. The alliance battles that took place in GW: Factions I think is what they have planned for the future of wvw (which won't be worlds anymore when alliances happen). I've said in other threads the same thing. Cantha will bring Kurzick vs Luxon battles, where alliances can control territories.

Alliances won't fix wvw, even changing to 2 sided alliance battles won't fix wvw. Players are going to keep stacking to fight smaller groups and doors. Everyone just wants easy fights and loot/ranks. Transfers will always exist, and that is a good chunk of wvw revenue I would bet.

Balance is a whole other beast, since they will likely have to nerf certain elites to make new elite specs attractive (if indeed we are getting any). Can't see them spending a lot of time trying to balance existing skills knowing they will have to "adjust" them again in a year to make the expac sell better. There are some things that are broken, a lot that is overperforming and a ton of things no one ever uses. But why would they bother making changes to them now only to change them later too.

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Face it. No matter what they do with balance or alliance or anything else there is going to be bitchin and crying. Best we can do is find a work aroundto have fun. I f we cantdominate in zerg fight then roam and havoc. Outnumbered all the time, learn to defend and back cap without dwelling on the fact you are losing.This game is like life it is what you make of it. Have fun and learn to laugh.

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Massive rip indeed. I still think they are using bots to update there game more then humans at this point. The loop of buff nerf for the same effects over and over is getting silly. We may end up having a year (sadly year as they do not update often enofe) of each effect only to have it crushed to have another year of the other effect only to have it smashed out for the first effect agen the year after that.

This is not balancing this is a form of bating actively from there player base in short burst.

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