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March 29 Patch Notes : Ranger Changes


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4 minutes ago, Project exa.3204 said:

Solid updates for ranger this patch, glad anet focused on fixing the important issues like siege turtle pet bubble!

Yeah, I was worried they'd miss some minor issues with the long list of broken ranger stuff, but they really had an eye on details with this patch!

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Guess I should stop hitting the side of my monitor just in case the Ranger notes had got stuck behind something else!

Hmm dont know if I should laugh cry or just be thankful that nothing was altered.

Edited by Andy.5981
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11 minutes ago, kharmin.7683 said:

Maybe they're still working on fixes/updates that aren't currently game-breaking critical and already have planned to release them with the summer patch? 

Couldn't they just tells us that? That they are working on it? How hard can that be? Instead we get absolute silence.

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