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Give us ALLIANCE or Give us Free world transfers

Odin the exiled.5764

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Since your taking forever to figure out how to make alliance work, and our understanding is there would no longer be world transfers for wvw. Why not just give us free world transfers now with limitations so players are not jumping from server to server every other day. Since this is where we are heading to eventually from the players understanding how the alliance system is supposed to work. Allowing free ones now in my opinion would help you understand how to make the keeping the alliance players together with their guilds. Thus allowing you to create the alliance faster then your current pace and make adjustments to it. And by giving free transfers now, no one is gonna feel ripped off that they just paid last month and now it's free. Like if you said After Wintersday world transfers would be free. Then players would know not to spend to transfer and just wait for it, thus giving you less headache with complaints of i just transferred now refund me.

I only seeing giving us free world transfers now, would help wvw and help the development of your alliance system. Since it will allow you to see the problems of bandwagon jumping and help you curve that. So for me right now I'd be fine if you allowed free transfers only during the middle part of the Linking. So say the middle two weeks of the link, thus allowing time for things to settle in before the next link.

It's not like adding free transfers now would create more spying on servers or anything, as players can just make alt accounts for that. And from talking to my one friend that does wvw everyday and continues to jump servers with his wvw guild. ANd has still played it since launch back in 2012. That even he agrees that it would help wvw more, and already knows there is alot of spying now with players having alt accounts. So you wouldnt be adding to it with free transfers. ANd it would also be a good way to get pve'ers doing it more since they could freely go to their friends or to a wvw guilds server without no extra cost just to try to get more out of the game.

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they should just close T5, maybe even t4, in EU and merge some servers together. Especially all the Medium server which are mostly dead like the french ones. Linking was a joke. We got Fort Ranik last linking and its like maybe 40 ppl playing on it. Then playing against a full server and a more populated linking. We are #2 in the MU currently but its hard work because bad coverage over the day.

at least we have good fights at primetime where blobs running away from us :P

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Free transfers: There's nothing like letting the players decide how to balance a three way fight.

Back in the early days of free transfers I remember hopping to several servers so I could finish map completion, both in PvE and WvW.

I also remember the chaos in WvW right before free transfers ended. It was worse than what happened before each WvW tournament.

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